Chetan Bhagat has some advice for Lingayats

Chetan Bhagat, the author of numerically titled bestsellers as One Night @ The Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of Life, and 2 States, pronounced by Time magazine as the one of the “100 most influential people in the world“, and installed in the nation’s consciousness as a columnist, has a piece in today’s Sunday Times of India, in which the IIT-IIM grad says Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa has to go.

Yep, he’s got to go. Someone needs to give Yeddy a teddy and kiss him goodbye,” in the memorable words of the author.

In the piece, Bhagat, also has a word of advice for Lingayats in the State, the people as well as the godmen backing Yediyurappa despite all that has happened.

“A word to the Lingayat community. It is wonderful to be loyal to your own. But loyalty does not mean supporting wrongdoers . A corrupt Lingayat leader is first and foremost, just a corrupt leader. Keeping him in power merely gives the community a bad name. The Lingayats are known for their code of honour. I’m sure there are other honest leaders you can support, and help build a better nation in the process.”

Read the full article: A goodbye teddy for Yeddy

Illustration: Sorit Gupto, courtesy Outlook*

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40 Responses to “Chetan Bhagat has some advice for Lingayats”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Self Styled dictator in news again.

    And this Hitler is feared to give his anti Wrongdoers lecturers against Mayavati, KaruNanidhi, whole congress for its puking 2G Scam why? Can he lecture out against NDTV’s Burkha dutt? Can he lecture out against Thackrey’s for their ultra regionalistic views? HELL NO.

  2. Deshabhakta Says:

    A free suggestion, better ignored; both in the interest of the state and the community.
    I have hardly heard a Gowda/Okkaliga till now saying Devegowda family doing a lot of harm to the state.
    Gowda family targeting Yeddy not just for political reasons but also for caste reasons. If some in Lingayat community decide to back Yeddy, nothing wrong in it. If he is proved guilty, he anyways, has to go.

  3. Complex Says:

    What he has said is perfectly right.

  4. BB Says:

    Why doesn’t he advise the Muslims something similar about terrorism?

    Last I heard, Champu Bhagat was not suffering from foot in the mouth. Why this rant in mainstream media?

  5. Mahesh Shastry Says:

    What! “Lingayat’s have a code of honor.” Think of it, who doesn’t? Methinks this Chetan Bhagat is lamely pandering to them. Would he dare right, say, “Brahmins/Okkaligas/Idigas don’t have a code of honor?”

    Absurd! Chetan Bhagat is a classic example of the mediocrity that pervades our society. Can’t believe this man who writes in such insipid prose and routinely tweets nonsense is famous in this society of ours. Mediocre, mediocre!

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Let Sri Bhagat study Kannadigas’ history a little more deeply. When has Basava and his associates’ revolutionary philosophy ever been the guiding philosophy of the Lingayat community as a whole? Why the tussle between the Vedic Lingayats and the supposedly ecumenical Veerashaivas? How many separate mathas and swamys do the communities have? What happened in this supposedly enlightened community when Banjagere Prakash mischievously suggested that Basava might have been a maadiga by birth?

  7. Murthy Says:

    ” I’m sure there are other honest leaders you can support, and help build a better nation in the process……….”

    honest , better nation….. which nation is he talking about?
    what a pitiful state of IIT IIM grads !!!…

  8. kaangeya Says:

    Looks like Chetan is trying to suck up to Pappu Gandhi by mouthing politically correct pablum. Chetan dear, stick to your arithmetic and leave the serious business of govrnance to those who know better.

  9. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    I am surprised about getting frustrated with the messenger. Let us forget who wrote the article. One of us if we had the capacity should have written an article like this to save Karnataka and also India from corruption virus.

    I am sure BJP leadership knows full well that by allowing Yeddiurappa to continue they are giving their moral right to be critical of the congress concerning their various scams. Still why are they quiet. Is there some thing we do not know? It cannot be great ability of Yeddiurappa. It cannot be the implied support of swamijis. His winning the municipal election is also not all that great.

