Kapil Sibal and the CAG’s ‘notional atyachar’

We live in a strange, revisionist era. Nothing is what it seems, at least not for more than a few blinks.

For instance, the much-ballyhooed Pokhran II tests under Vajpayee‘s watch, we are told a decade later, was actually a damp squib. Many of the recent blasts that have were supposedly masterminded by Muslim terror-mongers were actually plotted by high functionaries of the RSS, by the admission of one of their own.

The saint of the Indian Premier League, Lalit Modi, was actually a sinner; the former saint-turned-sinner Jagmohan Dalmiya is now again a saint. The Bofors scandal that seemed properly dead and buried just last year with the closure of the case, is now back with a bang to haunt Sonia Gandhi.


The 2G spectrum allocation scam that just a month ago seemed like India’s largest ripoff ever is now firmly in that revisionist realm, thanks to the new telecom minister, Kapil Sibal‘s exertions. Sibal says the “presumptive loss” of Rs 173,000 crore that the comptroller and accountant general was way off the mark.

In fact, claims “India’s greatest poet since the Bhakti movement“, with the kind of pugnacity only a Punjabi accountant can muster, that the allocation made telephony cheaper, took it far and wide, and that indeed the revenue loss was actually zero. Which, if this were a chess game, could have been called the A. Raja defence.

Little wonder, the Harvard-educated lawyer gets it left, right and centre.


Minister’s Point, says The Telegraph:

“If Kapil Sibal has chosen to take issue with the CAG’s performance audit of the issue of second-generation licences for spectrum, the explanation must be sought in three factors. First, the Supreme Court has chosen to take interest in the issue of the licences, and has in the process implicitly indicted Sibal’s predecessor in the ministry of communications, A. Raja. Second, the Supreme Court’s investigation of Raja’s questionable activities has raised questions about the inexplicable inactivity of the prime minister while Raja ruled the roost. Finally, Sibal happens to be a lawyer of some experience. The prime minister’s last encounter with the Supreme Court, when he used executive privilege to defend a possible error, was not very astute; a more expert response was called for.”

Kapil Denial Sibal, says the Indian Express:

“Sibal’s assumption of the telecom portfolio was a sign of hope. With his reformist credentials, he was supposed to ensure transparency in the investigation, and help the ministry, and governance, move on. That is why his Friday press conference is so disturbing….

“Brazenness won’t help the political climate. Nor will it aid in ending the stalemate with the opposition. Indeed, it strikes an odd, arrogant note precisely when the government is backing the PAC as an investigatory mechanism, and that committee specifically examines the CAG report. It’s silly to score points on the weakest part of the CAG report when the Supreme Court is monitoring the situation, and the CBI is still in the process of filing a status report to the court.”

A pyrrhic win, says DNA:

“Sibal has unwittingly tried to discredit the CAG, which could turn out to be a great disservice. It would make the beleaguered UPA government far more vulnerable than before. The brilliant lawyer that he is, Sibal picked up what was the weakest point in the report and went on to clinically decimate it. But if he believes that the 2G spectrum scam would vanish into thin air because of his legal acumen, then he may have to think again….

“It is clear that Sibal is fighting a political battle on behalf of the Congress and prime minister Manmohan Singh. But politics is not just about winning debating and legal points. It is much more about images and perceptions. The image of UPA2 in the public mind at the moment is that this government is caught up in too many scams. It has much to atone for. Instead of belligerence, this government should display is a sense of penitence and do what it can to clean up the mess.”

Don’t quibble over figures, says Mail Today:

“Even if the CAG’s figures are inaccurate or speculative, it does not acquit the government — and former telecom minister A. Raja in particular — from the charge that the process followed in the allotment of 2G spectrum was fraught with irregularities. The moot issue has always been that certain entire process — and this is a question Mr Sibal has sought to deliberately obfuscate.

“It is unfortunate that the telecom minister has to make a statement that the figures stated by the CAG have “embarrassed government and the nation” as the government has no one but itself to blame for embarrassment that has been caused. It’s unfortunate that a minister has to raise questions in this manner about a constitutionally mandated watchdog.”

Subversive Sibal, says Deccan Herald:

“The minister’s arguments are those of a clever lawyer, trying to obfuscate issues and facts and create confusion. He also adopted a posture, aggressive and theatrical enough to make people believe that there was substance in the argument. But cleverness and drama do not help strengthen a case. What Sibal has done is in effect supporting the case of A.Raja, who has also advanced the same arguments. Then why did Raja have to resign?”

When a lawyer becomes judge, says The Sunday Guardian:

“If Kapil Sibal believes what he says, he should send in his resignation immediately so that Raja can be reinstated. Why was Raja dropped from the Cabinet, at such political cost, personal anguish and Karunanidhi family heartbreak if he was innocent? At the very least Manmohan Singh owes Raja a grovelling apology. Raja should in fact sue Dr Singh and Sonia Gandhi for libel, since their decision to wrench him out of the office he coveted amounted to, by Sibal’s interpretation, defamation and humiliation on a national scale.

