Circus within a circus, that is Karnataka politics

M.S. Prabhakara in The Hindu:

“The political pathology of the state and society in Karnataka is marked by near-frozen divisions rooted in caste and regional loyalties. Fortunately, religion and language identities allow for some plasticity. The fragmented polity merely reflects this social and political reality….

“Given the State’s depoliticised polity, beset metaphorically with too many circuses, the political mobilisation against such a regressive political formation [as the BJP’s] has had very little that is political about it. Instead, it too looks like a circus.

“Consistent with the Congress culture to which the JD(S) too is heir, the mobilisation has always looked like yet another attempted palace coup that was a feature of the rearranging of the deck chairs during the years of Congress dominance. Only this explains the constant visitations upon the Raj Bhavan, routinely described as ‘courtesy calls’.

“The leader of the Congress legislature party routinely calls for the resignation of the chief minister, sometimes imploring the BJP legislature party to ditch Yediyurappa and elect a new (BJP) leader in his place. It is almost as if the problems faced by the people of the State are not the doing of the BJP but of one individual.”

Read the full article: Karnataka as a depoliticised polity

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10 Responses to “Circus within a circus, that is Karnataka politics”

  1. div Says:

    It is true that we dont have a good CM. He needs to be punished if he has done wrong things. However, I don’t understand this business of pretending that we had a great legacy of good politicians!
    Our past CMs are:

    Kumaraswamy —> well, dynasty politics…who is he if Devegowda wasn’t a CM/PM

    Dharam Singh —-> these guys like him and Kharge have represented North Karnataka constituencies for 30-40 years, they are some of the most backward districts in Karnata despite congress governments

    S.M. Krishna —> how did he get the BTM layout petrol bunk, did he not use any politican power?

    J.H. Patel —> shall we say kuduka

    H.D. Devegowda —> perhaps the wiliest politician not just in Karnataka but in entire India. Can somebody explain how a poor guy like him comes to own Padmanabha nagar petrol bunk, leela palace hotel (?) and lot more land

    Veerappa Moily —> i don’t know much about him

    Bangarappa —-> even chameleons don’t change color as often as this guy changes his party. His one big achievement for Shimoga which is visible for everyone is an autostand iin front of the KSRTC bus stand!

    I don’t know much about the older CMs…..when this is the legacy, what do we expect from Yeddy or anybody? I am not, for a second, justifying yeddi, I will be the happiest if he goes to jail..

    we people of Karnataka only deserve such politicians looking at this list.
    Who is the last “obama” of Karnataka? I guess there wasn’t one ever.

  2. Santosh P Says:

    “The Circus in Karnataka”

    According to reliable sources, based on the advice of Bhanuprakash Sharma, Yeddyurappa’s official priest and astrologer, the CM’s family members have finalized the following busy schedule for next week:

    Shatrusamhara ritual at the famous Gali Anjaneya temple in city. Before the ritual the CM will have to sleep on the floor, totally nude for 3 nights and do Surya Namaskara in nude.

    Powerful rituals along with secretly executed sacrifices at the Hucchuraya Swamy temple in his hometown Shikaripura in Shimoga,

    Gardabha Prayoga (donkey sacrifice). This is a very powerful form of black magic done in Malayala Tantrashastra.

    Manushyukta Paaraayana,

    Aghorastra Homa in Tirupati

    Aditya Hridaya at the Kannur in Kerala. Arriving by helicopter from Bangalore in the morning, the CM’s large entourage will drive straight to the Rajarajeshwara temple at Taliparambu, and gift three nine-year old tuskers to the temple along with a diamond-studded crown worth 60 crores.

    Grand Narasimha Kawacha at an as yet undisclosed location

    The CM will be accompanied by daughters Padmavathi, Arunadevi, Umadevi, sons BY Raghavendra and BY Vijayendra and son-in-law Sohan Kumar.

    To ferry the large entourage, Bellary mining magnets G Janardhana Reddy and G Karunakara Reddy have offered to lease their 3 helicopters for a week, in addition to the two helicopters belonging to the state. Abu Dhabi businessman BR Shetty is expected to make a special appearance along with VS Acharya.

    Personal invitations have been extended to the 34 looters in the state cabinet. BJP ‘trader’ a.k.a leader Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and Venkaiah Naidu have already confirmed attendance. Three seers, belonging to the Lingayat community will grace the occasion.

    An advance team comprising of loyal stalwarts including Eshwarappa, Ashok, Dhananjay Kumar, Shobha Karandlaje, Renukacharya, Krishnaiah Setty, Bachegowda, Halappa, Katta Jagadish Naidu, Suresh Babu and Raghupati Bhat has been tasked with all the arrangements and logistics.

    The public and press are not invited!

  3. the colonel Says:

    anyone for egypt????????????

  4. Prasad Says:

    Kind of agree with “Div”

    Yeddi should go if the allegation against him is proved right by agency investigating the issue. Hear to Devil’s advocate of Ambika Soni, She says her govt will take action against people only if they are proved guilty and not based on allegations.

    This is the season of allegations. I clearly remember Ugrappa accusing yeddy and his sons for the direct involvement in the iron ore missing case from a port in one of the Udaya varthegalu interview. Investigative agency held a forest officer and a port official guilty and there was no mention of Yeddy.

