CHURUMURI POLL: Are we safer without Osama?

Osama bin Laden is dead. The founder and leader of Al Qaeda was apparently killed in a “firefight” with American special forces in Abbottabad, 80 miles north of Islamabad in Pakistan on Sunday. The assassination throws many a hypothesis to the wind: that he was already dead; that he was hiding in the caves of Afghanistan; etc.

It also calls the bluff on Pakistan’s claim that Bin Laden was not on Pakistani soil. The fact that he had found safe refuge not in a tribal badland but in an urban pocket, not far from the Pakistani capital, will end up being debated forever. So, was he there all this while under the benign patronage of the Pakistani army and/or intelligence?

Also likely to be debated is the US President Barack Obama‘s primal statement of fact, that “Justice has been done” with the assassination. Is killing a terrorist by adopting the same means the terrorist adopts, the only way the world’s oldest democracy could find justice for the victims and families of 9/11?

But the key question is: will the death of Osama really bring an end to post 9/11 terrorism as we know it, especially since Osama was not the leader of a mass movement, but the brain and mascot behind an idea? Will the West be free of terror attacks with Osama gone, or will other terror organisations continue to find their inspiration from him even in his physical absence? Is the killing of Osama likely to provide fuel for demands that India too should pursue its terror-mongers and perpetrators and “smoke ’em out” and hunt them down?

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23 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Are we safer without Osama?”

  1. twistleton Says:

    Osama may be dead, but Obama is fast proving to be the world’s biggest let-down in recent times…

  2. harkol Says:

    Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world. It is no longer safer for even the likes of Osama Bin laden. :-)

    But seriously – We are not going to be any safer till Pakistan civilians open their eyes to the harm their blind pusuit of islamic puritanism and hatred of India is doing to their own country.

  3. austere Says:

    Obviously, worse.
    A study of Chanakya niti and Vidur niti may yet help Mr Obama.

  4. Pagan Says:

    ““Justice has been done” with the assassination. Is killing a terrorist by adopting the same means the terrorist adopts, the only way the world’s oldest democracy could find justice for the victims and families of 9/11?”

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Please stop these cheap attempts to just sound different.

  5. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I am sure the Navy Seals would have preferred to arrest OBL and try him as per American law, but OBL physically resisted the assault and was hence killed in a firefight.

    President Obama’s grace, intelligence and perseverance was remarkable. Kudos to one of America’s great presidents and his troops for an outstanding job!

  6. Goldstar Says:

    The US did NOT adopt the same methods as the terrorist. Did it nuke or carpet-bomb Abbottabad to get at Osama? Get off your high horse.

    They did a precise, intelligent, and surgical operation to get him. Kudos to the CIA and the special forces.

  7. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Osama had become obsolete much before he finally died. Today the youth in Middle East has already risen against the local dictators.

    After the current round of media hype is over, Osama will quitely fade into the mists of history and a couple of years from today no one will remember his name. Unless Hollywood makes a movie on him, he is going to loose brand value completely.

    The new movements in the Middle east are going to be for democracy, freedom, economic liberalisation. The new villains are local dictators. The world has moved too far away from 9/11. If anything, 9/11 is a proof of the fact that a captalist and democratic nation is unbeatable.

    If you want to win in the modern world, embrace capitalism. That is the moral of the story. I am bored by this relentless TV coverage of what has happened in Pak. The media should start focussing on issues that matter.

  8. karihaida Says:

    Ofcourse… now he can’t come after my kidney :)

    But now i’m more scared BHO …

  9. twistleton Says:


    There’s only one thing standing between the Middle East and the hol(e)y shrine of capitalism- the US Government :)

  10. the colonel Says:

    this is a rejoinder.

    it took nine and a half years, by the mightiest war machine in the world.

    can anyone say at what cost.

    And safety: lets hope hazare wins. cynics are aplenty in india and a fair sampling is available in churumuri.

    As far as Pak is concerned why are we worried about the pipsqueak.

