Guess what I bought my girlfriend on Feb 14?

Ordinary mortals buy roses for their beau on Valentine’s Day. Sons of the soil buy TV news channels.

Well, that’s what Bangalore Mirror, the tabloid from The Times of India stable is reporting.

Former Karnataka chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, son of the former prime minister and “humble farmer” H.D. Deve Gowda, already runs a general entertainment channel called Kasturi through his legislator-wife Anitha Kumaraswamy.

HDK is now reported to have bought the struggling 24×7 Kannada news channel, Samaya, for Rs 60 crore, as a “gift” for chhoti memsaab, the former movie actress Radhika.

Kumaraswamy told Bangalore Mirror, “Samaya channel is up for sale, and I am in talks with its owner. We still have not completed the deal.”

When we asked the ex-CM whether he was buying the channel for Radhika, he guffawed and hung up.

Kumaraswamy, a former film producer, no longer makes the pretence of keeping his relationship with the actress secret. The two have appeared as a “couple” in religious ceremonies.

Kasturi channel has already begun running “Coming Soon” promos of its news channel—tentatively titled Newz24. The rumour is that a former print journalist reported to be close to Kumaraswamy and currently heading a news channel is likely to take charge of the news channel operations.

Samaya, launched by Congress MLA Satish Jharkiholi, has been struggling since launch. Former Suvarna News editor Shashidhar Bhat recently joined the channel but what happens to him under the new owner will be breaking news.

The change of ownership of Samaya is only the latest evidence of a massive shakeup in Kannada media in which big money, with the tint of politics and business, is beginning to shape the public discourse in Karnataka like never before, no questions asked.

The shakeup has already seen Vijaya Karnataka editor Vishweshwar Bhat join Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News editor Ravi Hegde join Udaya Vani. (Both Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News will soon come under a common owner, the “independent” member of Parliament, Rajeev Chandrasekhar who has an affinity for the BJP.)

Last week, tourism minister N. Janardhana Reddy—one of the infamous Reddy brothers—recently launched a news channel called JanaSri.

Link via H.B. Kumar

Read the full article: HDK is buying a news channel for his party—and for Radhika

Image: courtesy Bangalore Mirror

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One question I’m dying to ask H.D. Kumaraswamy—I

One question I’m dying to ask H.D. Kumaraswamy—II

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32 Responses to “Guess what I bought my girlfriend on Feb 14?”

  1. sunitha betkerur Says:

    what a special gift to have from the son of the soil.if son of the soil can by a news channel for his chhoti memsaab, in acountry like ours, we will have to search poverty with alamp inthe hand at noon.

  2. Simple Says:

    I wonder if Kasturi is making any profit. Samaya, reeling under losses, is being sold off. Is this a good business decision? Or is the power of love so strong that it is affecting Kumarswamy’s business taking decisions?

  3. DailyBread Says:

    Great going Mr. Kumarswamy, Samaya is a future CNN in the making….

    Paging Karavali…..

    Sir, our own AOL -Time Warner, start up capital provided by a politician/gani dhani, M&A by another politician/gani dhani.

    This transaction will be predominantly in cash, no fat cat investment banker will get any bonus…..

  4. raj Says:

    When is Yeddy launching KAMALA TV ???

    Anticipate more fun in the comming days…………

  5. DailyBread Says:


    >Samaya, reeling under losses

    Sir, do you know how old that channel is?, were you expecting it to break even from the first month of operation?, do you know how much money Radia’s favorite channel NDTV lost in last quarter?

    People do buy loss making media outlets, I think it is a great investment call by Shri Kumarswamy. If you have some spare cash and a girlfriend like Kumarswamy, you should buy a channel or two for her, whether channels are making money or not.

  6. Mango Abdul Says:


    You do know what the power of love is like. Imagine for a moment – had Rajmata and Yuvraj been in serious trouble, say in some criminal charge, wouldn’t you surrender before the police and take the blame on your own head?

  7. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Disgusting fellow.

  8. ಶಾನಿ Says:

    Working as per constitution. Equality to all in the family!

  9. mankuTimma Says:

    Sorry for being a grammar nazi, but beau means a boyfriend and shouldn’t be used as a lover in general.. :P

  10. mounaprasad Says:

    >>I wonder if Kasturi is making any profit. Samaya, reeling under losses, is being sold off. Is this a good business decision? Or is the power of love so strong that it is affecting Kumarswamy’s business taking decisions?>>

    Yaardo Duddu Yellammana Jaatre…where does Mannina Mommaga’s decision making capabilities come into picture here ;)

  11. prasad Says:

    Another Karunanidhi family fortune in the making in Karnataka in the form of Gowda giri.! Good for the Corrupt Congress party!

  12. kaangeya Says:

    I protest. The humble farmer and his humble son, Deve Gowda and HDK, represent the vanguard of secular-left-progressive forces. They are the only hope of the weaker sections of society.
    They stand athwart the charge of the majoritarian communal corporate brahminical Hindu(tva) hordes led by hte Sangh Parivar crazed BJP.

    Just as the “poet” Karunanidhi and his “poetess” “daughter” Kanimozhi in neighboring Tamil Nadu have shown, a combination of left-secular-minoritarian groups can always triumph over majoritarian led brahminical forces.

  13. vikram Says:

    when since brahmins become majority ???? don’t worry they will soon vanish from india. india – brahmins = poverty… this equation is here to stay and you will soon see it in action.