    If closely observe, All allegations started after GIM event. I guess opposition parties started worrying about future election results after GIM Impact in state and nation.

    BJP is to be blamed for its current situation. They should have taken strict action against Renukacharya & co, Reddy bro’s in first instance and send yeddy to some 15 days crash course of administration ;>

    Regarding the corruption By kumaraswamy. When Anitha Kumaraswamy was contesting elections from Madhugiri, her Doc brother had kept more than 10 Crore money in his friends houses and distrubuted that money during elections.

    When Kumaraswamy was CM. Most of the Buisness dealings were done by Mrs. Kumaraswamy in their J.P Nagar home. My cousin had first hand experience of it for a Wireless project for entire B’lore and Mrs. K asked for 10% cut flat.

  5. sunil Says:


    People gave Yeddy a chance becoz all his predessors were corrupt.

    He didn’t realise that and he got invloved in the same practice as his predessors. He lost a golden opportunity to become karnatakas Modi or Nitish.

    The most disgusting statement what he makes is that he has not done anything new, which the previous CM’s hasn’t done.

    We should give him the gatepass and find a new CLEAN cm. The process should continue till we get a clean hand.

  6. Nastika Says:

    Yeddy is no angel and HDK is no angel either. Like HDK collected evidence against Yeddy, DKS had collected evidence using RTI against HDK when HDK was CM. Its another matter why DKS went to oblivion. To complete the circle, DKS is also no angel. So Its all in a cess pool.

    BTW, Yeddy’s current predicament isn’t after GIM. Its from day 1 on becoming CM (firing at farmers, Reddy brothers, mining, dissidence, et al). Reason being Yeddy is poor administrator.

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    You are as informed and good as our ERR. Thanks for a splendid spoof. Unfortunately, I am troubled by the thought that the program may not be fictitious after all.

  8. Shetty Says:

    In the land of absolute corruption, obscene scams and proven allegations, now it seems that resignations are bliss to the most crooked.

    Following his arrest, former telecom minister A Raja has now resigned from DMK’s propaganda secretary post. Maha CM Ashok Chavan, CWG OC chief Suresh Kalmadi and other crooks too resigned. And now, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has vowed to take political sanyas if the public, opposition and press will let him and his most prosperous family live in peace, especially after doing such a ‘great public service to Kannadigas’ all these years.

    Yeddi has now vowed to resign from the CM post but on a condition! He claimed that if Opposition leader H D Revanna (JD-S) would prove all allegations against the CM, BSY would quit!

    “Let Revanna give me documentary evidence within 24 hours to prove his allegations. I will resign as Chief Minister and also take political sanyas,” the CM asserted while attending a programme in Bangalore on Thur, Feb 3.

    The opposition leader had earlier charged the CM and his cronies with illegally looting property worth over Rs.5, 000 crore. He had charged the CM of amassing huge tracts of premium property in and around Bangalore, Shimoga and in other parts of the state. It may be noted that key members of the state Cong-I too have been beneficiaries of the CM’s loot.

    Denying all accusations, Yeddyurappa claimed, “My family has never purchased lands in benami names. The allegations are baseless and aimed to mislead people. If Revanna has documents, let him submit it to Lokayukta, the court or to me.” It is interesting to note that there was no comment from the CM on lands and BDA/MUDA corner sites acquired in real names or about benami bank accounts and lockers.

    While Shobha Karandlaje had no comments on the CM beliefs and shocking practices, Yeddi claimed that “Black magic” continues to haunt him after surya namaskara and later sleeping in the nude for three nights, as advised by his astrologer. Apart from visits and huge donations to various mutts, several rituals in the midst of ongoing illegal deals, those in his inner circle now claim that the CM is increasingly convinced that after having amassed unbelievable wealth, ‘resignation’ is the best and most convenient way out of all trouble, for ever!

  9. Karanth Says:

    Yeddi seems to have perfected the art of deception and diverting people’s minds away from scams, corruption and shameless nepotism.

    While finally accepting the shocking fact that Kannadigas population is now only 30% in Blr, the ‘Thief Minister’ has now floated probably the most popular April Fool’s joke, very much in advance indeed. He has just announced that a mega idol of “Thayi Bhuvaneshwari”, would be established here at a whopping cost of Rs. 25 crore (repeat 25 crore for a statue!) and work on it would begin in April! Not yet confirmed if his reputed astrologer suggested April. To add more spice to his idea, Yeddi added “This idol would be built on a grand scale similar to the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in New York”. Yes Saar.

    It is anyone’s guess as to how many more cruel jokes will this increasingly psycho yet extremely selfish and canny CM (who also holds finance portfolio) will announce in the forthcoming budget on Feb 24.

    However, sadly one thing is for certain: the potholes and absolutely despicable roads in Bangalore and major cities of Karnataka will not be repaired anytime in the near future while the helpless people will continue to suffer power cuts amidst the lack of the most basic amenities.

  10. Pavithra Says:

    A evening paper reported today that astrologer Bhanu Prakash Sharma of Srirangapatna has suggested some new ‘secret rituals’ since the CM is now apparently scared of New Moon day!

    Makes one wonder as to why on earth are such rulers, politicians and absolute crooks not scared of the people, except perhaps in Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Sudan, Iran, Algeria and other emerging democracies.

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