Hari Om. The ides of March, it’s here it’s here.

Hindu panchanaga or Gregorian calendar, it is a rare for a single month of the almanac to go by without some crisis or scam striking the sad, hapless regime of B.S. Yediyurappa. And so, on the sixth day of the waxing of the moon—shukla paksha sashti—in the phalguna maasa,  the Karnataka chief minister brazenly faces more charges of nepotism, while his party wears the high moral topi on the national stage.

Cartoon: courtesy E.P. Unny/ The Indian Express

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10 Responses to “Hari Om. The ides of March, it’s here it’s here.”

  1. DailyBread Says:

    Kumarswamy is targeting congress, thats the reason why these documents were released in Delhi. As usual Radia Media without realising how it is going to hurt their handlers have jumped the gun. Yeddy will say that prerana for this came from an institution where 27 crores will be chai samose/pakode ka kharcha per month; http://www.rgfindia.com/annual_2007/donors.pdf

  2. mounaprasad Says:

    Publishing a post based on a guy of questionable integrity (Kummi) is rather funny. When did DG and his sons become paragon of virtue and honesty in public life?

  3. mounaprasad Says:

    The above post should read

    “based on accusations of a guy of questionable integrity”

  4. Brahmappa Says:

    Please use a spellchecker (not the one your browser provides): It is ‘Panchaanga’ and not ‘Panchanaga’.

  5. mysorehaida Says:

    @Mouna – I agree that HDK has questionable integrity… Do u think people are fools to agree whatever he says… he has come up with concrete documents against Yeddy. Inspite of having all the documents the BJP low(high) command is not able to do anything to Yeddy. I feel ashamed of myself that i voted for BJP. everyone are trained from the same school but BJP only preaches….they don’t follow what they preach.
    Mouna– please answer my single question- Is Prerana trust the only single trust in Karnataka for the donors to give money…that to such a huge sum of money..? definitely there is something fishy here…I am feeling pity that you are not able to grasp this…..strange….

  6. Rao Says:

    “Hari Om. The looters of the Nation and State, well, they are here and here!” In front of your own eyes/years day and out!

    Have we all now become so impotent to daylight looting, absolute injustice and obscene amounts of heating?

    Advani, who has often targeted Manmohan Singh as a “weak Prime Minister”, has maintained that the opposition will ensure that 2011 becomes the “Year of Accountability” and will “keep the government on its toes”.

    But his own party hierarchy and sadly the BJP govt in Karnataka is such a absolute sham!

  7. mounaprasad Says:


    If Kummi has evidence of corruption by Yeddi, instead of blabbering in press conferences he should hand over the evidence to Lokayukta or the State HC and ask them to investigate. Any HRB has already given permission for Yeddi to be investigated in other cases, so this can be added to the list of corruption charges. What can the BJP high command do? At worst it can only replace Yeddi with another person. So instead doing this, let Yeddi be prosecuted if the evidence is there with Kummi.

  8. mysorehaida Says:

    @ Mouna,
    Why are u so concerned about the press conference by HDK? Do u think they wouldn’t have complained to the concerned authority? Atleast people got to know that there are kickbacks received in the form of donations? Thanks for letting me know there exists a High command in BJP. I had forgotten about BJP high command after Vajapayee sir retired from active politics. Instead of taking action like Congress in maharashtra… here the so called high command may be busy collecting their shares from the great state daylight robbery… the people of karnataka have become spectators…God save my land.

  9. mounaprasad Says:


    I have nothing against Kummi giving press statements. He has been doing this ever since Yeddi’s government came into existence. Now he should go beyond rhetoric and provide evidence to nail yeddi. Even Yeddi had threatened that he will disclose the benami land holdings of Gowda clan. I urge Yeddi to go ahead and do the same to the Gowda’s. This way we can kill 2 birds with one stone and rid the political system of some corrupt fellows. Congress sacking the maharashtra CM is a eyewash. The issue is not what the party does to the wrong doer, the issue whether it is sufficient punishment for these guys that they are removed from power temporarily. For instance, Shivraj Patil was sacked after the Mumbai massacre and must be living a kushy life in maharashtra..so what happens to his culpability as home minister who let the massacre happen. Nobody speaks about it. Go beyond party punishment and have these guys prosecuted and put behind bars.

  10. mysorehaida Says:

    @ Mouna,

    see prosecuting and putting behind bars is a long way… Whatever eyewash congress did… the BJP even didn’t do even that also.. they are leaving the man to be in power just for the vote bank of one particular community.Karnataka doesn’t belong to any one particular community also we can’t expect anything more from the party founded by preachers. Today, One man has overtaken everybody in corruption that is Yeddy. this guy has broken all limits just for making money. This guy is just so arrogant with all the documents he is sitting and doing blame game. In fact you are doing the same giving other examples..People can believe in corruption against only if there is adequate documents for proving it. infact there are lot of docs available against Ben ali of karnataka.

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