Not quite IPL, but still a city moment of success

With summer holidays on, children play against the backdrop of skyscrapers at a ground in Subramanyanagar in Bangalore on Sunday. In cliched commentary, the bar graph of the scoring rate is referred to as ‘Manhattan’, for the kind of skyline painted by the buildings and towers in Gotham City. What would it be called here?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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7 Responses to “Not quite IPL, but still a city moment of success”

  1. 'mudi'malnad Says:


  2. 'mudi'malnad Says:


  3. twistleton Says:

    ‘Monstrosity’ or how about ‘AquaShort’ cause, you know, they would be short on aqua…….. ok, bad joke

  4. adu haagene Says:

    Beware of Bangalore real estate people. Very soon this ground will become part of history!!!

  5. shivane shambulinga Says:

    Milk Colony Ground. Remember playing cricket here when I was in school.

  6. Suraj Says:

    Jenu Goodu

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    Quite heartening to see at least this much of space left to kids to play amidst the huge concrete jungle! Like Adu hagene, hope this will also be not gobbled up by the sharks.

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