“Obviously, Sibal was either on holiday or so immersed in his public service duties that he was totally oblivious of media when the Radia tapes took complete control of airwaves and print. Or, perhaps, again like a good lawyer, he had no interest in any fact that would be relevant to the prosecution. Since Sibal will still need a job after resignation, he can easily step into a vacant home ministry. P. Chidambaram will surely now have to resign. Chidambaram, after all, sent a letter to the Prime Minister accusing Raja of malpractice, not mere “procedural lapses”.”

Cartoon: Shyam Jagota/ Cartoon Chaupal

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48 Responses to “Kapil Sibal and the CAG’s ‘notional atyachar’”

  1. V.T.Venkataram Says:

    If Congress party believes what Sibal says, then the following action must be taken to correct the Historical blunder:-
    1. Remove Sibal from the post and reinstate Raja, after expressing apologies to him.
    2. File defamation suit against all persons who propogated that a big scam existed.
    3. Appoint Mr.Sibal to conduct all the legal proceedings on behalf of Mr.Raja.
    4.CBI should a file a closure report in the scam without any further delay.

  2. mounaprasad Says:

    UPA II has lost all credibility because of its wrong doings and then trying to cover it up by statements from the clowns in the ministry like Kapil Sibal and Digvijay etc. There should be a provision in the constitution to recall a government when it loses popular support. If Kapil Sibal feels Raja did only procedural mistakes, he should vacate the post for A Raja to come back into the telecom ministry. Same with Digvijay, this clever by half ex cm of MP, came out with the information that he spoke to Karkare after two years after the killing of Karkare. If he really had this information then, why did he not give it to the investigating agency?

  3. err_go! Says:

    the Telecom Ministry first went to a person who could be controlled at will by a patriarch with his extended families, probably with some more at the Centre…. Now after the rot is set, It has been given to a person who can argue, confuse, create chaos and ‘if he can’t convince, he can at least yell and dramatise’ the situation. When will we our PM do something correct and right?

  4. venu nallore Says:

    Someone at the highest level thought that they are
    completely drowned in mud, which ofcourse is, as far as the huge
    scams one by one broke to himalayan proportions. What to do?
    Confused, but something has to be done know, to atleast counter the
    pressure to oppose the opposition of JPC. That too when there is no
    valid reason which could be confessed out against a JPC. Strategy
    of asking WHY JPC to the request FOR JPC is not becoming effective
    after all efforts. What to do? Confused, but something to be done
    know. Who are the legal experts who can confuse the situation by
    legal jargons and so on and so forth? Not Mr Singhvi, he just
    tarnished his name by representing a case that provoked the duo
    High Command of Kerala. Yah, Sibal is there know. Correct, call him
    and by nature he will immediately calculate and miscalculate and
    call a press conference to prove to him and his high command and
    party that the whole figures and resultant scam and resignation
    case and court all are for nothing. But not the nation, Mr Sibal.
    We know what you do. We saw when u took over your ministry.
    Immeditely and characteristically your eagerness to prove your
    acumen, capacity, to the world outside you was seen in blasting on
    TV newspapers etc about the so called modernisation and innovation
    you envisage and wanted to implement in education sector. Why are
    you doing it all in this hurry without applying your mind Mr
    Lawyer? You are just one of the millions of legal minds in this
    country today. Most are not getting the opportunity to reach THERE
    as is seen in politics also. Otherwise many are wiser. They know
    the calculations, 2G, 3G, Spectrum, Raja, Karunanidhi, money,
    politics, business, family politics in centre, in state, enquiries,
    dmk, congress, jpc, pac, and everything. They know when they see
    one Mr Kapil Sibal start demonstrating his capacity here there and
    everywhere why it is done? To make a defence out of no defence and
    confuse and escape the SCAM. But in the country, there is one
    silver line, the Judiciary, inspite of everything that happened.
    That alone can book you people and opposition whenever they also
    take such a position.

  5. twistleton Says:

    Why is there even expectation of action from the UPA? Since
    when has this cause-effect-reaction ever been true of the
    functioning of the UPA? They go their own way impervious to
    criticisms, protests and praise alike. The people may rise in
    righteous wrath and cry themselves hoarse, but the Government can
    be stone-deaf when it chooses to not listen. Maybe some token
    gestures which do not extend beyond speech-making and

  6. DailyBread Says:

    The magician who produced a 35$ tablet from thin air can easily erase 40 billion $ scam in no time. Sibal should be aware that the last time a certain TN Chaturvedi was mocked, his party lost the next general elections.

    When all this is happening, where are the whistle blowers from within the congress, not a single resignation from govt/party? Why?

