A true great but a Mysore University doctorate?

PRITHVI DATTA CHANDRA SHOBHI writes: The Times of India reports that the University of Mysore has decided to confer an honorary doctorate on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

This, I find, incredibly inexplicable.

Don’t get me wrong.

I repeat, don’t get me wrong: I consider Tendulkar to be a phenomenal achiever and, in particular, I have really come to respect how he has reinvented himself as a great defensive batsman.

In the history of world cricket, there aren’t too many instances of  someone with Sachin’s ability for stroke making turning himself into a great, perhaps even the best defensive batsman in the world. I like the way he still retains his childlike enthusiasm and love for the game after more than two decades of playing international cricket.

Naturally, he is deserving of our affection, respect and, indeed, all honours that come his way, including an honorary doctorate degree.

But by the University of Mysore?

Neither the City of Mysore nor the University of Mysore have any relationship with Sachin. None of his great accomplishments have come in this City. So I am not sure what Mysore University seeks to commemorate by honoring Sachin.

Moreover, Mysore University isn’t a national university. And being a State university,  its reach is limited to the districts of Mysore, Hassan, Mandya and Chamarajnagar. So if it recognizes achievers from this region or those from Karnataka, then that would be appropriate.

There is one more surprising factor. The present vice-chancellor Prof V.G.Talawar had famously declared that the game of cricket is a waste of time and he has no use for the sport. This he had said when he was invited to a Ranji Trophy match last year.

Now the same university honors Tendulkar for his cricketing accomplishments?

In another strange decision, the university has also conferred an honorary doctorate on Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar (1884-1940), seventy years after his death.

Why does the University wants to honor him now? I fail to understand the logic of this decision. Wodeyar, who founded the University in 1916 and was instrumental in the creation of modern Mysore, is a worthy recipient but this award has come about ninety years too late.

The usual cliche that’s strutted out on occasions like this is that by honouring Tendulkar and Wodeyar, Mysore University has honoured itself. But I think this is a cheap gimmick by the University that potentially simply demeans the award. As I said above, both the honourees are surely worthy of the honor that’s being bestowed on them but should they have been honoured now and by the Mysore University?

Who are they going to choose next year? Mahatma Gandhi and Ranjitsinhji?

For the record, I should admit the University syndicate has also chosen four other worthy recipients, and I am particularly delighted that Rajiv Taranath is being honoured.

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20 Responses to “A true great but a Mysore University doctorate?”

  1. Ravisha Says:

    Tendulkar’s achievement is in a sport where only a half dozen countries compete. It is another thing that the sport is considered a way of life and its heroes next to Gods.

    I feel cricket is just a game, and be treated as just a game. And definitely a doctorate is a strict no-no.

    Indians are emotional fools, and there are many who take us for a ride. The latest being the IPL tamasha. The team owners are raking in huge money, so are the IPL players. I sincerely doubt whether the games are fixed before hand itself. A thought worth contemplating.

    Comming to the point, the doctorate should go to local Scientists, doctors, engineers and social activists, rather to cricketers.

  2. Sanjay Says:

    If university abroad can honor Bachchan with a doctorate why shouldn’t Mysore University honor Tendulkar? Tendulkar is an Indian and Mysore is an Indian city. You are being myopic and parochial

  3. Murthy Says:

    Doctor Sachin Tendulkar belongs to erstwhile Mysuru – from godavari to kaveri.

    But why doctor ? cricketers are much better gentlemen than doctors. May be veera kesari / daandu vallabha / kolu sarvabhouma / edurali bhayankara /aarara kanteerava / sahyadri kanda :) – are we short of kannada names?

  4. vindy Says:

    being an alumini of the univ, I think its better if they spend their energy in making the univ better rather than these gimmicks

  5. Shiv Says:

    This honororium offered by educational institutes for (in)famous personalities is a criminal waste of time, money.These crooked and idiotic educationists must be booted out.I can understand the zeal of the recipients as this doctorate serves to satisfy their ego and perpetuate it by prefixing Dr in front of their names.there are plenty of idiots like this contributor in churmuri to write the right and wrongs of this stupid award.

  6. sheela Says:


  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    Sanjay: It is not the question of why to Sachin. It is – should? Doctorate to Sachin is too small. He has surpassed all such awards. Perhaps only recognition left is Bharata Ratna, which he may get in due course of time. Even Sachin would agree that such doctorates do not mean anything to him. And doctorate to Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, who passed away 70 years ago! My God, these people have gone crazy. I don’t know how they raise to such high level in the academic and administrative field.

