You are almost tempted to say ‘Intel Inside’ but…

You are almost tempted to say ‘Intel Inside’, but then you realise that the thinking man’s sex symbol, former Miss India and actor Gul Panag, who thankfully turned 30 recently, is actually pimping a microchip made by its arch-rival, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Just one more in our continuing series on the commodification of women, not that we mind.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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16 Responses to “You are almost tempted to say ‘Intel Inside’ but…”

  1. Abhipraya Says:

    What’s with the sexist attitude? Thinking man’s sex symbol?

  2. mounaprasad Says:

    Intel Inside…Idiot outside ;)

  3. Doddi Buddih Says:

    I salute Gul Panag and she will make a nice brand ambassador. Unfortunately AMD chip shot might attract a caption: “Lentil Inside”

  4. the colonel Says:

    Ah Ha!!!!

    AMD at Last.

  5. Doddi Buddih Says:

    Gift of Silence!

    You should draw more from your moniker:)

  6. Ch Swarup Das Says:

    WTH is “thinking man’s sex symbol”? What is the problem with her endorsing AMD, when male actors like SRK do Ad for everything under the sun. Please don’t analyze everything with left-lib sociological theory.

  7. Nastika Says:

    I have seen these chips at CEC in Vegas few weeks back. Netbooks with this chip can run HD video without any jitters. While Intel netbooks (till date) can’t run MP4 videos without jitters (let alone HD). A value for money proposition from AMD.

    Intel is still working on an equivalent chip. Last heard they ran into problems and they can’t release this year.

  8. mounaprasad Says:


    That was not meant for Gul Panag…this is an old joke about Intel Chips.

  9. Doddi Buddih Says:


    OK sorry I didn’t get the joke!

  10. Curry Hurry Says:

    Apple is supposedly lining up this new cpu family for their iGay computers. Or are they trying to bargain with Intel for lower prices ?

  11. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    This is unfair.You did notice it and are aware of intel.that is all what was needed. why bother about the sex of the model! Bala

  12. sunil Says:

    10 years down the line INTEL and AMD both will die, unless otherwise they don’t come out with some smart processor for hand held devices. The big processors with fan etc. will not work in future……

  13. ashok pai Says:

    amd has been offering great value for money since long. I hope their market share increases! if not for them, we’d have to pay twice the regular prices with a greedy and excessively expensive intel.

  14. poli huduga Says:

    Please let us know – who is the “strictly-no-thinking” man’s sex symbol?

  15. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    @ Poli Huduga,

    My guess : Anne Nicole Smith – till she died. Pamela Anderson for now.

  16. Linus Says:

    Pimping? I don’t get this blog! And you need to get out of Malgudi… women selling stuff is progress!!

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