    Sibal will get away with this, the jokers from the media will not do their homework to understand the issues involved( did you see Rajdeep getting pawned by Sibal on national TV) and the few sane/reasonable voices asking questions will be brow beaten ….Khel khatam, paisa hazam.

  7. Simple Says:

    None of the media has bothered to actually highlight why Kapil Sibal said the loss was zero. Give us Kapil’s side of the story and let the media tell us why they think it is wrong.

    Kapil’s conviction:

    1. As per the 10th Five Year Plan document, that was drafted during the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) regime between 1998 and 2004, the growth of telecom sector was more important than revenues from the award of spectrum.

    Revenue to the government is not as important as benefit to the aam aadmi. In the past, outgoing calls were more than Rs. 32 per minute. And incoming calls were also exorbitantly charged.

    Today, because the operators paid less fee to the govt. Incoming calls have become free and outgoing calls are like 30 paise. Incredible?

    Teledensity has grown about a 1000% in the last ten years. Why did it happen? Purely because cost of calls came crashing down. It was possible because operators did not pay astronomical amounts as revenue to the govt.

    2. Out Of the notional loss of Rs 1,76,000 crore figure, Rs 37,000 crore, which the CAG estimated was the loss caused due to the ‘extra’ spectrum given to the older telcos like Bharti, BSNL and Vodafone. Sibal said this was part of the approved policy—the CAG had included this as the Trai report of May 11, 2010, had said the spectrum was ‘extra’ though a subsequent TDSAT judgement last month said it was kosher.

    3.The Rs 1,39,000 crore left was…reduced to Rs 99,000 crore because the government had given each of the 157 licensees 4.4 MHz of spectrum, not the 6.2 MHz the CAG had assumed—the CAG had assumed this because the licences say 6.2 MHz is to be given eventually (with no extra cost for the balance 1.8 MHz). This was then reduced by half after taking into account inflation (10% each year from 2008 to 2010 when the 3G auctions took place) and other factors.

    4. Sibal then says 3G spectrum is 3-4 times more efficient than 2G spectrum and reduces the loss to Rs 17,000 crore. There is, though, no global evidence that 2G and 3G pricing is different, which is why the Trai recommended…using 3G prices to cost the ‘extra’ spectrum. As for what’s left, Sibal says you get 4.4 MHz of spectrum free with a licence anyway. Sibal’s defended Raja eloquently at a press conference. Raja’s best hope is to get him to do the same in the Supreme Court.

  8. DailyBread Says:

    >As per the 10th Five Year Plan document, that was drafted during the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) regime between 1998 and 2004, the growth of telecom sector was more important than revenues from the award of spectrum. Revenue to the government is not as important as benefit to the aam aadmi.

    Wait a minute, what you are saying is, communal NDA did at-least one good thing for the aam admi and UPA short changed the same aam admi by Rs. 1 lakh crores.

  9. twistleton Says:


    I suspect low call costs is a temporary phenomenon.

    But if it hadn’t been for the scandal we would have never got to know the formidable Niira Radia. So cheers!


    Simple, then why did Raja get sacked? Congress should have brazened it out.

  10. Goldstar Says:


    Simple, if not the Congress, did try to brazen it out. He once called A.Raja “Fantastic and Visionary” (for the 3G auction).

  11. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Let us assume that since license holders did not have to pay high fees, we the consumers are the beneficiaries. If that is indeed the case, how did license holders even without investing a penny were able to monetize their rights by selling license to others? Does it mean others who bought are losing money according to Kapil? Also if the loss is zero how could Kapil collect any fines from the guilty parties? On what ground is he taking action against them?

    All of us agree that 176,000 crores may be a high number. On the other hand zero loss is another ball game. This is to bury the whole case. Looks like we have now two scandals on hand. One is the first original scandal and the second is the effort by Kapil to bury the case. Which is the worst? Churumuri should have a poll on that.

  12. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    true.Villians are defended for a support from DMK in Parliament.Is it worth ?it

  13. DailyBread Says:


    >He once called A.Raja “Fantastic and Visionary” (for the 3G auction).

    Not 3G, he congratulated him for 3d. The gentleman did not know the difference between d & g. The above post by Simple looks like a hatchet job of cut & paste of the brief handed over to party spokespersons.

  14. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    1. Immediately after taking over the role of telecom minister, KS ( no relation to that other brand!) said that NDA too made a loss of Rs.143,000 crores. People laughed out so loud at this and he shut his mouth and did not utter a word after this.

    2. Now we have the same joker who is saying that this loss is actually NIL. And we have people who are actually falling for that line of thought!!!

    3. Today he has gone and issued another equally ridiculous statement that foreing investment in India will be hit because of the CAG report. So in effect he says ” We should be allowed to keep on looting the country and no one should question us because questioning us will mean no more investments in the country”

  15. Simple Says:


    1. Back then, It was CAG which hauled up NDA for revenue loss. Sibal Kapil merely put a figure to it. NDA is the Real Original Culprit.

