CHURUMURI POLL: Prosecute B.S. Yediyurappa?

Karnataka’s disgraceful tamasha since the BJP came to power two years ago—a scandal and scam-tainted tragicomedy that has reduced a great and glorious State to a laughing stock in the eyes of the world—is seeing one more ridiculous twist following a spurt in the tu-tu-main-main between the governor and the chief minister.

At stake is the issue of the prosecution of the CM, B.S.Yediyurappa, and his man friday, the home minister no less, R. Ashok, on a petition made by a lawyers’ forum, chronicling the well-documented charges of corruption against the two. The State cabinet has adopted a resolution urging the governor not to give permission for prosecution, but H.R. Bharadwaj is, if nothing else, relentless in proving why he was sinecured to Bangalore.

However since asmita is the last refuge of pumped-up, linguistically challenged, pseudo-patriots—like you know who, Narendra Damodardas Modi —Yediyurappa has sought to turn the governor’s deployment of the well-known Hindi proverb ulta chor kotwal ko daantein” (the pot calling the kettle black) into a question of Kannadiga pride, claiming that the governor’s use of the word “chor” (thief) is an insult to the people of the State.

Unperturbed, Bharadwaj says he will give the go ahead for the chief minister’s prosecution, while the BJP plans to petition the President for the governor’s recall, besides holding dharnas all over the State.

Questions: Should the governor give his permission for the chief minister’s prosecution, or not? Is the State being harmed by the antics of Yediyurappa & Co more, or by Bharadwaj’s? Will the political cat of nine lives, Yediyurappa, survive this, too?

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When a governor gets it left, right and centre

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27 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Prosecute B.S. Yediyurappa?”

  1. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Please go ahead and prosecute BSY. Likewise MMS should also be prosecuted as well as Mayawati and other politicians who have encouraged corruption directly/indirectly!!

  2. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    I absolutely welcome Mr. Bhardwaj prosecuting BSY. I still don’t understand why he is dillydallying on the issue. The sooner the better.

    You see, this whole charade being played out by the CONgress “high command” and its chela in Bangalore is becoming tiresome. Not that BSY is the cleanest of the CMs we have had. Not that he needs to be condoned for what he has done. Oh no sir, he is – as our dear friend Sri Simple puts it – a man who is covered himself in a completely black cloak. And guess what? For a change, I would agree with Sri Simple for once!!!!

    Coming back to the charade, if push comes to shove, I dont think Bharadwaj will do it. For several reasons.

    One, this act will be seen as a desperate measure by CONgress and JDS to defame the BJP government. If BSY is indeed prosecuted, he would be seen as a man who was relentlessly hounded by the opposition. He will have an issue handed over to him in a platter by the opposition to win his next election on sympathy grounds in his stronghold of lingayat community. Afterall, if newspaper reports are to be believed, this is one community which has not fogiven CONgress for the unceremonious way in which it dumped Veerendra Patil when he was lying sick in hospital. And there is absolutely no reason to believe they will vote JD(S) enbloc in the next election!

    Two, what is his offence?? Denotifying land? Alloting a BDA sites to his children and chelas??? Sanctioning industrial land to the people who are partners in his children’s business ventures??Rosiah did it, he resigned. Vilas Rao Deshmukh did it, he is now a Union Minister, cabinet ranking no less. Ashok Chavan did and he resigned. DMK owns very large portions of prime properties in Chennai, thanks to the ThiruKa being the CM. Same applies to their nemesis in the state. P Vijay in Kerala too was accused of sanctioning land in Munnar, if I am not mistaken, to businessmen. The less we talk about YSR & Naidu in Andhra, the better it is.

    Infact, I am quite certain, if asked to dig the land records in each state, we will find ALL the chief ministers of ALL the states, indulging in a practice like this. There could be a couple of exceptions, like Bihar or Gujarat. I am not sure, but these two states could be the exceptions.

