CHURUMURI POLL: Is BJP blackmailing Congress?

Plenty of pixels have been expended on Manmohan Singh‘s inquisition on television against the backdrop of the scams enveloping his government, and the jury is agreed that the prime minister underlined his image as the lonely hero, blaming everybody—the coalition, the opposition and the media—for his woes, i.e. everybody except himself.

Seen from the PM’s perspective, though, he delivered a couple of telling blows. In reiterating that he will last his full tenure in clear, unequivocal terms, he sent a message to the Congress. And he socked it to the BJP where it hurts most: that it was using reforms like the goods and services tax (GST) as a bargaining chip.

“The reasons that have been given, frankly, I cannot mention it in public. They say because you have taken some decision against a particular person, who was a minister in Gujarat (Amit Shah), we must reverse it.” Singh, however, stopped short of naming the minister.

The Gujarat chief minister Narendra Damodardas Modi has, as is his wont, laughed the charge away, calling it the biggest joke of 2011, although we are just 45 days into it and we might yet seem better jokes in the days and months ahead. But the PM’s charge shines the light on the politics of blackmail that is the bedrock of modern Indian politics.

If B.S. Yediyurappa is accused of corruption, he threatens to reveal all the wrong doings of his predecessors but just stops short of it. The Congress switches on the CBI probe into the disproporationate assets of Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav like a switch, whenever it suits the grand old party. And so on.

But since even Lalchand Kishinchand Advani doesn’t deign question the personal integrity of PM, Manmohan Singh’s charge can’t be wished away. Also, given the kind of trouble the RSS and its inspirational figures like Indresh Kumar and Swami Aseemanand are in vis-a-vis “Hindutva Terror”, the PM’s allegation throws up the big question: for all its sanctimonious breast-beating, is the BJP blackmailing the Congress when no one is watching?

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14 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is BJP blackmailing Congress?”

  1. mihir Says:

    If the charge is true, why did MM Singh not complain when the BJP first made the claim? Why didn’t they go then and shout to the media “The BJP wants pro quid pro on GST for Amit Shah!” Why did they wait for several months, and then only mention it obliquely at a press conference?

    The answer is clear: Congress paid out the blackmail, but they hope to gain political leverage in any case. And if so, they are no better than Modi.

  2. DailyBread Says:

    >And he socked it to the BJP where it hurts most: that it was using reforms like the goods and services tax (GST) as a bargaining chip.

    If it is really true, it is time to call BJP’s bluff. If not, the joke is on the nation and its poor.

  3. twistleton Says:


  4. Shiv Says:

    What an idiotic article!!Infact what BJP diid not do ENOUGH is to catch the UPA AND SHAKE THEM as a resonsible opposition . The current leadership of the BJP needs to be kickedout for their inefficiency.Any half baked politician would have made mincemeet of the current UPA.When imbeciles rule public forum in the guise of inteligentia, stupid articles and opinion gathering will be the order of the day..I am signing off from your forum.Waste of time..

  5. Dinipc Says:

    MMS has shed all doubt that he is a complete loser.

  6. Balu Says:

    Obviously BJP is well known for all kinds of illegal, immoral and blackmailing activities. That’s how they have behaved historically. They were in ties with jharkahand goonda government. In karnataka Yeddy keeps threatening opposition that he will reveal their wrong doings but does nothing. Yeddy brought so called religious leaders to suuport him when he was about to loose his seat and, clearly divided the society oepnly and brought caste in to his defence. BJP came to power using hindutva agenda and everybody knows waht happened since then. Lal krishna Advani is a criminal and must be send to jail.

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    bjp-rss is planning privatisation of water supply ik bangalore and other cities in karnataka . american delegation is coming here for talks aacording to media reports. this is rss for u. they will do any thing for money ready to trade our rivers. idu rss-bjp rashtra prema.

  8. mounaprasad Says:

    Not to be outdone by MMS, the rusted Loh Purush a.k.a Sardar Patel II a.k.a former future prime minister (churmuri’s term – copyrighted) has retracted his statement and apologized to the Rajamaata Tyaagmurthi for accusing her and her family of having secret swiss bank accounts. Even though tons of proof is available to the contrary. As per media reports rusted Loh Purush decided to do this after receiving a letter of Tyaag Murthi which cleared the misconception about the swiss bank holdings. This came close on the heels of the CBI petitioning the supreme court to reopen the Babri Masjid Case against LKA and MMJ. Now we can look forward to an article in churmuri titled, “Is Congress blackmailing the BJP”

  9. shankar Says:

    It is not just Gujarat which is against GST today, even an important ally of congress, DMK in TN is also against it. So are they blackmailing as well ? Modi has dared the PM to make public the minutes of the meeting , where his oppositions to GST as it stands now & reasons for the same are explaned..( which apparently even Pranab Mukherjee agreed to )

    MMS should make the minutes public so that we know who is blackmailing whom.. what was mms doing for all these months , if BJP tried to blackmail him?

  10. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Who blackmailed L K Advani? Why did he suddenly withdraw his comment on swiss accounts of the Gandhi family? What made him to somersault?

  11. Deepak Says:

    BJP is blackmailing Congress!! Does the author know the meaning of blackmail? Obviously if MMS does some dark, dirty secret, then not only the BJP but anyone else will be happy to blackmail him.

    But, we must be ashamed to have such a PM who hides his inefficiency and incompetence, by accusing others of blackmail. Disgraceful and a bigger disgrace is the person who writes such nonsense articles.

  12. Deepak Says:

    @dr ramesh – Do you have any evidence of what you are saying? If so, please state it. Don’t make baseless allegations, atleast there must be something believable in what you say!!

  13. Rajesh Says:

    Why is the author of this article *blackmailing* us.

  14. Dr.R.K.D.Goel Says:

    In politics black mailing is permitted.

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