  10. Daasa Says:

    The Mullah, Moist and Missionary trio have captured all media and cultural institutions of India. NDTV, TOI, Deccan Chronicle to name a few. It is time Indians boycott them.

    What is disgusting is their selective reporting. Whenever there is an act of islamic terrorism, these media houses with host of other tainted NGO’s systematically work to dilute the resolve of nation against terrorism. When Mumbai train bombings happened, NDTV Barkha Dutt said only wealthy gujaratis were targeted. 26/11 happened, Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Jaffri were interviewed who gave the opinion that “all this is happening because of flaw in judicial system of India” without uttering single word against the perpetrators. When Salman taseer was killed in Pakistan, TOI publishes a cartoon equating Taseer killing with Binayak Sen arrest.

    Among the numerous things affecting the country today, it is strange that Chetan living in Delhi should take up this topic. By the way in TOI, even editorial is a paid content. The MMM trio have been fully utilizing this to destroy Hindu political movement.

    Equally it is a shame on Hindus for failing to even develop a single mass media to put forth its point.

  11. micro Says:

    yo chetan pep talk of these sort keep it. The main idea of your op=Ed is yeddy is corrupt he needs to go. Fine, atleast state the charges against him and how it’s unconstitutional. Contrast yeddy’s deeds with a similar congress politician and how cong treated him.

    Your article is emotional and needs more clarity. English media is influential amongst educated people,who don’t vote. I would not devote spacw to eloborate on PR issue. Revise and resubmit your article.

  12. Simple Says:

    Chetan Bhagat’s desperate pleas to the BJP to sack BSY is indicative of his state of mind. He imagines that Congress is headed for doom because of the so called scams and he is under the delusion that the English media is warming up to the BJP.

    Warming up for what? For its 50,000 crore mining scam in bellary, For the CM’s one lakh crore land scam in karnataka? For the land scam in Madhya Pradesh, where 20 acres of land was given away for one Rupee by the CM of that state? The land was given to a trust, whose trustees include LK Advani and Venkaih Naidu. For the rash of farmer’s suicides in MP? For being anti nuclear deal and anti development? For being the most irresponsible opposition ever to have been in the parliament?

    These are just samplers. There are 100 more corruption instances of BJP and he thinks that this is the party is on the verge of a comeback – and the only stumbling block is BSY…tsk tsk…

    How can an otherwise seemingly intelligent person turn completely blind to the 100% black cloak of BJP and instead point fingers at the few black dots in the white gown of Congress?

    Chetan says that BSY is extremely popular ..from where and how did he gather these inputs?

    Extremely popular?

    BSY’s vote share comes predominantly from a section of the Lingayat community. In the recent panchayat elections BJP did well in ONLY some of the Lingayat dominated taluks and districts. (They didn’t do to well in some lingayat dominated districts like Raichur, Bijapur and Gadag) In the non Lingayat areas, the BJP lost badly. .

    Extremely Popular? Ha. What an absurd analysis. Here’s why.

    BSY has to his credit for leading his party to the worst ever performance by a ruling party in the Panchayat elections. BJP won just 440 of the 1013 ZP seats. In fact, in the 2005 panchyat elections, Dharam Singh led the Congress to win more than 55% seats – which is much much better, than BSY’s terrible record.

    Nitish Kumar and Modi are larger than their party. If they break away from the parent party, voters too will follow them without question. Simply because they have won a large percentage of votes of those who don’t belong to their caste.

    But that does not seem the case with BSY. His personality hasn’t outgrown that of the BJP’s. Only a section (and not even the entire lot) of Lingayats will follow him, in case he decides to leave the party. Which certainly does not augur well for his political career.

    Uma Bharati was infinitely more popular and she had a larger fan base throughout India, and yet, when the BJP booted her, she was marginalised in Madhya Pradesh.

