CHURUMURI POLL: Dhoni, India’s finest captain?

India’s World Cup triumph adds an amazing feather in Mahendra Singh Dhoni‘s feather-filled cap.

Captain of the Twenty20 World Cup, captain of the Champions League winning team, captain of the IPL winning Chennai Super Kings, captain of the No.1 Test team, captain No. 1 one-day side, etcetera

Is the calm, ice-cool small town man with a bottle for a fight India’s greatest captain ever?

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9 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Dhoni, India’s finest captain?”

  1. the colonel Says:

    The Finest Captain????

    1. Kapil??????????????????????????????????????

    2. Saurav????????????????????????

    3. MS?????????

    Different Era’s, players, conditions, support staff, types of opposition, evolving rules of the game cannot be compared.

    Any List for comparison will always be faulty, because of when is the starting point. Like in this we started with Kapil, because most people would not have seen players earlier.

    All I can say is these three have been very brilliant, passionate, cohesive, dedicated and achieved unknowingly hight targets.

    Kapil and his Devils were treated with disdain and as upstarts by the british. Kapil was gracious.

    Saurav’s removal of shirt , turned him into a loathsome animal but that was putting the british in their place for the treatment of Kapil.

    And in Dhoni’s age well: british??? WHO?

    There is more.

    1983: my daughter born: i won 72 bottles of beer. and as promised i drank them alone.

    2011: my daughter rings up and says papa we’ve won. my son rings up and says papa congratulations. And I drink Maaza or was it Slice.

    1983: ( Pardon My Mistakes if any) : Sandhu a very modest Bowler bowls one ball which mystifies everyone. Everyones jaws just hang. He never did it again both before and after.

    1983: Try running 35 metres looking up at the sky. Kapil did it to catch a catch. He could never explain this even now. All he says is I Had to Do It

    1983:DD went on the Blink. Solution: Switched Over to Pakistan TV


    There is still More:

    Both happiness and sadness.

    sad: Felt sorry for Pakistan and Sri Lanka: There has been a sea-change in attitudes, approaches and mode of playing: I SALUTE BOTH TEAMS. Pak- A ravaged team, scams, what have you you can accuse them; and they PERFORMED in spite of all NEGATIVES. A SALUTE. Sri Lanka a war Ravaged country for thirty years; when will their wounds heal; the team persisted. A SALUTE

    I SALUTE four TEAMS. The fourth Is Bangla Desh


    And more, MORE.

    I am full of joy for the complete spectrum of poor to rich in the four countries



  2. Badkobeku Says:

    of course, he is by miles….and BTW, Sangakkara ,despite forcing a re-toss, after losing the first one, could not win the match…

  3. harkol Says:

    Is there any doubt after all the achievements and the rankings?

  4. Dibyasundar Says:

    Sourav > Dhoni. They got different teams and odds were different. Dada’s task was lot more difficult. That makes Dada more special

  5. anil Says:

    It depends whether there was groupism in the team or not. If there are multiple stalwarts in the team, they always pull each others leg. In current team, there is no alternative to Dhoni and he was fully in charge

  6. Sanjeeva Says:

    There is no greatest in any field. Only one of the greats. We have had quite a few great captains – Pataudi, Ganguli, Azhar, Gavaskar (remember Benson & Hedges), Wadekar……

  7. sonybhatt Says:

    Yes, Mr Cool Dhoni is India’s finest captain because

    – he has got an ability to overcome the risk when his team is in under pressure.
    -he knows how to acquire the complete talent from his team members
    -he never loses his temper
    -Once he takes any decision he will stick to it

    The above qualities really makes Dhoni a perfect leader and i am sure he will be the Captain for Team India for the next few years.

  8. krishnareddy Says:


  9. mankuTimma Says:

    Dhoni is cool..Dhoni never loses temper..He has amazing track record.etc..etc..True, very true..But he is all this because ten years Team India had Dada as the captain. Indian cricket came of age during his captaincy..Dhoni is just maintaining it very well.

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