To understand the 2G Scam, look into their eyes

Modern politicians are master chefs, experts at serving bullshit on toast, to the pop of the flashbulbs. They talk vacuously of turning their capitals into Singapore, as if that city-state is heaven on earth. They parcel away assets of the people who elected them, into private hands by uttering the tragic buzzword, “PPP”.

Etcetera, while they line their pockets.

Pictures like these are proof of the scam 2G—“Good Governance”—has become in the age of image management.

Proof that, for all the high-sounding, high-falutin’ promises made by sundry leaders, ministers and bureaucrats, ordinary citizens are denied the basic dignities of life. Here, two wizened old Kannadigas await their turn at chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa‘s home-office, Krishna, in Bangalore on Tuesday, to pour out their tale of woe.

Maybe, the CM will wave his magic wand but should they have trudged this far at their age?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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7 Responses to “To understand the 2G Scam, look into their eyes”

  1. mysore peshva Says:

    It is pathetic and depressing… and even more so when introduced in Churumuri’s rousing, evocative prose.

  2. Jaya Says:

    Indian politicians assume the role of God when elected. It is disgusting to see their greed, wealth and pomp on display.
    I feel for the poor people who have no choice but to approach the sham Government to give them the rights and benefits that they rightfully deserve.
    India is going backwards, thanks to insatiable politician’s greed.

  3. Bangalore Batani Says:

    the image is a Churmuri trap the guy in saffron is def ‘COMMUNAL’ he/she could have supported the RJB movement. If Yeddy helps he is supporting communal agenda

  4. Kitapati Says:

    I agree with the article but not able to relate to the picture.
    The old lady looks like one of my Grand Aunts who owned two big bunglows in Mysore.

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Barely a dozen petitioners showed up for the chief minister’s Janaspandana yesterday. The meagre number didn’t seem to faze the man.

  6. Jayashree Says:

    From India Today– a good one—
    The next Telecom Summit 2011 will be held at Tehar Jail.

  7. Jagadish C Says:

    The problem in this country is that we see so many poverty stricken old folks with no support, we have become immune to it, ignore them begging and move on so that we can carry on with our own (relatively) luxurious lives. I too am no exception. I wonder what happened to our humanness. Where did we go wrong?

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