When the boys are imported, why not girls too?

When the “good doctor from the University of Southern California University” outsourced a cheer leading squad from the Washington Redskins for the first edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the hope was the usual entrepreneurial one. That in the months and years ahead, the pom-pom weilders would be indigenised.

But IPL-4 is around the corner, and it turns out, the desi dhamaakas are still not upto it. Result: supporters of Royal Challengers Bangalore, will have to make do with mischief makers from South Africa, who showed their wares to the pop of the flashbulbs, at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore on Wednesday.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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9 Responses to “When the boys are imported, why not girls too?”

  1. Formerly Anon Says:

    Kingfisher owes banks a whopping R7,651 crore
    In a fair world, the guy would have been termed a failure.

  2. Andy Says:

    Excellent headline…

  3. karihaida Says:

    saar the label on the bottle says ‘white mischief’ and we want to be honest with out customer and give them what they want

  4. twistleton Says:


    Rascist and sexist …

  5. Kitapati Says:

    We should get some of these cheergirls into the Anna hazare fast festival.

  6. G Says:

    We have a winner in first one from the left

  7. karihaida Says:

    @Formerly Anon,
    looks like you just come out of your cave. Welcome to the new world.

    Better yet, lets tie up with some of these fat reduction clinics and send those people to ‘support’ Anna Hazare. Two birds in one stone, plus we can make a cut too ;)

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Still in cave. Nothing has changed. Same boring articles, same boring comments…

    Maybe formerly anon will provide some maja.

  9. karihaida Says:

    good to hear from you AG. Agree.. things have become too boring :(

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