    So if the Governor actually prosecutes BSY for this act, BSY will overnight become a bloody martyr. The one time he was seen as wronged person, he won and created all these havoc which ultimately brought bad name to BJP. Do it the second time, you can practically enshrine his name jolly well on the walls of Vidhana Soudha!!

    The prosecution of BSY has all possibilities of boomeranging back on the ones who prosecute him. Me thinks it is a slippery ground and CONgress and its chela will be very cautious on where they keep their foot next.

    But I do wish they prosecute him…

  3. boring journalist Says:

    Both the Governor of Karnataka and the Chief Minister have thrown discretion and decency to the winds by their game of calling names. Thereby both of them have flagrantly breached the delicate balance of checks and balances in the distribution of power in a parliamentary democracy.

    For all intents and purposes, it is Governor who has set the ball rolling by publicly deriding his own government and the BJP has responded to the same with equal vehemence.

    If only the Governor was to quietly act on the petition he has received seeking permission to prosecute the Chief Minister, nothing would have happened. But the fact that he chose to go public, has made his political leanings clear.

    For BJP also, they must learn to face the situation squarely rather than publicly berating the Governor with a threat that they would seek his removal. The spat between the two resembles something of a street brawl.

    Both must be made to pay the price for their indiscretion. Governor could permit the prosecution of the Chief Minister and the Centre can shift the Governor to other states to avoid further animosity and acrimony It could be a warning forthose who dare to cross the laxman rekha

  4. sunil Says:

    I guess he has already given the permission. I fee he has done the right thing. If yeddy feels that he has not done anythign wrong, he really need not have to worry about this.

  5. Manav Says:

    >like you know who, Narendra Damodardas Modi

    Are you sure? Many a time people’s opinion are formed by media (in particular TV with endless entertainment news). They formulate your opinion on many issues.

    Teesta Setalvad was one activist (I would have said fraud but ..) who was media’s darling. She was instrumental in forming a lot of opinion during gujrat riots. Now when her lies are exposed, you don’t hear that in media soon. For more information (

    Modi was never convicted for any crime ever, in any court ever. Still he is guilty. But rajiv gandhi (and anybody in congress) is not guilty in post indira gandhi riots. Two different yardsticks ??

    now the question why I am rumbling on:

    Same thing is happening again. Governor is acting in the name of good. But the same alertness is missing in CWG, Adarsh, 2G. This is politics nothing else.

  6. NS Rao Says:

    Not that Mr. Bharadwaj is a saint, but Yeddy needs this treatment.
    Now, have I changed my opinion about BJP Govt in Karnataka? Time only can answer….

  7. div Says:

    Churumuri claims “Karnataka’s disgraceful tamasha since the BJP came to power two years ago—a scandal and scam-tainted tragicomedy that has reduced a great and glorious State to a laughing stock in the eyes of the world”

    as if there were no crooks before,most Karnataka politicians were either corrupt or cunning (or both) anyway: take the list: Devegowda, Kumaraswamy, Bangarappa, Gundu Rao, S.M> Krishna, Dharam Singh, J.H. Patel etc…. while I dont say two wrongs will do the right, let us not pretend that Karnataka was in its golden era before Yeddi took over

  8. khakhakha Says:

    Before we get to the opinions, I’d be grateful if someone helped me out with the technicalities of this case. I ask these not rhetorically, but because I truly do not understand:

    1. So what if the CM has a criminal case registered against him? He is not guilty until proven so. Why does BSY need to worry now?

    2. In the first place, why should anyone’s consent be necessary to register a criminal case against a citizen? How is the CM any different? Why was the Governor’s consent required?

  9. Isaipriyan Says:

    Everyone’s missing the text hidden here. Governor HR Bharadwaj is an old crony of the Congress – he used to Law Minister a few years back. He is also a Brahmin. The CM he is persecuting sorry “prosecuting” – Yedyurappa – is a Lingayat! BSY fought the Vokkaligas outside the BJP and the Brahmins within (led by Anantha Kumar) to become CM. Now a Brahmin from outside is attacking him. BJP has managed to get its cadres to sink their differences of jati and panth; the Congress stuck in the past is playing what it knows best – jati politics!

