Should Prabhu Chawla edit New Indian Express?

Editors, anchors, columnists, correspondents… tens of media personnel have been badly mauled in the eyes of news consumers, in the Niira Radia scandal.

But do the proprietors and managers really care?

Vir Sanghvi has suspended his weekly column in the Hindustan Times while merrily writing on food. The buck still stops at Barkha Dutt‘s table at 10 pm on NDTV while she fights a lonely battle from the trenches of Twitter.

There’s nothing, it seems, like penance in the press.

Now, Manoj Kumar Sonthalia, grandson of the mighty Ramnath Goenka who is in charge of the southern editions of the paper, has reportedly decided to hire former India Today editor Prabhu Chawla, as the new editor of  The New Indian Express (TNIE), despite the thick smog of scandal that has hung over the latter’s head, with or without Radia.

Chawla, who got a most perplexing certificate of merit from The Hindu‘s editor-in-chief N. Ram, on the India Today-owned TV station Headlines Today, however, has had a slightly inauspicious entry. The outgoing TNIE team of Aditya Sinha has carried this brief excerpt involving Chawla from the second tranche of the Radia tapes.

Listen: Prabhu Chawla in conversation with Niira Radia

Also read: Prabhu Chawla‘s son named in media bribery case

“Accused” Ankur Chawla is now “investigator” Chawla

In the New Indian Express, old hands get the sack

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6 Responses to “Should Prabhu Chawla edit New Indian Express?”

  1. Kitapati Says:

    Nira Radia is awesome. She is an amazingly energetic woman. She has the biggest journous, politicians and corporates in her pockets. We indians should utilize her talents and make her our foriegn minister or atleast make her an ambassador to the US.

  2. nikhimenon Says:

    yes i do think that he should resign..
    here s a hilarious take on the same topic….

  3. twistleton Says:

    allright, i will vote for Niira Radia for PM in 2014. Imagine the lobbying she can do at an international level. Obama will not stand a chance :D

    such talent CANNOT be allowed to go to waste.

  4. Indu Ramesh Says:

    I admire Niira Radia. She has gone about bringing the Indian Governmebt, the so called “Fearless Press” to their knees. I am waiting for the day she starts talking about everything and everybody.

  5. div Says:

    In India people are innocent only until they are exposed. We have built a society where it pays off to be corrupt.

    The role of a government should be to promote an atmosphere where it is easier to do good and harder to do bad, but the society we have built in India works exactly on the opposite of the above statement.

  6. Suraj Says:

    “….The buck still stops at Barkha Dutt‘s table at 10 pm on NDTV while she fights a lonely battle from the trenches of Twitter.”

    What bullshit? – “fights a lonely battle”….how about she gets to eat the crow, after donning “holier than thou” charade all these years.

    Churmuri… pathetically predictive!!!

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