When “Osama, RIP” stands for “Rest in Pakistan”

What after Osama bin Laden is one of the great imponderables of our time. Will Al Qaeda disintegrate without its mascot, or will it go on, because Osama was the brain behind an idea, not really its executor? Will groups owing allegiance to his retrograde philosophy recalibrate their evil designs, or will they hit back to show they are still in business? Will Pakistan’s support for militant groups cease with American pressure, or will it take on new forms?

Cartoon: courtesy Prakash Shetty

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9 Responses to “When “Osama, RIP” stands for “Rest in Pakistan””

  1. mounaprasad Says:

    Nothing will change..it is business as usual for US,Papis and the assorted terror groups in Papistan. It is only Indian establishment that is doing some wishful thinking and still proffering a hand of friendship to a failed terrorist nation. Just watch as US vacates Afghanistan handing the country on a platter to Papistan and india shafted as usual and asked to make concessions on Kashmir to Papistan. Our doormat PM will be more than happy to accede since by his own admission this is the only thing remaining for him to do now.

  2. twistleton Says:

    but he’s not resting in Pakistan, he’s buried in the ocean

    Being Pakistan’s neighbour makes it all the more difficult for India to deal with it decisively.

    Violence only reinforces their sense of real or assumed victimhood and hands them a ready-made cause to rally around…

    The US while usually cunning and subtle in its bullying, may have overreached itself yet again…

  3. Mahamud Says:

    Nice cartoon!

  4. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I was hoping that Arundhati Roy would also be picked up from the compound

    Our own PM looks like a “thinking man’s” OBL…

  5. Nick Says:

    oh well.. now there will be riots in shivajinagar.. Isnt it against islamic principles to draw cartoons of an islamic saint ?

  6. vikram Says:

    Should you really be concerned about that osama or obama. India should first develop internally and then think about what drama is being played
    should not I be more concerned about what authorities are doing to bring cwg and 2g traitors behind bars…

  7. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Great cartoon!

  8. Jagadish C Says:

    “Rest in peace” is a Roman and Christian blessing for the dead. Islam at its roots is based on a philosophy of violence, unthinking blind belief and fanaticism. There is no room for questions or reasoning. That is a religion whose rise was due to the sword and fire, and continues to be that way. There can never be peace in Islam, and certainly not between Islam and other philosophies, not unless the whole world follows Sharia law.

  9. Smelly Microsoft Coolie Says:

    Good o’l brown sahib (Kannada) slave, celebrating the white masters victory.

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