  10. maisuru Says:

    Hansraj Bhardwaj:

    From Bofors to office of profit and the failed attempt to remove Navin Chawla as election commissioner, were all deftly handled by the Congress veteran to the satisfaction of the Prime Minister and party leadership.

    In March 2009, H R Bharadwaj was criticized for taking the initiative to de-freeze two bank accounts of Ottavio Quattrocchi, an accused in the Bofors Scam case, who is seen as a close friend of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. In particular, it appears he did not consult the investigating agency CBI which had gotten the accounts frozen……

  11. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    If the CM feels that he has not done any thing wrong why should he feel offended?

    Let him prove innocence. His chances of winning the election will improve even more.

  12. gowdrige jai Says:

    Prosecute this BSY. Let there be elections and Kummi as new CM.

  13. Sanjeeva Says:

    The only solution to end the situation in Karnataka is declare election, recall the Gov. Let people decide. “Karnataka’s disgraceful tamasha”. And who is creating the tamasha? Is it BSY or the BJP? Who were creating drama in the assembly? sleeping, eating, tearing the shirt and dancing on the table, and all sorts of nonsense? Whether the CM is corrupt or not – it is not for me to opine. But to call an elected CM the names – One calls bastard, another calls chor – is it dignified or disgraceful? It would be interesting to know from the Gov his opinion about releasing the names of persons who have stashed away billions of money in foreign banks and prosecuting them.

  14. BG Subhash Says:

    I am not in favor of prosecuting CM because in the whole happenings since last 1 year there are machivellian schemes by congress through governor who during the last one year at various occasions has said that he is proud of his congress back ground. Governor by this statement has shown that he is not neautral. Hence all his actions are a suspect. The whole of Machivellian politics played by both congress & JD(s) has shown that they too hoot care for the progress of Karnataka but are only interested in power. The part played by JD(S) a fringe party is nothing but optimization of fruits for a single family and they are a fringe party. This party needs to be rejected by people at least in the next elections so that either of the parties ie congress or BJP can come with a clear majority. Actually is JD(S) which is putting karnataka into a TRISHANKU.

  15. Hanumae G Says:

    What is happening is all rhetoric and a political tamasha for the masses while the daylight looting will continue unhindered. Incidently, the term ‘Thief Minister’ and “Ali Bhaba and his 40 thieves’ was actually first used by many readers in Churumuri!

    Thanks to the corrupt and caste-ridden politics of BJP now lead nationally by a ‘trader’, along with the conniving politicians of the Cong-I, this shamelessly corrupt, self-serving, egoistic CM will never get criminally prosecuted or ever go to jail, even if it is just for a day.

    However the day is not far away when we will have such politicians either lynched by desperately justice seeking mobs or ruthlessly packed-off like Ben Ali in Tunisia.

  16. Karavali Says:

    Why not? In fact he should be prosecuted for the non governance more than the corruption.

    Corruption has always been present in Karnataka. BSY has just continued that tradition.

    But he is more culpable for squandering a golden opportunity to rule, for squandering people’s money and goodwill and dragging our state’s name through mud.

    He is singularly the least inspiring and zero-vision CM I have seen since Bangarappa. For that count alone he is worthy of prosecuted and sent home. Any one in BJP would be better than him in governance, yes even his obnoxious chela Renuka.

  17. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    The spat was building for some weeks and it has reached the climatic stage. Regardless of whether BSY is going to be in trouble it is obvious keeping in view the reputation of the Governor acting on behest of his master (Q case) the Congress, this development seemed inevitable. Whether it will stand the test of judicial review is to be seen. It appears obvious that the Congress being driven to the corner enmeshed in various scams it appears logical that this was inspired to divert the attention of BJP taking on the Congress in the centre. It is possible that Guv’s action may boomerang in case mid term elections are declared. The sympathy wave in favour of BSY combined with operation Kamal which will be unleashed with full force both JD(S) and the Congress may have to eat the humble pie. Of course when Wikileaks publishes 200 names of Indians who have stashed $1.4 trillion in Swiss banks there may be much bedlam and amount of corruption by BSY may be peanuts in comparison. Interesting developments lie ahead.

