A prayer for a true Bharat Ratna, Bhimsen Joshi

The Gadag-born Hindustani maestro Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is unwell and critically ill in Poona. churumuri.com joins his multitude of fans, followers and fanatics in wishing him a speedy recovery.

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The Bharat Ratna adorns a real gem from Gadag

When the soil, air and the peda aid the vocal chords

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9 Responses to “A prayer for a true Bharat Ratna, Bhimsen Joshi”

  1. V.T.Venkataram Says:

    I pray God for speedy recovery of the great musician

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Illness stilled one of the greatest singing voices of the world a while ago. May our Kannada guru’s end be peaceful. “Sada namma hrudayadalli vaasa maado Bhimanna.”

  3. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Im not a prayer kinda guy but for your health sir Im going down on my knees.

  4. kodladykiran Says:

    Long live one of these true jewels of India ! His voice is something unbelievable.

  5. the colonel Says:

    Raag Darbari; A DD Serial. Bhimsen Joshi had sung the opening song. Cant find it anywhere. Need Help after 20 Years of searching

  6. Shree Saamanya Says:

    I’m going nostalgic on the one and only concert of the great master I attended at Chowdaiah Smaaraka Bhavana about 5-6 years ago(shelled out a princely amout,unaffordable by my standards those days, just to catch a glimpse of the great Guru).Hadn’t attended any Hindustani concert before given my bias towards karnataka shyli.The two hour rendering(accompanied on vocal by Shriniwas Joshi) was mesmerizing and transported me to a different world,I must confess.His rendering of a couple of Daasara PadagaLu including the immortal kruthi – Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma,was an unforgettable experience.Saw many prostrate( Saashtanga Namaskaara) at his feet after the concert.

    Here’s wishing the great master speedy recovery- Karunaadu haagu Bharathada nija rathna sheeghra guNamukharaagali, aa bhagavantha aarogya, aayushya karuNisali.

  7. shibroorshashidhar kamath Says:

    REALLY GR8 artist, never before, nor in futher , i think, he is LION.THAT SARSWATHI GODESS HAS TRUELLY BLESSED HIM WHOLEHEARDLLY.IPRAY HE GET WELL SOON.igetstunned when i listen to his ashavari todi.all my depression stress automatically changes, to positiveness.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooow, way of expression, no one like him,MIND IT, REAL GODESS STANDS WHEN HE SINGS THIS TODI,FOR LISTENNING,U BELIVE IT OR NOT.REALLY HE IS EXTRAORDINARY IN HINDUSTANI,CLASSICAL,ITS REALLY GR8 BOON FOR KIRANAGARANA

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    End is imminent for everyone. But my prayer is God may not cause any sort of pain to our Bharata Ratna, whenever this great soul has to join him. He is an invaluable jewel of our country. Dhanyaru naavu, avara naada sudheyannu anubhavisuttiddeve.

  9. Sudhindra Says:

    Bhimsen Joshi Sir,
    I am an ardent fan of your music. I pray you get well soon sir.

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