    2. The loss of nil is beautifully put, by Sibal Kapil. THe calculations are perfect as said in my previous write up.

    3. And Kelu, you have a habit of claiming every good achievement as NDA’s. I gave you links to prove that RTI was UPA achievement. You fell silent. I gave links from your LK advani site and govt site.

    In 1998, Vajpayee announced that a law to enact RTI would be passed – it did not materialize.

    In the year 2000, the freedom of information bill was tabled in the parliament. After debate, it was referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Home Affairs for review.

    The freedom of Information Bill was introduced in the parliament as the freedom of information act 2002. However, it did not enter into force as the then NDA govt. was not interested in issuing the necessary notification.

    The UPA constituted the National Advisory Council after it came to power. This Council included Aruna Roy, Jean Drez – who consistently put pressure (along with Kejriwal) to pass the bill and enact a law. In response to this, the parliament passed the bill and the president of India consented the act on 15 June 2005 and implementation was started on 12th October 2005

    While NDA govt, talked, UPA walked the talk.


    That. Is the difference between Cong and BJP.

    Here are several links from govt sites, media and BJP website itself to prove that RIGHT TO INFORMATION BILL WAS passed on 15 june 2005. In fact, the bill is known as RTI act 2005 !

    Show me a single newspaper clipping or cutting that shows that RTI came into effect when NDA was in power.

    People like you spread rumors out of insane jealousy that UPA has revolutionary achievements to its credit. While NDA was busy creating poems.


  16. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Whatever Sibal scored as HRD minister in the field of reforming education he could not resist joining the crowd of sycophants by his bizarre statement of no revenue loss in 2G spectrum scam.He has outdid his colleague Digvijay Singh. If the same trend continues he will argue for reinstatement of A.Raja with honour and ask BJP to apologise for maligning an innocent man like Raja. Next thing is UPA govt may think of bestowing Padmashree to him for exposing NDA perfidy and actually benefiting India through 2G spectrum allocation.And DMK cadres must be already thinking of suggesting Karunanidhi for Bharata Ratna for his services to Tamil, not a remote possibility considering saving the sinking ship of UPA govt.Will wonders never cease with UPA in power!.

  17. Kelu Janamejaya Says:


    Yeah, Kapil Sibal indeed put it very beautifully that the loss is NIL.. only thing is there is not a single soul in this country who will accept this beautiful justification, save for a few people with slavish mentality.. that is another story altogether.

    Everything has to start somewhere. RTI too started with NDA. Because NDA was voted out of power, the act could not be implemented by them. Like they could not complete the golden quadrilateral project. And like Saint put her photo and that of her puppy on all the hoardings that dotted the project roads, the credit for passing RTI too is claimed by the Congress. After all you know they are masters in CONning the people.

    I wonder why UPA kept quite all these years from hauling NDA for this purported loss of 143000 crores of loss?? Just like MMS is heading PAC now, there was a congie who headed the PAC then. Why no question was asked? Why no action was taken even after coming to power???

    Only when their scam get exposed, to cover their base, Sibal came up with this ridiculous figure.

    On a different tangent, with a stupid economist as our PM do you even know where the inflation is headed??? And the clown prince yesterday has given his view on this. According to this moron, coalition politics compulsion is the reason for inflation being so high. What is meant by this??? You are in power to make life easy for commoners. If coalition politics is coming in way of that, why do you stick to power???

    And Rahul had said the same about the 2G scam too!!! That it was coalition compulsions which made them turn blind eye to all the misdeeds of Raja.

    So tell me Simple, just to keep the Sonia Mata in her comfort zone, we the people should suffer from this????

  18. Goldstar Says:


    >>2. The loss of nil is beautifully put, by Sibal Kapil. THe calculations are perfect as said in my previous write up.

    If there was no loss and no scam, why doesn’t Congress reinstate the “fantastic and visionary” A. Raja? Why all the CBI raids, SC cases and all the tamasha?

  19. V.T.Venkataram Says:

    Mr. Pranab Mukerji should be replaced by Mr. Sibal as TROUBLE SHOOTER of Government & Congress party

  20. sheela Says:

    @ DailyBread, NDA’s hidden agenda is to favor again merchants- telcom cos

  21. Simple Says:

    You only emphasising what I have repeatedly said. NDA is good only for speeches. It merely talks. It is good in rhetoric, in loud speeches. While UPA is the opposite, it talks less and acts more.

    While NDA only talked, UPA walked the talk.

    Show me a single piece of evidence from any newspaper in my country, which says RTI is Vajpayee’s achievement. I shall show you one hundred links which prove RTI is UPA’s idea.



    2. Why don’t you get upset when Coalition poiltics is cited as the reason to dump Ram Mandir?

    3 Why don’t you get upset when Coalition politics is cited as the reason to sleep with parties like JMM, whose leader has been indicted on several criminal counts? BJP is sleeping with this party right now in Jharkand.