  18. sumakani Says:

    No nothing is happening in right manner. It is disgusting politics played by opposition in Ktk. Have they allowed a single day to the CM to run his govt? Now we have been made to feel that opposition duty is to pull down the govt. How afr this will go?

  19. Sanjeeva Says:

    It is quite clear that Cong is desperate and frustrated being out of power. So they are aiming the target keeping the gun on the shoulders of JD. Only an election should and will decide the fate of Karnataka. Till then, the progress and all developmental work would suffer.

  20. Raj Says:

    Yeddy, Dharam Singh and DeveGowda together has destroyed karnataka in last 10 years. All three parties are to be blamed for this sad show.

    I am partly to be blamed cause I voted for BJP, learnt a big lesson.

    I wish SMK comes back, he is our only hope. We need that good governance we for 5 years during his period. Fingers crossed.

  21. Vik Says:

    Governor has been constitutionally empowered to pass such an order. People should not look at it from the political angle.Yadurappa is one or the most corrupt CM in Karnataka’s history. Had he been Congress CM, the BJP would have staged a Dharna or would have installed the proceedings of the Parliament for indefinate period. Can anybody throw some light on why Yadurappa is not being told to quit the CM’s post, instead the party cadre is supporting him by calling a Bandh etc.

  22. Pseudo Pseudo Says:

    It is interesting to note that for many with blinkered vision here, the misdeeds and corruption of only Congress is visible where as they are ready to give a large berth for BJP.

    The same arguments that they proffer in defense of BJP and its local mascot Yeddyurappa were conspicuously missing when the tirade was mounted on Congress for CWG, Adarsh and 2G.

    If we really want better polity and better future, we should become non partisan and be equally vigilant about corruption of all hues.

    This selective breast-beating and the attitude of if my kid farts it’s perfume should go. This type of double standard is puke-worthy.

  23. Mahima Says:

    I dont understand why such noise is being made by Yeddy about governer giving assent to his prosectution. If Yeddy, as he claims all the allegations on him are baseless, why so much anxiety over this issue and to top it all giving a bandh call, this is unpardonable. Is Yeddy admitting guilt indirectly by doing all this? To top it all the BJP leaders backing him on this and BJP workers going on rampage, burning buses and public property is like “fence eating the crop.” If the party in power resorts to such means, then it has no right to be in office and hence should immediately resign.

  24. Vinay Says:

    Pseudo Pseudo:

    Agree with you totally! The typical middle-class-middle-aged Indian is a hypocrite scoundrel. He deserves to be looted and mocked by corrupt politicians and babus. Looking at many responses on churumuri, it is clear that it is not only politicians who politicize things, it is sections of the Indian public. It is not only politicians who play identity politics, but sections of the Indian public.

    Instead of taking a neutral stand against corruption, these people are more interested in playing their BJP-Cong politics. We have a congress acolyte called Simple here and lots of people have countered him in the past on corruption in the congress. Many of those very same people are indignant that Yeddy is being prosecuted! Assholes.

    Yeddy and the Reddys have to go. I am least bothered whether it is being done by a Congress agent or god or the devil.

  25. Simple Says:


    I, in full public view say that all Corrupt congressmen should be prosecuted too. I am not defending them in any way.
    Stop calling me a congress acolyte.

  26. the colonel Says:

    i am just plain tired. the only hope i have left is the courts. anyone else having this hope

  27. transbeta Says:

    Karnataka is an amazingly corrupt place! Its in the culture. Poorest culture of work and bribes at all levels in every place. Administration, Police, road constrution, BDA, BBMP, auto rickshaw drivers, lawyers, all amazingly dishonest and inept.

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