Badsha, Sukri’s, Simha Silks, Tiffany’s & Logan

A new TV commercial for Logan, the Renault car manufactured and marketed in association with Mahindra & Mahindra, is shot in Mysore. Built to address the ageold Indian question of mileage, the husband takes the wife from silk shop to silk shop in the City to show how efficient the car is.

Except that a keen-eyed Mysorean will notice that most of the establishments that Suresh Vishwanathan drives his wife around are in the K.R. Circle to Devaraj Urs Road stretch, which is like, no more than a mile.


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2 Responses to “Badsha, Sukri’s, Simha Silks, Tiffany’s & Logan”

  1. Amygdala Says:

    Why Mysore Silks showroom near badsha left out? .Anyway the drive was for mileage check.How much is it? Can you get parking space for Logan on Ursu Rd?. Good video

  2. Narayana Says:

    Lo “Gyan” of the advertisers.!!

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