  14. MANMATH Says:

    to say frankly there are no good leaders in Karnataka, it all starts frm poiint when a famer got bribed to cast his vote. From where a politicion shd bring money so he ll start looting when his chance comes this is cycle which repeats in our grt India…. In this busy schedule our ministers want some relax out of people.. thats where 2nd families r prevailing…. due to some technical and economical reasons.,.. Mr Kumar swamy u did a grt job enjoy with ur girl… who is bothered about people.. have some handful money… enjoy maga enjoy..

  15. twistleton Says:

    @kaangeya – politics of our time dude. Chillax :D Are you saying we ought to feel sorry for the maj.led.brahm.forc? Your sympathies are misplaced.

    @manku – good one :)

    Politicians owning news media is a sad compromise of the Freedom of Speech. Can there be a way out? What about a bill banning politicos from individually owning news media? At least office-holding politicos

    Or insist upon a condition saying that for every politician setting up his media machinery he/she has to have one editor from the enemy camp. :) Impossible, I know. Ideas anyone?

    In a democracy, we cannot afford news to be reduced to mere propaganda. But since that seems to be happening all too often, I suppose our democratic credentials have gone for a Sehwagian toss.


    What is even more terrifying is Gaddafi’s plans. Help!

  16. Maangai Bulbul Says:

    M Abdul,

    Would it be that case with you if it were Bhogmata and MineRaja?

  17. rss Says:

    good for nothing corrupt guy, hesarige thakkanthe mannina maga ne sari coz he owns lot of land…
    now getting one more channel to use as a tool to market his party…

  18. Karavali Says:


    Prophetic words:) But I still nurse my skepticism, sorry. The nouveau politico-capitalists would certainly play the investors as this case shows. But will they be harbingers of big scale employment and wealth generation for many? I still doubt it but will be glad if I am proven wrong.


    Any thoughts on Jana-Shri channel and Suvarna? Would be good for non-corrupt BJ Party?

  19. karihaida Says:

    Yen janaanappa. Ondu TV channel kodsidakke eno olle Vidhana Soudhaane kodsbitta anta matadtaaralla. Paapa… hanebaraae ishtu.

  20. Sanjeeva Says:

    Anitha madam sumkidara?

  21. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Dear HDK,

    Why poach anchors from other channels when you have your trusted lieutenant — YSV Datta!

    Please rehabilitate him with a 24×7 role, so that we can at least change the channel and live peacefully.

    I’d welcome a similar offer for Mr Ugrappa too.

  22. DailyBread Says:

    >Politicians owning news media is a sad compromise of the Freedom of Speech.

    We are fine as long as people know who owns what. This is much better than DD owned by the govt.

    >What about a bill banning politicos from individually owning news media? At least office-holding politicos

    Ban is a typical Stalinist solution. Office holding politicos can buy the media in exchange of Padmas/money/jaunts/sites/single malts/etc, alternatively they can hire people like Radia or both. For politicians media is a business/investment avenue and our politicians know how to separate business from their politics.

  23. Mango Abdul Says:

    Maangai Bulbul,

    LOL :D

    No, I detest the MineRajas and Bhogmata.

    But I was waiting for Simple to let me know his thoughts on true love :-(


    Did you hear – Yuvraj came over to Kodagu a couple of days back to ‘relax’. Cool life, huh? Doesn’t even have to wait for a weekend to relax! Admit it now, your heart pines to visit Kodagu and serve Yuvraj, isn’t it?

  24. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Wonder how he explains the money paid for the channel. Does the IT ask any questions?

  25. mounaprasad Says:

    Stop publishing articles about this looter family and publish something useful. Anant Pai who started the Amar Chitra Katha series of Comics died in bombay yesterday and there are generations of people who have grown up with these comics which moulded their personality and taught them about glory of India and Indians. Request Churmuri to publish something about Anant Pai and Amar Chitra Katha as a homage to this great soul.

  26. ThamannaShettru Says:

    HDK may have many motivations like

    1. Ads to boost his political career

    2. Money laundering

    3. Investments – (100 of crores if not thousands ,lying dead loose 10% value annually)

    4. Opportunity to bed with charming and pretty news readers

    There is no need to be jealous. If I was in his shoes, I would have done the same thing. This also applies to all of you

  27. Dharma Says:

    Poor Gowda and kins. they were the poorest of the poor in Hassan. Now they want to come up in life with hard work. Why people are jealous of them. Let the Gowdas alone for Gowda sake.

  28. Genius Says:

    Hello ThamannaSheeru,

    This doesn’t applies to all! Yes it doesn’t.

    This applies to so called humble farmer called HDD’s family.

    You cannot compare with others.

  29. Genius Says:

    HDD & his family has looted our state wealth.
    Now buying such a channels that too for a keep is not wondering.

  30. Deepak Says:

    Has any one watched the News on Kasturi. It is sickening the way they glorify mannina magana maga! Now Samaya will go the same way.

  31. NS Rao Says:

    Yaaraddo duddu, Kumaranna na jaatre!!

  32. Daz Says:

    Disgusting Father (High Definition Devegowda), SONS (HD Balakrishna, Revanna & Kumaraswamy), Daughter-in-Law (Anita Kumaraswamy), Grand son(Nikhil Gowda) & EXTRA members (Radhika)…
    They could very soon start a “HIGH DEFINITION BOSS” (Devegowda version of BIG BOSS / BIG BROTHER) and air it over KASTURI, NEWS 24 & SAMAYA … long live HDD’s

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