    4. Why don’t you use cuss words against BJP like you do against Rahul, When BJP cites coalition politics and keeps quiet when Shiv Sena goes on a rampage attacking doctors, nurses, taxi drivers, media men, aam aadmi and every non marathi in Mumbai?

    5. Why don’t you abuse BJP when they cite coalition politics to suffer insults from Nitish Kumar?

    6. BSY yesterday threatened in full public view in the assembly that he will ‘reveal the charithre of JDS”. What is stopping him from exposing?

    See? Instead of making rash personal comments like a juvenile, grow up. Or hire a lawyer to help you argue.

  22. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    Use your good relation with the congress party to make Kapil Sibal Food & Agriculture minister. He will surely come out with a “beautiful explanation” as to how onions are actually selling at Rs.0 per kg and that the inflated rate of onions is actually a story planted by the communal BJP to discredit the Secular CONgress.

    This way we can all sleep peacefully in the night content in the fact that there is no inflation which is hitting us and whatever it was, we had only imagined it!!!

  23. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Simple sir, LOL… no make it ROFL….

    Like a true CONgress spokesperson you are good at confusing the issues.

    If BJP dumps ram mandir movement citing coalition compulsions, it is good for the country or bad for the country??? If BJP says coalition politics will not allow us to build ram temple, will there be communal violence in the country??? In a way it is good na? So BJP is doing the right thing here, right??? Whether they build ram temple or not, you are not going to vote for them. So you should be bothered only about what happens to the social fabric of the country. As long as it is not torn, why the hell should some one be bothered???

    If BJP suffers “imaginary insults” from Nitish Kumar citing coalition politics, how am I affected as a common man???

    Did onion price increase because of this?


    Did the life become hell due to price rise across commodities???


    Was the exchequer looted lakhs of crores of rupees (gone are the days when we had to say THOUSANDS of crores, in the CONgress raj, we are forced to say LAKHS of crores of rupees!!!)


    So if between two partners if there is any issue, why Sir you are jumpting up and down like some thing has bitten you at the wrong place????

    Also Sir, please note that BJP has had a whopping 90% plus results in Bihar, inspite of suffering your “imaginary insults”. Much more than the person who insulted them!! Poetic justice, eh???

    Already NCP is protesting against Clown Prince’s utterances that it was coalition politics which is the main cause of inflation!!

    Siddu says that he has the jaataka of Gowda and Sons. HDK in the past has said many times that he knows how much land BSY is holding and he will reveal all at an opportune time. Now BSY is saying something…

    When people did not react for what Siddu said, when people did not react for what HDK said, why should someone react for what BSY is saying???

    By the way sir, I might not have put across my thoughts as beautifully as Kapil Sibal did while explaining his ratioanle for the zero loss. Inspite of that, I hope you will understand what I have written.

  24. DailyBread Says:


    >@ DailyBread, NDA’s hidden agenda is to favor again merchants- telcom cos

    I thought they were kicked out of power 7 years back and poor chaps were last seen in parliament pleading for a JPC to find out the hidden agenda of Simple’s & Kelu’s parties. This is a reasonable demand and my guess is you will not have any objection because you want to unearth all hidden agendas.

  25. Vishal Says:


    Read this :

    Why did Raja allow the sale of stakes from the companies that were alloted the spectrum like Swan Telecom and Unitech. They sold the stakes soon after they got the spectrum to Etisalat and Telenor respectively for an astronomical profit. This loss is precisely what the CAG has pointed out – as a direct consequence of Raja’s change in the policy on the sale of stakes. There are other such companies which have benefited like this taking the figure to 176000 crores, presumptive that it is according to the CAG itself.

    This defeats your argument that growth in the telecom is more important than the revenue to the government from the licenses. If these companies (Etisalat and Telenor) have paid so much to the original license allotees, they are going to profit not the consumer. Ultimately, both the government and the public have lost money.

    So stop your lame defence of Kapil Sibal and Raja. You may be some local congress flunkey, but dont try to fool the people here.

  26. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Thanks Vishal for info on Tehelka report. It is easy to see
    how Raja was able to monetize his power. Instead of looking at 2G
    scam from the prism of NDA (BJP) or UPA(Congress), can we be more
    objective. When an original license holder sells his rights to
    realize profit even without making additional investment it implies
    that he either got lucky or there is some hanky panky. If the
    license was secured based on a transparent auction system, then
    such profit can be justified. In oil lease awards such things do
    happen. However when the licenses are secured based on non
    transparent and cinema ticket style then it is easy to see how
    there is corruption. It is a pity that Kapil Sibal could not see
    that or did not want to see it. Was he sent to whitewash the Raja
    by the PM and Sonia or he is doing independently. In either
    situation opposition should now start protesting against him also.
    It is surprising that even here in Churumuri site we are arguing as
    though we belong to two different groups. Can we rise above this?
    Let us start a campaign to oust Kapil. It is a pity he was doing a
    relatively good job as HRD minister. Or at least let us have a more
    competent person like jairam Ramesh who is a technocrat in his
    position as a telecom minister.