    My worry is that we are fast becoming one.

    i am waiting for the day when the poor dont have to eat their own faeces.

  11. Rahul Says:

    It’s shame for country like America which took 10 years, thousands of military persons life and billions of dollars to kill an 55 year old man with kidney problem. The death of Osama is meaningless…..(
    What about terrorists like Obama,Bush and Toney blair who killed millions of innocent people in the name of war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  12. Deepak Says:

    No one knew where Osama was, bu the US tracked him down and killed him.

    Everyone knows the address where Dawood lives in Karachi, but our lily-livered Govt. cannot do anything.

    US executed Osama without arrest and trial. We have Afzal and Kasab sentenced to death by courts, yet we don’t want to execute…

    …and we want to be a global power!!!!!

  13. mounaprasad Says:

    I do not know for sure whether we are safer after this…but one thing is sure the papistani’s are one step closer to a civil war. I think that should give us some reprieve.

    But a curious thing about dead OBL’s photo…did anyone notice that his beard was all black..the beard in his old photos were a mix of grey and black. How come this difference now, unless he had died his beard to make himself presentable to the 72 houris in heaven.

    >>How come this difference now, unless he had died his beard to make himself presentable to the 72 houris in heaven.>>

    should read

    How come this difference now, unless he had dyed his beard to make himself presentable to the 72 houris in heaven.

  14. Baskar Says:

    Do you think it would have been possible to get him alive? Even if captured alive he would have met his fate similar to Saddam.

  15. Jagadish Says:

    What now, you would prefer to house him in a 5-star A/C jail and supply chicken biryani and rose-milk? Throw in 36 of the 72 virgins at the taxpayers’ expense right now and call it a deal?

    Yes, destroying Osama was justified. Yes, justice has been done. If I had any say in the matter, he should not have been shot. He has now become a martyr to all jihadi groups and the violence is not going to stop soon. This beast in human form should have been brought to trial and given a life sentence of hard labour, breaking rocks till he dies. Then cut up this murderer and feed him to the pigs.

    He is not a human being that deserves even a shred of decency or respect. He was a butcher, murderer, terrorist and psychopath, and should be treated so.

    Those who propose “humane” treatment for OBL, have you forgotten 26/11 already?

  16. the colonel Says:


    obn is a nobody. he was not worth it. the rest is the media.

    the command structure is not vertical, but dissipated on the ground as seedlings.

    enough looney-tunes are found everywhere and form the hardcore of these groupings.

    its easy to pick up arms and kill unarmed people pursuing grimly their daily lives.

    they cannot be traced as they are worms and in their pygmied brains can justify anything they do but their masters are nowhere.

    as far as virgins go they must be using their TONGUES.

    this terrorism will last say another thirty to forty years and die it own death unmourned.

    dont worry life goes on; dont be sidetracked by the hullaballooo

  17. mounaprasad Says:


    You sound like a pseudo secular types mourning for OBL. 3000 people were butchered by this maniac. Now who gives a f!@K if he is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now go and have some cool aid !!

  18. poli huduga Says:

    @Pagan & @Jagadish – well said!!

  19. sahana Says:

    We are afraid of
    1. Politician

  20. KM Says:

    I think the USA killed its own step-child which it nurtured for a decade from 1979 to early 1990. I am sure people in the know would view this as a bitter sweet victory. However, as suggested by a lot of people – this cannot be the end of Al Qaeda nor can be meaningful closure for any of the victims involved (in this and other terror incidents.)

  21. twistleton Says:

    This kind of ‘Justice’ has a funny way of turning around and biting you on the bum :D I wonder how many more Osamas were born because of the “War on Terror”…

  22. Jayashree Says:

    We had one, now we have many!

  23. babuds Says:

    Osama, Dawood, and other perpetrators of wholesale death of civilians deserve death by bullet or worse, whether they are aged or having kidney problems or suffering from STDs, wherever they are. But the problem is a whole population of them or guests of Pakistan Government. Unfortunately Pakistani people are going to pay a price for the misplaced policies of their successive governments.

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