To get you the right angle, they sit at odd angles

Newspaper photographers bend, kneel down and squat to take a bottom-up view of Infosys chief executive officer and managing director, “KrisGopalakrishnan in Bangalore on Thursday.

The IT bellwether’s third-quarter results, which were below expectations of Dalal Street, pushed down the 30-stock Bombay sensitive index, Sensex, by 350 points.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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5 Responses to “To get you the right angle, they sit at odd angles”

  1. Girish Hampali Says:

    Nice photo and caption.
    but what is the problem if stock markets plunges 350 points?

  2. Ramesh Says:


  3. sunil Says:

    Is nandan’s absense driving Infy down ? Also i heard that nandan in joining the union cabinet as a minister ??

  4. kannadaTechie Says:

    All hyped up for Infy. Infosys is nothing but a IT sweatshop. They hire thousands of cheap IT labors and pay less. And quality of the IT service they provide also very cheap. If US bans H1B visa program which is being misused by these Indian IT sweatshops…then Infy has to lock down their sweatshops. Infy is just a garbage in and garbage out company.

    Anyone could please tell me any one world class product that Infy has produced all these years!!

  5. poli huduga Says:

    yenri kannada techie – wodusbitra infy nimanna? why so much bile? hogli bidi, better luck next time.

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