  8. Arrow Says:

    To give doctorate to Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and that too after seventy years of his demise is ridiculous. Did it take thes many years for UOM to recognise its own founder/mother and that too when many an ordinary mortal, far lesser than the visionary Wodeyar have been awarded much before..truly pathetic!

  9. micro Says:

    As I understand this honour is confered to person who have made exceptional contribution in a particular field. Mysore univ should serve as a platform to advance excellence in spirit and thought. Honouring Sachin is justified. Congratulations to Sachin.
    Authors suggestion that as Mysore univ is confined to few districts and the individual not being it’s constituent and therefore has exceeded it’s jurisdiction is parochial and regionalising human spirit.
    move on ……

  10. div Says:

    for once, I hope these so called universities think about
    how to increase their quality of research and the quality of their
    PhD program.

  11. Bangalore Boy Says:

    He is a sportsperson who plays for the money (Professional!) – thats his job – he is damn good at that..no doubt…but not worth of receiving a Dr. be it from any university not only from Mysore Univ!

    If it comes to Wodeyar – he deserved it long back – let d MU confer him bec its better done late than never! Remember people still cribbing Gandhi not getting Nobel Peace Prize :)

  12. bvkulkarni Says:

    I saw newspapers today morning and read a news, Mysore University has announcing to confer Hon. Doctorate on late krishnaraj Wadiyar IV. My immidiate reaction was, I became very angry and felt, pity at the people who decided the issue. It is height of madness, absurdity, and what more. These people who are conferring doctorate on whom, it is on first Chancellor of Mysore University, who was also first Chancellor of BHU that too 70 years after his demise. it is for what. People who knows nalvadi, will never venture such things. I consider this decision is a sort of insult. Are there any sane minded people who stop such unwarranted decisions. University may confer on the people who need it. I am aware that BHU conferred Hon. Doctorate during lifetime of Nalvadi. People need to react.
    for this one reaction was “I agree with you sir ! It is stupidity of the highest order ! Hope Governor shows better sense and aborts the ill conceived decision of unwise men of the syndicate ( B. Ramu and Prof. P.S. Nayak, Registrars and Member-Secretaries; C. Ramesh, Dr. Gopinath, Prof. Eshwarappa, Prof. Nagendra Rao, Dr. Sharath, Dr. Poornima, Prof. Lakshminarayana, Prof. Prabhakar, Dr. Susheela and Prof. Kotresh). God help the varsity if this is the maturity exhibited by the above dons ! At this rate we can hope Dr. Tipu sultan, Dr. Krsihna Deva Raya and extending the norm to cricket ( they are conferring one to Tendulkar!) – Dr. Ranjit Singhji, Dr. Mustak Ali…..
    Oh My God ….. why not one to Dr. Rama , Dr . Krishna , Dr. Budha, Dr. Gurunanak, Dr. Muhammed, Dr . Jesus Christ ?
    my appreciation for this comment is:
    it is wonderful comment you have made me proud of of you, while writing on this i was little hisitant. My respect for you doubled. Hpe you will take it up with His Excellancy as you have right to complain, it will help to avoid Dr. chamundeshwari and Dr Vanivilas Sannidhan.

  13. twistleton Says:

    @Sheela – good one

    Albeit Sachin has indeed studied the nuances of cricket for a period long enough to deem him a philosopher, he will achieve greatness only if he shares his knowledge.

  14. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I recommend Prof V.G.Talawar for a Noble prize in Economics for understanding Cricket for what it is…

  15. poli huduga Says:

    Prithvi guru, nimgu wondu honorary phd kodistivi. What is there?? Until then, chillax maadi.

  16. Narayana Says:

    Lemma 1: Cricket is Waste of Time ( from Talawar Theorem )
    Lemma 2: PhD is waste of time ( Empirical observation )
    Lemma 3: Tendulkar wasted twenty years on Cricket
    QED: Tendulkar should get a couple of PhDs!!!

  17. Gouri Satya Says:

    Ph.D to Nalwadi?! Then next who – Sir M.V., H.V.Nanjundayya, Kanteerava Narasimharaja Wodeyar….?!!

  18. Doddi Buddi Says:


    A nice analysis! IMHO Kulla should get at least 52 PhDs!!

  19. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Dr. BVK–

    Yours is the best comment on the whole sordid issue here.

    –Dr. Pulikeshi the Last

  20. Nastika Says:


    Citing professional reasons, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is said to have turned down the honorary doctorate to be conferred on him by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

    In a strange coincidence, two universities – RGUHS and University of Mysore – chose to honour the cricketer this year. The University of Mysore is yet to communicate to him their decision to honour him.

    Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/off-the-field/Tendulkar-says-no-to-honorary-doctorate/articleshow/7631321.cms

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