To err is human, to eff up repeatedly is divine

If only they weren’t taken so seriously by TV news channels, election surveys and exit polls should be published on the comics pages, for the unbridled fun they offer—after the declaration of results.

Above is The Times of India‘s composite  infographic of all the surveys done by various TV stations and polling agencies for the five states that had elections to their legislative assemblies.

Most pollsters got Bengal bang on, CNN-IBN gets Kerala right, Assam is kinda tricky for all, and Tamil Nadu is, well, impossible for all, only C-Voter comes close.

Below are the leads at 1 pm.

West Bengal: Trinamul Congress 215, Left front 72

Tamil Nadu: AIADMK 195, DMK 37

Kerala: UDF 72, LDF 65

Assam: Congress 81, AGP 10, Others 35

Little wonder, CNN-IBN’s resident number-cruncher Yogendra Yadav of CSDS began proceedings this year by grandly denouncing the fact that each election was seen as a test of pollsters.

Infographic: courtesy The Times of India

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3 Responses to “To err is human, to eff up repeatedly is divine”

  1. babuds Says:

    You should have waited till all the results were out. No harm but. The erring by the pollsters show they are thoroughly human. But leaving aside the topic, which is not earth shaking anyway, the actual results show that voters are more than happy with congress. Congress has no stake in TN as they hang on to the coat tails of either of the Two Dravidian parties every election. The results simply show that corruption is not an issue at all with majority of our voting public.

  2. the colonel Says:

    dear babuds,

    i think you should rejoice inspite of ” that corruption is not an issue at all with majority of our voting public.”

    somehow we have managed to get somewhere.

    The Results are something Unimaginable

  3. mounaprasad Says:

    Where is the village bumpkin simple when you need him. It will be interesting to know what his spin is on the results of the elections.

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