A governor whose reputation precedes him

Much like it is difficult for all the scams in theUPA-II regime to be mentioned without invoking the “personal integrity” of the prime minister Manmohan Singh, it seems it is difficult to view the sanction of permission for the prosecution of the Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa on “grave charges of corruption” without invoking the dubious history of the governor, H.R. Bharadwaj.


Deccan Herald says the governor, H.R. Bharadwaj, has exceeded constitutional boundaries:

“As a constitutional authority, he has every right to guide the administration, offer counsel and even pull up the government where it goes wrong. Yes, the Yediyurappa government has committed many wrongs in the 32 months that it has been in power, and as the constitutional head of the state, the governor was duty bound to ask questions and seek remedial actions. There are clearly defined constitutional boundaries and well-established conventions for the governor’s conduct.

“But Bhardwaj has adopted a crudely confrontationist approach, which was totally unwarranted. Where he was expected to exercise caution and discretion in his actions, he used his loud mouth to get himself into a tangle. If chief minister Yediyurappa and some of his colleagues have openly accused the governor of acting in a ‘partisan manner’ or like ‘an agent of the Congress party,’ Bhardwaj has nobody to blame but himself.”

The Hindu says the governor’s action is legally correct but politically coloured:

“It is one thing to turn the Raj Bhavan into a retreat for elderly or inconvenient politicians. It is quite another for the government at the Centre to use it as a political stage for undermining State governments run by rival parties. H.R. Bhardwaj has often looked more the part of an opposition leader than a constitutional head, with his politically-loaded barbs against the Yediyurappa government.

“In the latest instance, he likened the ruling BJP making complaints against him to a ‘thief scolding the police’. In the context of his earlier statements against the State government, asking Yediyurappa to take action against two of his Ministers and publicly talking about their alleged profiteering from illegal mining operations, the ‘thief’ remark certainly raised serious doubts about his motives.”

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When a governor gets it left, right and centre

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8 Responses to “A governor whose reputation precedes him”

  1. BG Subhash Says:

    There are couple of simple points which can fault the governor.

    1. His views are colored.When he came to Bangalore he called himself a proud person with the back ground of congress.

    2.His actions were malafide and confrontationist.

    3.His actions looks like a high school bully fighting outside and inside the class room.

    4. Governor it appears was itching for action. But today`s act was like a climax in a movie where a villain temporarily won.

    5. All his actions were smacked of Tamas gunas.

    Higher court must note these points before dismissing his actions as worthy of disposing into the dust bin of the history. I am not for a moment saying that what CM was indulging was right! In fact all actions of governor will strengthen BJP to the detriment of congress.

  2. Amygdala Says:

    Whatever may be merits of the case,Guv seems to have dented Yeddy’s and BJP’s image badly.Eventually Cort may decide that charges are not yet proved by any agency.Still,some mud gets stuck.

  3. Narayana Says:

    abolish Governergiri. Declare Independence of Karnatataka. Udayavagali namma cheluva kannada desha

  4. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Ok Ok Ok. The Guv is a congress stooge, Sonia’s servant, biased and blah blah.

    But does that make our man Yeddy an angel? Is it a zero-sum game? If Guv is chor then Yeddy is clean? What’s the idea here? As long as Cabinet decides one can carry on with the loot?

    What? 5.5 crore Kannadigas are solidly behind Yeddy and his gang? Did I hear that thousand times on the telly y’day? I wanted to shout at those shameless bozos – don’t count me in please for Rama’s sake. That count of 5.5 crore Kannadigas’ support is the biggest sham and scam. Atleast make it 5,49,99,999 no?

  5. Raghava Mathihalli Says:

    I do not find any fault with the action of the governor in giving sanction to file case against B.S. Yeddyurappa. He had acted within his powers. It do not give any right for the BJP to go to town showing governor’s action as coloured. The state party men should know the actual meaning of “Ulta Choor Kotwal Ko Dantein” from their Hindi speaking partymen before going to berate the Governor

  6. Tarlemaga Says:

    The very same Governor had been defending the Gandhi family and Mr Quoatrochi during his stint as a lawyer. He is a personal lawyer, physician, trouble shooter and what not for the Gandhi Family in India.

    Such folks with tainted reputation can further taint the gubernatorial position. Unfortunate that the Constitutionally elected state Govt is not allowed to function and continue its duties.

    He will go down in the history of Karnataka as a villain of a piece.

  7. Vinayak Says:

    They are both crooks. I have no faith in any politician in India whether governor or CM or PM.

  8. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I cannot believe the arrogance of this governor abusing his constitutional position to target those that he disagrees with… it is a height of corruption. Shame on Bharadwaj for having brought the Middle Ages to Karnataka.

    “BU’s honorary doctorate for M. Chidananda Murthy is blocked by governor”

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