Dancing tips for the batting nawab of Najafgarh

How to play the upper cut?

Virender Sehwag receives a four-step recipe from Ranbir Kapoor in the latest Pepsi TV commercial:

Upar se aane ka,

Neeche dabaane ka,

Peeche uthaane ka,

Haaa, haaa, haaa!


One of the great charms of cricket is its anecdotes and surely Virender Sehwag, an icon of batting at its simplest, features in one of the greatest?

Playing for Leicestershire against Middlesex, Sehwag found Abdul Razzaq revere-swining the ball alarmingly. He called his batting partner Jeremy Snape and said he had a plan.

“We must lose this ball,” Sehwag said matter of factly.

Next ball, Viru smashed the ball clean out of the ground. The ball was lost. The replacement ball would, obviously, not reverse right away.

“We’re all right for one hour,” he told the non-striker, who told Warne.

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Yum Ess Dee has the bat. Do you have the balls?

If pesticides in Pepsi can piss you off, how come…?

Pepsi chief Indra Nooyi‘s Mysore connection

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One Response to “Dancing tips for the batting nawab of Najafgarh”

  1. Anand Says:

    Thank you very much, I had somehow missed the article in Outlook and enjoyed reading it. I am a big fan of Viru.

    If you could, can you please link directly to Outlook (instead of a search page to Google books that does not present the whole article)? The article’s URL on Outlook is http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?239371. Thanks.

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