  27. mounaprasad Says:

    As an aside…Infy Nani, today has said that White Collar Crimes are going unpunished. White collar criminals should be quickly brought to justice says Nani after verifying all the evidence and data to restore confidence in the society.

    Which makes Nani the first white collar criminal to be punished (if ever) for taking over farm land at throw away prices(through KIADB) to build Infy campus in Sarjapur, Bangalore, under the able guidance of Sri SMK, the ex-CM and the current Foreign Minister who was appointed as the director on the Infy board for this favor to Nani.

  28. Curry Hurry Says:

    >> Let us start a campaign to oust Kapil.

    That won’t work. Kapil has been posted to expressly monkey around for the money trail doesn’t really stop at a Raja’s door.

  29. Vishal Says:

    Another article on the 2G Spectrum scam:


  30. Simple Says:

    Raja is not guilty of causing loss to my govt.

    Raja may be guilty of ‘out of turn’ allotment.



    One at a time, don’t post a barrage of untamed thoughts, without cogitating.

    1. Nitish insulted BJP in full public view. he canceled the dinner meant for top rung of BJP, he returned the money Modi gave his govt, he asked modi and varun not to step into bihar to campaign.

    2. BJP may have got 90% seats. But its vote share is just 1.8% better than last election. That means the intensity of the victory is magnified in the first past the post system. Cong plus RJD plus LJP is just 3% behind BJp and RJD.

    3. Sibal Kapil is the finest lawyer in India today. People Like Jailtely are pretenders. He presided over two successive general election defeats for BJP.

    4. CAG said BJP caused loss to the nation. Why did BJP not appoint a JPC then?

    Today there are 7 agencies investigating so called 2 G scam. How many investigated the scam during NDA?

    5. BJP in my state is hiding facts. Which is also liable for prosecution. BJP keeps threatening that it will disclose the crimes of JDS , but goes into a shell each time.

    6. How many agencies are investigatig land scam in my state? One Judge, that too appointed by BSY. Look at 2 G scam. Half a dozen agencies are investigating and also Raja resigned. Here, BSY sticks to his chair.

    7. A supreme court ordered investigating committee has found Reddys guilty. And what does BJP do?

    BSY does not have the courage to ask for Reddy bros resignation.
    Gadkari does nto have the coruage to ask for BSY resgination.

    After the CAG was tabled in parliament, Raja resigned
    After the CEC sent its report to supreme court, Reddy’s stick to chair.


    That is the difference between BJP and cong.

    Which is why Cong has got several shades of white in its black gown, while BJP is a 100% black cloak.

  31. Vishal Says:


    Why dont you reveal your identity? If you are a member of the Congess I wont even bother to argue with you.
    I am not making this a Cong vs BJP debate. I dont want to defend the BJP. If Yeddy loses his CMship, I will be very happy. I will be happier if the Reddys lose their mining lease.

    >>Raja is not guilty of causing loss to my govt.
    Then how come the companies that were allotted the licenses immediately sold their stakes for a hefty price? Why did Raja allow those sales despite the TRAI recommending against that?

    >>Raja may be guilty of ‘out of turn’ allotment.
    May be guilty? He bent the rules in order to accommodate his favored companies.


    Interesting article from Surjit Bhalla:

  32. Kelu Janamejaya Says:


    ROFL holding my stomach…. thanks a ton…. in these bad economic times, when the inflation numbers are scary, when the IIP numbers are scarier and the stock market is hammering my investments on a daily basis, I forget my worries reading your comments!!!

  33. Simple Says:


    1. Why don’t you ask BJP cheerleaders like Kelu and Mounaprasad if they are member of BJP?

    2, What gives you the impression that whoever finds Congress a better party than BJP, is a Cong member? Can anything be more absurd than this presumption>?



    That is what you do, when you cannot answer, you pretend to be amused, so that you can conveniently run away from the debate.

    In these days of inflation (yes, true. States too are responsible for inflation, and not just centre – it is 50-50)

    In the days of Vajpayee PMship, the sensex did not have the courage to go beyond 6000. Under Congress, the sensex has gone up to 20k….ups and downs will be there – but look at the huge leap! sensex has never touched rock bottom of 6000 like it did under Vajpayee era.

    At that time, there was no wealth that was generated so you could never worry about your non existent investments.


    That is the difference between Cong and BJP.

    Cong creates wealth, BJP creates hollow India Shining campaigns

  34. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    Answers are given to questions which are meaningful.

    Yes sir, Kapil Sibal is the foremost legal brain we have today. Just like Mr. Raja is the cleanest individual in the country today. We accept with all humility sir. I will not even argue with you on this ground!!

