CHURUMURI POLL: Spare 2G scam-tainted Kani?

The order of the special court hearing the 2G spectrum allocation scam on the bail application of the former Hindu sub-editor turned poet turned parliamentarian, M.K. Kanimozhi in the 2G spectrum allocation scam has been reserved (tellingly) till next Saturday, May 14, the day after the assembly elections come out.

However, the bail plea has been remarkable on three counts. One, the DMK, which was “backing” A. Raja, the disgraced former telecom minister, who is a Dalit and close friend of Kanimozhi, when the Tamil Nadu elections were in the air, seems to have abandoned him completely after the DMK’s fate has been sealed in the EVMs.

Two, there is the weird but not unwelcome spectacle of Ram Jethmalani, a BJP member of Parliament of the Rajya Sabha, representing Kanimozhi, who belongs to the DMK, which is a constituent of the Congress-led UPA. There is yet, a third dimension to the bail plea, which is Jethmalani’s handiwork.

The maverick lawyer has said Kanimozhi should be granted bail because she is a woman, although the CBI had called her a co-conspirator in the scam, and an “active brain” who was “controlling everything” in Kalaignar TV, which received a Rs 200 crore bribe from one of the beneficiaries of the Rs 173,000 crore scam presided over by A. Raja.

“Bail is a right and should be treated as reward for my sex, motherhood and my clean record,” Jethmalani said, speaking for his client, even as Kanimozhi was accompanied to the court by her Singapore-based husband and their 11-year-old son, neither of whom were in the picture .

“I hope we have not lost the Victorian sense of chivalry.”

Questions: Should the sex of an accused person be a condition for bail? Are all mothers naturally entitled to bail, regardless of the extent of the scam? And with the NGO with which she is connected having received donations worth crores from the telecom majors, does Kanimozhi really have a “clean record”?

postscript: for eyes which were moistened by Jethmalani’s argument to miss this real gem, let the record state that poet Kanimozhi’s husband was reading Islam and Muslim History in South Asia in court.

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17 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Spare 2G scam-tainted Kani?”

  1. Sanjeeva Says:

    Irrespective of the charges, every accused and arrested should be given bail immediately the moment they are arrested. After all they are all poor human beings!

  2. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Law should be the same for A Raja and for Kani. Shri A Raja was only the courier guy. The main beneficiaries of the scam are the members of the family who run DMK as a private corporation.

    We can’t have a system where only the smaller politicians are punished, while the looters from big political families go free.

    This lady is known to have received Rupees 200 crore. I will probably never see this much money in all my life, unless I have the chance of becoming a bank cashier.

    We need a law that bans politicians convicted for serious crimes from contesting elections for at least 10 years.

  3. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    If she were to be spared because she is MP and a woman at that, there would be others who would claim such ‘extenuating circumstances’. She should be treated as any other would be properly under the criminal judicial system and dealt with – punish if guilty and acquit if not guilty.

  4. mysore peshva Says:

    hahah, ram jethmalani is at his usual best — obfuscating reality with brilliant if contrived argument. but he will fail ultimately; this dirty woman will go to jail.

  5. rs600028 Says:

    MK defended Raja at the beginning of the expose that Raja was being targeted because he was a Dalit. Now Kani’s lawyer puts forward that the scam is the handiwork of A Raja and A Raja alone. What a change of stance? Is Raja any longer a Dalit?

  6. Raj Says:

    Tamilnadu is one state which is unofficially separated from India. Even in Chennai people used to praise Karuna and his family. I just asked about 2G scam to one gentlemen who is working in a UK based MNC before the election. His answer was the scam is only in national level and it does not have anything to do with Tamilnadu!!!!! and he was in favor of DMK. Its not only him, most of the people in TN are just koopamandookas. If any guy uses Tamil card, he will be the king in TN.

  7. the colonel Says:

    so at last the jokes have started flowing.

    watch out for more from dilli

  8. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Let Ram Jethmalani represent anybody, he should stop pontificating on TV.

    Advocates should not participate in public discussion in which they represent or are likely to represent the involved parties, even the State.

  9. dr ramesh Says:

    see the difference , no religious leader came to the support of kani,raja,kalmadi citing caste . but in karnataka some pontiffs,bjp-rss leaders are supporting the corrupt. this is the difference between bjp-rss and other political parties ,chalk and cheese

  10. Jagadish C Says:

    I will play the black sheep here and say Kani should be exonerated of all charges and let free. Then we can create a roaring mafia business by employing well trained women enforcers and hit-women. If they are caught, they will also all be let free by using Kani’s case as a reference.

    I think we should also have a SC/ST/BC quota system for all criminal cases where people from those castes will automatically get bail. Illiterates, old people and specially illiterate old mothers should also be given bail or have all cases dismissed using Kani’s mother’s case as reference.

    Existing gangs and crime syndicates like Dawood and others are automatically exempt. Rich and powerful people can buy the judiciary, so they are also exempt. Corrupt police officers are also exempt, they own the system. Pakistan trained terrorists are not only exempt, but will have VIP status to preserve our “friendship” with our neighbours, we will give them A/C rooms, chicken biryani and 72 virgins each.

    The common hardworking honest man will finally be the only one who will face the full force of the already meaningless legal system.

    Sorry to sound so sarcastic but the last few months have made me terribly disillusioned and depressed about the state of our once great nation.

  11. the colonel Says:

    YES ,Jagadish C , I am with you.

    We are in a meaningless society, and that begets all the ills we have, including our legal system.

  12. mounaprasad Says:

    I would say put both Kani and Ram Jethmalani in jail. Also, throw in that Radia female to keep them company.

  13. The Brown Vagabond Says:

    Trust Jethmalani to come up with such logic. He knows it best because he is the defender of criminals.

  14. Nanu Nane Says:

    @Jagadish: So according to you the only hard working people left in India are the Educated Poor/Middle Class Brahmin and Upper Caste Men?
    You think like this and then wonder why our country is not so great anymore? Really?

  15. Sanjeeva Says:

    Jagdish, I have more or less similar feelings.
    Nanu Nane, No. Middle Class Brahmin, Upper Caste Brahmin, Rich Class Brahmins and all classes of Brahmins and if you have any other class, caste in your mind – they are all not hardworking. They are all duffers, utter lazy fellows and and should be kicked out. Ok with you! Yes, our country is great Rrrealllyy Grrreaat. That should satisfy you.

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:


    When was India a ‘once great nation’. In what age was it greater than it is today?

  17. Deepak Says:

    @dr. ramesh: No religious leader has come forward. They are working behind the scenes. Do you know the name of the core member of Kani’s NGO that was a benefactor???? Do you think he is sitting idle….

    Probably you gave your brain some rest. time to wake it up!!!

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