    What then, makes our pseudo political anaylst Bhagat Chetan presume that BSY is extremely popular?

    Instead of trying to mislead the people of India with his undercooked political analysis, he is better off sticking to what he is good at. To write kitsch novels.

    In a few months time, elections will be held in Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Pondicherry. Let’s see how many seats the ‘so called resurgent’ BJP will win in these five states. The whole world will know the impact of the 2 G scam.

    Chetan is correct in only so far as saying that Lingayats are doing no service to their community by repeatedly electing BSY. But that is how the system works in my country. People appear to be saying that:

    Corruption is bad. But corruption is good, if my caste leader does it.
    Rape is bad. But rape is good, if my caste leader does it.(all of Hallapa’s men won from his taluk in the recent panchayat elections)
    Road rage violence is bad, But road rage violence (leading to even death) is good, if my caste leader does it. What explains Sidhu of BJP being repeatedly elected from Punjab?
    Rowdisym is bad. But rowdisym is good, if my caste leader does it. (Diwan Ali got elected despite being a known chargesheeter)

  13. Shashi Says:

    Can Chetan Bhagat suggest the same to Other religions why they end up voting for congress every time just in thename secularism inspite of congress being so corrupt and most inefficient party .Why has Chetan Bhat kept quiet all this while about Deve gowda,Karunanidhi,Laloo Yadav ,Mayawati,Mulyam Yadav,Sharad Pawar who are much more or equally corrupt.If he has to suggest he should generalise and suggest.

    Chetan Bagat just koz u wrote 3-4 good books doesn’t mean u know the politics ,history,recent happenings of every state including karnataka .Please check recent Gram Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat results u will get know BJP has not even secured 50 % of the seats .they have even lost in many parts of North Karntaka also which has good number of lingayat voters.Lingayats are not so dumb as you think.

    For the record Deve Gowda,KumarSwamy and Dharam singh were also corrupt and worst the state didn’t see any development at all.

  14. chris Says:

    All Lingayats are united for the first time ever. They felt cheated by Congress (Rajeev Gandhi sacking Veerendra Patil unceremoniously) and then by JD(S) (Gowda & sons’ lies and deceit continue to haunt BSY). No doubt these matters made Lingayats to be united and they will not let go BSY whatever may be.

  15. vish Says:

    It’s not about caste or religion, it’s the fan base or the following,but it also doesn’t mean, if there is a leader of your religion or caste, you are held responsible. there are other factors that have to be dealt with. It’s hard to criticize on one caste/religion, Bhagat should have pondered well before giving this exclamation!!!! There are many more from different castes and religion who have done more harm, for instance Chetan Bhagat, consider yourself, you are no Lingayat or a veerashaiva, you don’t need to comment on them. You wanted to quote about yeddy, fine, do it graciously, you’ll find many to follow you, Besides, BJP is not full of Lingayats, it has Brahmins, Veerashaivas and many more castes, why target a community, is it because, lingayats are more prominent in Karnataka, then what happened to the previous governments, weren’t there enough lingayats during their time, this is the first time BJP has come to power, and we are hell bent on cursing ourselves for that has happened…

  16. Anti Corrupt Says:

    Well said Deepak!

    This Chetan Bhagat can’t utter a single sentence properly in English. He has written some third rate novels read by yuppy crowd.

    He now thinks that he can talk about anything and everything.

    He should advise 2G criminals instead of Yeddyurappa.

  17. the colonel Says:

    chetan is right

  18. Shetty Says:

    Yeddi, his two sons and family along with the Ali Baba’s 40 thieves have been at the center of a political drama that has been going on in Vidhana Soudha of Karnataka for the past three years with a scale of corruption that is unheard of before. Despite direct proof of Yeddyurappa’s scams and shamelessly corrupt deals, Reddy brothers looting and selling of Indian natural resources to foreign countries and their horse trading and many other shocking instances, Yedi the ‘Thief Minister’ continues to rule with the help of the BJP President Gadkari who is now recognized as a shrewd trader rather than a leader!