    Sir, in any game of competition what matters is winning. I may not be able to put this as beautifully as your eminent lawyer, but try maadodralli enu tappu? So here you go.

    In a football match, it does not matter who has the ball possession for how many minutes. For all that you care, a team may dribble around the ground with the ball in control for 89 minutes and 30 seconds. Still, in those 30 seconds the other team has the ball in its possession, if it scores the only goal of the match, that team will be declared the winner.

    In a 100 metre dash in olympics, the winning margin is never more than miliseconds. Still no one whines like the way you do that the guy who came in last was only a second slower than the winner.

    You got what I am saying???

    In our system of elections what matters is who won the election. Not by how many votes. In the recent TP/GP elections in Karnataka, if I am not mistaken, one winner was decided by toss of coin because both candidates had equal votes.

    Ashtyaake Sir. our former finance minister and current home ministers at centre won election by what margin???

    Nitish insulted BJP. Nitish screwed BJP. Nitish humiliated BJP. If you get some kind of weird pleasure in repeting the above, please do so Sir. In the end BJP won more percentage of seats than Nitish. Just remember that.

    So Sir, you are saying inflation is part due to states and part due to centre. The classic CONgress double speak. In Karnataka we have BJP in power. How about the inflation in AP, Delhi, TN, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc where congress or its allies in power??? Going by your logic, these states should have had much better inflation record, right Sir???

    If CAG had said anything about the loss caused due to NDA’s policy of telecom allotment, what prevented the opposition of the day to demand a JPC like the way they are doing now?? Does it take 7 years plus to realise this?? That too after your scam is exposed???

    Did you by any chance speak to your madam about making Sibal, the most eminent lawyer, the food and agriculture minister??? You should do it Sir, there is an urgent need today to explain the gullible people of the country as to how there is no inflation and they are actually better off paying high prices for food…..

  35. Vishal Says:


    Having a preference for a party is different from blindly supporting anything it does. What you are suffering can be called the Acute Dhritarashtra Syndrome. Your defence of your “preferred” party is pathetic in the face of the facts that are thrown. I wonder why you are still not the official cong spokesperson. You can easily put the likes of Manish Tiwari, Jayanthi Natarjan and others to shame.

  36. mounaprasad Says:

    Simple Anna,

    How did you come to the conclusion that I am a BJP cheerleader…did you see my photos wearing mini skirt and jingling pom poms…ROTFL

    I am for my country and not for either Kaangress OR BJP..OR JDS OR any other party for that matter.

  37. Doddi Buddi Says:


    A nice reply to Simpleton’s arguments. I like Simpleton’s assertion: “Cong creates wealth, BJP creates hollow India Shining campaigns.” LOL

  38. Doddi Buddi Says:

    To the editors at Churumuri

    Take a bow Sirs! What a splendid headline!

  39. Goldstar Says:

    >>Today there are 7 agencies investigating so called 2 G scam. How many investigated the scam during NDA?

    LOL… The more the number of investigators/police, the bigger the crime.


    Don’t keep on doing a BJP vs Congress on every damn issue. It is sickening. 2G scam is the biggest scam of this era. The BJP isn’t the only party that says so.

    If you are even decently aware of the 2G issue, the communists (to their credit) were shouting about 2G allotment scam from Dec 2008 (back then, the amount quoted was 60,000 crores).


    Of course, till recently you were busy giving “Fantastic and Visionary” certificates to A.Raja. (https://churumuri.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/churumuri-poll-dismiss-bjp-govt-in-karnataka/#comments)

    The Hindu ( read again, The HINDU, not The Pioneer; again to The Hindu’s credit, though it is close to the DMK family ) has editorialised that a JPC probe is a must in 2G scam. So stick to the issue and don’t go on slanging matches.

  40. Simple Says:

    People like mounaprasad, stooge of BJP, can only see the odd black spots in congress, but refuse to see the complete black cloak of the BJP.

    So much for his apparent impartiality. Not even once has he taken BJP to task for ruining my country. tsk tsk.

    And Kelu, is nothing but a juvenile coward. He hides behind the skirts of the net, and uses below the belt language for Sonia and Rahul.

    He never discusses issues, he discusses personalities, mostly by abusing them.

    1. Dailybread did not get it. Supreme Court is monitoring the 2G case, which is hte most impartial institution in my country. What else is the need for a jPC?

    2. BJP is insulting its own senior member like MUrli Manohar joshi by insisting on a JPC headed by a cong man.

    3. After JPC finishes its report, what does it do? it runs to the CBI or the supreme court for prosecution. BOth of which are already well into the case.

    I wonder the alarmingly low level of intellectualy ability of those who support a JPC…which is pointless..because they have to run to the court again…and the court is already seized of the matter.

    4. the high court has stayed justice padmaraj’s investigations into the land scam of BSY. This is a slap on the face of BJP….now only Lok Ayukta can investigate the dark misdeeds of BJP in my state.

