One question I’m dying to ask Manmohan—II

Never the most articulate of speakers, a battered and beleaguered Manmohan Singh has reportedly decided to subject himself to a grand inquisition at the hands of the tigers of television. Tomorrow morning, if all goes as planned, a set of TV journalists will fling their questions at the prime minister.

And, hopefully, he will answer them. Live.

Unlike his previous interaction with the media, which came in the backdrop of naxalism, price rise, 2G and “trust deficit”, this time’s pow-wow comes in the midst of soaring inflation, “governance deficit”—and the S-band scam which has brought questions about his “conspiracy of silence, culpable inaction and gross indifference” to his doorstep.

Plus, there is the “Shankaracharya of Lavasa”, Arun Shourie‘s claim that he told the PM that the loot (in the 2G scam) was happening in his name, etc.

Hopefully, the ladies and gentlemen of the idiot box will not hurl soft-ball questions at the PM and will not stop with vague answers. Still, why give them a chance? What is the one question that the Arnabs, Barkhas and Rajdeeps should ask sadda Manmohan (provided they are invited, that is)?

Like, Mr Prime Minister, “the nation wants to know”, do you think it is all over for you? Like, Mr PM, why was Montek Singh Ahluwalia picked for the Padma Vibhushan?

Please refrain from keeping your queries longwinded and self-congratulatory, thank you.


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27 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Manmohan—II”

  1. Media Watch Says:

    How did you manage to become cleanest PM to King of most corrupt govt India has ever seen?

  2. Nastika Says:

    What is your plan to win next election?

  3. twistleton Says:

    How soon is Mr. Sharad Pawar voluntarily retiring?

  4. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    Mr Prime Minister, how long can a country cope with policies that are a compromise because of coalition compulsion? What is more important – coalition dharma or duty to the nation?

  5. Ramesh RB Says:

    Is shielding the corrupt due to politics more important than serving the nation which trusted you?

  6. vindy Says:

    MR PM, what do you consider yourself as ;
    a. Economist
    b. A failed politician

  7. DailyBread Says:

    Mr. Prime Minister, I am Arnab from TimesNow, the only TV news anchor in this room who has not got a Padma. Will I get one before Nandan moves into 7 RCR?

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    Respected Sir, what is the difference and similarity between your silence and your Friend, Philosopher and and Guide – late Mr. PVN’s silence?

  9. Simple Says:

    Mr. Singh, Why doesn’t your government ever communicate?

    Why doesn’t your government advertise its accomplishments in a powerful and engaging manner?

    Why doesn’t your government bother to stoutly and strongly explain allegations flung by the opposition and the media?

    Why does it allow the negative propaganda against it to fester?

    Why is the Congress always in a reaction mode?

    Why does it not get proactive and take on the BJP for its multi scams be it in Madhya Pradesh or Gujarat or Karnataka?

    Why is it allowing the impression that Congress has become synonymous with corruption – although the BJP is much worse than your party?

    Why is your government Sphinx like in its response?

    Don’t you think your party and government urgently needs a PR or an ad person?

  10. the colonel Says:

    when are you going?

  11. G Says:

    DB: Nandan moving 7 RCR? If that ever becomes true, drinks on the house for you mate! (Not that I think very highly of Nandan, only coz, that is the wildest prediction, that I think could become true)

  12. Mathihalli Madan Mohan Says:

    Why do you want to be the catspaw of somebody? Cannot you free yourself from the shackles and act boldly to assert your authority in a no nonsense manner?

  13. the colonel Says:

  14. Raghavendra Says:

    Guys relax, there wont be any tough questions.
    What will happen is (or would have happened is )
    1) All questions are ready, MMS is preparing answers for that
    2) There wont be any ‘Thappar’ish kind of grilling, Because all Q and A is already scripted.
    3) As soon as this is over all TV Channels will go ga ga over how well he answered. how he removed his ‘weak’ tag, how innocent he is etc
    4) Some journalist will get Padma award.

    So, guys, just chill. We have seen anough of this dramabaazi.

  15. Shiv Says:

    Well Pm, why did you come alone to this?I don’ see Sonia without whom you have no locus standi.Actually she is the one who should answer for all these scam.Why is she not here?

  16. raj Says:

    MM Sir,

    It is time to quit. Please nominate some clean and powerful person to replace you. May be somebody with corporate background….like nandan nilekani or Narayan murthy. Let them run the country….

  17. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Did it take you all these weeks to get permission from Madam to meet the press?

  18. Faldo Says:

    Was having this press conference your own decision or did you do it under pressure from your party?

  19. Prashanth Says:


    >>Why does it not get proactive and take on the BJP for its multi scams be it in Madhya Pradesh or Gujarat or Karnataka?

    What’s the “Multiscam-BJP-Gujarat” thing…Pls throw some light on this “Simply”….

  20. Arrow Says:

    Saar –
    1. Daily after getting up and washing your mouth, do you go to Sonia and wish her “good morning madam” – in “I am your most obidient servant” attire and expression

    2. Are you cleaning the “Chair” daily with a good polish/cloth, so that the not-so-young baba can occupy the day he thinks he has arrived?

    3. How much “Performance Bonus” did you get for 2G?

    4. How does it feel to “fiddle your thumb happily” when the whole country is groaning under the scams/price rise etc.

    5. What do you do or use to keep your mouth shut and look so dumb, conveying “nothing has happened around me”

    6. When are you conferring Bharata Ratna to Tiru Muka

    7. Lastly – How about quitting?

  21. krishna Says:

    Have you heard of someone by name LalBhadur Shastri? and what is coalition dharma and national adharma.

  22. Rowdy ranga Says:

    I see that every one is picking on MMS….. Sadda Manmohan ki galath karndha… he is inoccent….agar galat hai to apni italy ki madam.

    MMS has been busy convincing people that something should be done but you know how loud MMS is. Barely any one can hear him.

  23. DailyBread Says:


    Allrighty, start stocking my preferred poison which helps people to keep on walking ;-), colour of the label does not matter……

  24. Simple Says:


    SIT has not given a clean chit to Gujarat govt. It has said that evidence was tampered with. The nature of this observation is very less than a scam.

  25. Prashanth Says:

    Where are you Manmohan singh?

  26. Anurag Says:

    Same shameless answer
    I am not quitting

    Will the answer be the same if Rahul Gandhi is near?

    Kalla baddimaklu just like DG and sons.

  27. Deepak Says:

    This man is really thick-skinned. The self-professed Mr.Clean doesn’t have an iota of shame. If he can’t stand the heat, let him get out of the kitchen!! Else, let him deliver by taking stringent action, instead of mumbling about subsidies and such inane nonsense.
    Never before in our history, have we seen such a powerless PM. He is a good pupil of his political guru PVN. Like his guru, he believes in sitting quietly and hoping that things will sort themselves out….

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