December is when a migratory bird flies the coop

Middle age is when one of your shoe laces comes off and you wonder if you should bend down now and tie it up, or wait for some time for the other lace also to come off before you tie them both.

Old age is, well, when it just doesn’t matter; there will always be some lackey around to slip on your slip-ons. In Shimoga, yesterday, an aide helps former chief minister Sarekoppa Bangarappa do the needful.

This December, Bangarappa indicated he may join the Janata Dal (Secular) from the Congress. Two Decembers ago, he joined the Congress from the Samajwadi Party. And 27 Decembers ago, he merged his Karnataka Kranti Ranga with the Congress.

In all, Bangarappa has left and joined a party nine times.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Umbrellas, shoes, our democracy and theirs

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7 Responses to “December is when a migratory bird flies the coop”

  1. kennedy Says:

    shoes haakakke aagolla…maathadakke aagolla…afterall he
    was the one who started the rot…classic computers case…the
    first big time scandal in Karnataka politics…it was no looking
    back eversince for the politicians from Karnataka, each outdoing
    the other by humongous proportions…Gowda and his family, SMK,
    DKS, Dharam Singh and now Yedd and almost 90% of his cabinet
    colleagues have been dirty and can never come clean…

  2. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Bangarappa is the perfect example of our political system
    today. There is no ideology, no principles, no room for honesty and
    integrity. It is just a profession like working for a corporation
    where you change your job depending on who pays more. The same is
    true in our political system. Whichever party gives the maximum
    opportunities to accumulate wealth is the optimum party. Can
    Churumuri or some one give some data on what might have been
    approximate assets of when he started his political career and what
    is it today?

  3. karihaida Says:

    @Bhamy V Shenoy,
    why should a politicians job be any different than a corporate job? Citizenry is foolish to expect anything different from a politician than what they themselves would do. Thus having an idealistic constitution like ourselves is bound to fail. The need of the hour is a reform of our constitution which makes it simple and thus easier to monitor for the citizens.. basically a corporation where the citizens are the stakeholders ( and no promoters ;) ).

  4. babuds Says:

    Churumuri, why ferret out some junk from the dust bin of history? Don’t You have anything worthwhile to report other than this crap?

  5. subash Says:

    Whatever the political stand,bangarappa still looks way younger than he is.Can anyone looking at that photo say that he is 78? Devegowda,Bangarappa and SM krishna all are of 78 years old,and yet they are fighting in the political arena.One should appreciate this fact rather than always looking at negatives..

  6. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    How our expectations have declined! What a joke! We should appreciate the fact that our 78 years old look young instead of reflecting on how to avoid the blunders they have committed against the society. Bangarappa to be admired? Deve Gowda to be admired? No No. We need to find out how they managed to scam Karnataka. How did a simple farmer managed to accumulate crores worth of assets. What is his formula? How did Bangarappa manage to buy all those computers and made money on the side? How is still managing to wield power even after changing his party nine times?

  7. Justfine Says:

    Great. Now we vote based on how good looking someone is in the old age. What next? Only strippers can become MPs?

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