  41. Gaby Says:

    Some people wear you down with a SIMPLE and monotonous parroting of indoctrinated impressions.

  42. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Fear not but Simpleton is losing his way too! When he is venerating Joshi as the fount of wisdom at the helm of PAC:) I think Simpleton is committing ‘Denominational Atyachar!’

  43. Jayasri Says:

    My wish for 2011- Mr Fix-Things-That-A’int-Broke should leave CAG well alone.

  44. Simple Says:


    Join the kerfuffle. Your diatribes are predictable. Please be inventive.

  45. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    When the 2 G scam erupted, everyone in the Congress party ran out and started shouting that they were actually very innocent. The reason for the loss was actually a dubious policy initiated by the previous NDA government and if anyone is at fault, it is the NDA and not them.

    Once this line of lie was thrown by the CONgress high command, everyone down the line fell for it in toto and started parroting the same line of lie.

    Yesterday, after the phenomenol hike in the fuel prices, CONgress came out with another gem of a justification. Its spokesperson Shukla said poker faced to the newsmen that it was not the faulty policy of the UPA which is to be blamed but that of the NDA becuase this whole process of increasing price of petro products was initiated during their regime!!!

    This raises a few pertinent questions:

    1. If the present government is functioning only by cotinuing the policies of the previous government, why dont they resign and hand over the governance to the NDA??

    2. What was the rate of inflation when NDA hiked the petro prices and what is the inflation now?? We are witnessing double digit inflation since the last few months, prices of essential commodities have sky rocketed, industrial production figures is showing a declinig trend and the consumer index is showing all signs of plummeting down. In this critical juncture, if the petro prices are also increased, what would be the effect of it on the inflation?? I thought we have an economist heading this government, do we need him for these kind of lop sided govt decisions???

    3. Internationally, petro prices have increased and there is definitely a need to increase the prices here too. But the timing of the decision leaves much to be desired.

    4. Is the typical CONgress culture, of crediting all good deeds to the Nun and her son and blaming the rest of the world for failures, taking root here too???

    5. Agricultural minister said that it would take about 3 weeks for the onion prices to stabilise. Its been more than three weeks now and there is no sign of the prices coming down anywhere. Finance minister has said that inflation will be contained in the next three months time. The diesel prices are sure to be hiked up in the next couple of months time. Definitely after the budget session of the parliament. When this happens, the inflation will spiral out of bounds. So how did the finance minister come out with the three month dead line??

    6. Normally, prices of food commodities will increase during the summer months owing to the shortage due to production constraints. This time we are witnessing such price raise even before the summer has set in. And still our government is runnign clueless to control inflation, blaming a government which existed 8 years back for the current day fiasco!!!

    But there is nothing to worry for the CONgies. They have the most prominent lawyer in this country who is acting as its trouble shooter. He can explain “beautifully” & “eloquently” the events, give it a completely different spin and fool those who can be fooled

    1. that there is no inflation,

    2. petroleum prices are actually lower expressed as a percentage the existing level of inflation,

    3. people living below the poverty line should be happy since they will be joined shortly by many more unfortunate people of this country

    4. people living just above the poverty line should be happy that they are actually ABOVE the line, even if it is marginal…

    5. And the government will make every possible effort to bring them down so that they can express their solidarity with their brothers and sister living below that line…..

    Phew, he sure does have a tough job on hand!!!

  46. DailyBread Says:

    >Joshi as the fount of wisdom at the helm of PAC:)

    Shri Joshiji has decided to have some fun till his tenure lasts. I heard that he is summoning the entire Radiamedia to appear before PAC for questioning er..grilling.

  47. Simple Says:


    All these days, I was saying hire a lawyer, now I am saying hire an economist.

    BJP is responsible for inflation too.

    1. They raise praise of milk second time in one year.
    2. They are raising property taxes.
    3. They are raising power tariffs.
    4. They are doing nothing to reduce sales tax, inspite of getting a bumper profit, each time the centre increases petrol prices.

    Six years of NDA ruined my economy so badly, that we are still reeling from the aftershocks. It has taken painstaking efforts by MMS to make us Indians proud that we are the second fastest economy in the world.

    Jobs have increased.
    Rural jobs are guaranteed
    Share marked has generated unprecedented wealth among millions of Indians. During NDA, the share market was hovering below the poverty line . SEnsex never went above 60000
    Salaries have increased manifold.
    Income tax cuts, come every year as a reward for hardworking Indians.

    The economy is so good, that world bank has predicted that India will be the fastest growing economy in the world in two years’ time. China, ladies and gentleman, will be left behind.


    That is the legacy that Congress is going to leave us, just ahead of the general elections in 2014.

    Compare the piffle of an economic performance by BJP and everybody knows the truth.

  48. Complex Says:

    Simple and Kelu:

    Please get into a boxing ring, and finish it once and for all.

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