Towards nuclear disarmament from Gun House

A hoarding that merrily plays around with the English language that has come up in Mysore for an anti-nuclear yagna to be performed at the Shankar Mutt opposite Gun House on March 1 and 2, by the “Mother Sonia Gandhiji World Welfare Committee.”

Photograph: courtesy M.R. Suresh

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9 Responses to “Towards nuclear disarmament from Gun House”

  1. Vinay Says:

    Are these people fools or what? Silly scaremongers! Some Mayan calendar conspiracy stuff which originated in the US has been gleefully lapped up by these people!

    And what’s with the ‘Mother Sonia Gandhi’ crap? Absolutely nuts!

  2. Mango Abdul Says:

    Aaaaah, oooooh, the supreme self-sacrificing nun, our very own Rajmata, resplendent in all her glory in true Bharatiya attire!

    Simple, where are you? Doesn’t it warm the cockles of your heart to see resplendent Rajmata lording in towering glory over Mysoreans!

  3. the colonel Says:

    did any yagna stop any invasion of india in the past 3000 years.

    will any yagna stop poverty, sickness and bring happiness

  4. ThyampannaShettru Says:

    It would be interesting to see if yeddi, being a staunch believer in yajna, maata, mantra participates

  5. twistleton Says:

    Made my day! :) Thanks Churumuri.

    Oh well, atleast their intentions are good. :)
    “Awareness about nuclear” I understand, but why “Yaga”? Oh well, atleast their intentions are good. :)

  6. Sanjeeva Says:

    Are we really in 21st century?! What these gentlemen and ladies shown in the banner will teach their children? But one thing. There must be thousands of people who will happily participate in this yaaga!

    Shettre, gowdrannu vasi seriskkolli.

  7. Narasimha Says:

    I just threw up. “Mother Soniagandhi-ji”.
    These guys must be congress backed goons or absolute morons or a combination of the two.

  8. Kennedy Says:

    We still have so many foolish people around. Idiots. Now it is the turn of BJP to come up with something like this. Please ban hoardings and banners!!

  9. Gana Says:

    This is what the freedom of expression in our country India :) On a different note, what it shows is we have progressed as a nation but still exhibit the mythical ethos !! God Save us from all these crap!!

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