  19. Bengalooru Haida Says:


    >>The Mullah, Moist and Missionary trio have captured all media and cultural institutions of India.

    En saar idu ‘Moist’? Freudian slippah? Moist and Missionary may give out other signals no?

  20. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Simple Sir….

    One lakh crore worth of land scam in Karnataka??? Where??? When??? Who did it???

    Like I posted in one of my earlier comments, congressis have stopped thinking in thousands of crores.. just because they have become masters in perpetrating scams of gigantic proportions, they think others must be doing the same too!!!

    If farmers are committing suicides in MP, the situation is far worse in Maharashtra and AP, two of the states “governed” by congress

    If MP CM gives away 20 acres of land ( we dont know the purpose for which this land is given) then I suggest you look at the land holdings of various trusts and committees of congress in Delhi. For example, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundating has Nun as the chair person and the members are literally who’s who of Congress party, including Nun’s Son. The executive trustee of this Foundation is Junior Nun. This operates out of prime address in Delhi as are the several other trusts of the first family trusts. How much land they own? At what rate was this land given? Who funds them?? No one has a clue.

    Or look at the massive landbank surrounding the samadhis of Rajiv, his mother and grand father. What would be the market value of these properties when the land was given away. Assuming that it is some sort of respect we as a country should show towards our ex PMs, I wonder why the same respect was not shown to PVN, probably the finest PM we have had from congress?

  21. DailyBread Says:

    >Instead of trying to mislead the people of India with his undercooked political analysis,

    The gentleman writes bestsellers in English, he must be right.

    >What then, makes our pseudo political anaylst Bhagat Chetan presume

    The gentleman gets top dollars to write columns in Sunday Times, he must be right.

  22. prasad Says:

    The caricature resembles 2G Rahul

  23. sunil Says:

    Even though it is bitter for Lingayats to digest, it is true.

    We have to grow beyond cast. Look at bihar. Nitish kumar belong to cast whose total population in Bihar is less that 5%.
    But still he managed to register a spectacular win. We kannadigas have lot to learn from that. Lets go beyond cast.

    I feel SURESH KUMAR is a ray of hope. I heard he is very clean hand.

  24. Goldstar Says:


    Perhaps, Simple is talking about this case:

    The Reddy brothers, with all help from YSR effectively merged areas of Karnataka and AP. Perhaps, Hyderabad now is in Karnataka.


    Link to the above:

    The committee also slammed Andhra Pradesh government officials saying the violations could not have taken place without their connivance.

    The committee also recommended suspension of all transportation activities from the four mines of the Reddy brothers till formal determination of the inter-State boundary between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in Bellary reserve forest area and setting up of permanent boundary pillars.

  25. Simple Says:

    Oh, Kelu,

    Since I am not a card carrying member of the Congress, I say in full public view – let all Congressmen in any landscam face the music of the law.

    But what do you say, as a blind supporter of BJP?

    You still continue to defend BSY, on whom there is prima facie evidence of serious wrong doing.

  26. gowdrigejai Says:

    Magu Chetan, please rephrase the title and write new article targeting namma deve gowdru and his putra Kummi.

  27. Deepak Says:

    I feel starnge about Chetan, why he started suddenly commenting on BSY? If we compare congress 2G scam, Lalu’s whole life scams, Mayavati’s elephant scams with our BSY’s, its not even 2% BSY has done. But Yes, BSY should be blamed for all the land scams.

    Afterall, its all about chosing the Target such that the Target should no rebounce back. Thats what chetan has done. He cannot and will not make any comments against any of the congress men and Lalu’s kith and kin’s. If he does then will appreciate.

  28. trp Says:


    Lets not compare corruption. CORRUPTION is CORRUPTION. Whether it is 2% 100% or 0.001%.

    What is the guarentee that 2% will not go to 200% if left unpunished ??

    All corrupt people need to be punished. Just becoz some were left unpunished, doesn’t mean that others should be left free. If that is the theme, then, what does the PARTY with difference make.

    BJP was brought into power becoz the previous Govt. JDS and Congress were corrupt.

    We need to change leaders till we get somebody like Modi or Nitish kumar.


  29. trp Says:

    the quote is like this

    Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.

  30. Suraj Says:

    Guess..the April Fools Day has arrived two months ahead of time…..WTF would the yuppie know about Karnataka politics..other than to “repeat” the talking points of secular – liberal media…

  31. twistleton Says:

    BH you Canis familiaris! :D
    You made me laugh out loud in office! Bad fellow!

  32. dheeraj Says:

    yes ,
    Lingayats are known for their code of honour. only this sentence i agree with chetan bhagat

  33. Nityanand Koppad Says:

    Mr. Chetan Bhagat, I like your books but did not liked your statement towards Lingayats. Please keep away from this impression of making use lingayatism in your statements. Come to ground reality of the state and about lingayat’s then try to speak. Next time be cautious while making such comments.

    Concentrate on writing fictitiousness books.. Don’t dog your head in something which you dont know.


  34. dhyan Says:

    when he says something about Lingayats it is published in churumuri, but when he says something about Brahmins -read NRN as running a bodyshop its not. Is churumuri casteist?

  35. the colonel Says:

    gentlemen and gentleladies:-

    i don’t know a fcuk

    should i assume i am wrong

    should i keep quiet?


    someone has divided us by caste

    other by religion

    people are roughed up for their views.

    human rights commision???

    a brick hits my head and my eyeballs are on the road.

    oh my india.

    my india.


    mera bhaarat mahan

    back to my stupor

  36. Jayashekara Says:

    this fellow simply because he gleaned few novels has started giving commentaries. this fellow cannot represent even a smaller cult in society.i am sure he doesn’t know even how does a village panchayath works. politics is not his cup of tea. better he can talk in a park and not makes it a comment before media with all bharkha dutts and rajdeep sardesais who are born to america. THU………….

  37. PRASAD Says:

    so many reactions on bsy but lingayats will support the leader which they seem good to them,why these nonsense writers take caste and leaders here? why dont he is pointing brahmins support to ananthkumar, gowdas supporting devegowda , once idigas supporting bangarappa ? dont you feel lingayats are discriminated here ? if they dont need bsy they elect diff person,but who the hell are these people to suggest them.

  38. Freewill Says:

    Yeddy has made the nation believe that lingayats are a community of corrupt, inefficient and pretentious people. Now, this is certainly not true because you cant generalize an entire community of people. There are good leaders from this community but they are secretive and very castiest in nature, they fight for their own enrichment. The caste based politics bought down knowledge center of india called bihar in a matter of a few years, karnataka is headed that way. The bad thing about this entire situation is that lingayat intellectuals also are very caste minded just like mayawati. I wonder if Basava must be crying in heaven, he certainly did not want to create caste minded people.

  39. proud lingayat Says:


    let me educate you. lingayats is a group who have
    aradhyas , panchamasali , ganiga and non-groups also in them.
    they are all still casteless lingayats . this unity in itself is huge. there is nothing to prove and shout beyond this. everyday 1000s are accepting lingayat ideology in their daily lives as there is no need to perform any spcial religious rituals if your mind is aware.

    the country where you and chetan bhagat lives does not have a constitution which can see beyond castes even the schools and voting card has to have your caste identity.

    so lingayats are far far in their ideologies than vedic caste of this constitution. neither they are able to provide food or education but brahmins still want their ‘son’ rahul to become PM.

    chetan bhagat is a punjabi bastard who writes for money . since he cannot write against brahmins and he gets to share his wife with vedic customs he writes these sensational articles.

    i pity your ignorance and got to know where you are coming from.

  40. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Bangalore Haida’s response is the best.
    “Bangalore” na “Bengaluru” maadappa.

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