If only someone could do this to save our State

On a day when the disgraceful nataka in Karnataka got even more disgraceful—with god’s own party showing how bereft it is of ethics and values in clinging on to power for power’s sake—a crane at work on the Bangalore Metro project appears to do what many right-thinking people might like to do.

Which is, lift the Vidhana Soudha and….

Photograph: Manjunath N./ Karnataka Photo News


The Namma Metro photo portfolio

“No free left” for residents of a famous highrise

Remember the helmets when it rains (or shines)

At Anil Kumble circle, a sharp googly to KSCA

In the darkness of night, a ray of light at 19:12:30 hours

The biggest day in the history of Bangalore?

Do not try this at home (if you have a few bogies)

From the BEML end, right arm over the wicket

The giant violin-box hanging above ‘Parades’

It’s still not here, but it’s already kind of here

Yes, it’s for real, and it’s purple and off-white

4 cars, 3 SUVs, 8 bikes, and 16 autorickshaws

Oh God, what have they done to my M.G. Road

Saturdays, girlfriends, popcorn and other memories

Every picture tells a tale. Babu‘s can fill a tome.

Not a picture that will make it to Lonely Planet

Amar, Akbar, Antony. Or Ram, Robert, Rahim

Only a low-angle shot can convey its great girth

Lots of work overground for an underground rail

The unsung heroes in the dreams of Bangaloreans

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13 Responses to “If only someone could do this to save our State”

  1. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    Once Late R Gundu Rao ‘famously’ said,
    Pathrakartharanna Arabbi samudrakke yesiyiri antha!
    Are you returning that favour now?

  2. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    I missed the ‘kari kage'(black crow) in the picture.you can replace GandaBherunda with Kage. That will be the most appropriate picture for current political scenario in the state.
    ( What’s the english equivalent of Ghanda Bherunda? I think JK Rowling may know?)

  3. the colonel Says:

    Bosses and Bossni’s

    Have a drink Man!!!


  4. Anti Corrupt Says:

    Governor is a rogue. His friend Gowda is a bigger criminal.

  5. Rastrakoota Says:

    Nice Pic!Oh… I was missing the Yeddy Circus for some time!

  6. adu haagene Says:

    “…Karnataka got even more disgraceful—with god’s own party showing how bereft it is of ethics and values in clinging on to power for power’s sake…”

    Is it true? Dont you think Supreme Court judgement is pre-planned and controlled by the Congress. Of it is not so, then High Court decision is also correct, right? Or if High Court decision is wrong, then what the use of haveing High Court and all those judges and lawyers are useless guys, just paid dby government?…

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    Only the voters could save our state by giving a decisive verdict whenever elections are held and electing a party (any one for that matter, because all are in the same league). The voters should come in large percentage like in the recent Assembly elections and give 4/5th majority to one single party. If people give a fractured verdict, the functioning of any government will be commensurate to that. No use blaming, any politician, or any party or any statutory head for the mess. It is created by the people of the state and they have to suffer. Look at other states, Bihar, TN, WB, UP, Orissa.

  8. Yesh Says:

    @ Anti Corrupt – agreed that Governor is a rogue and gowda a bigger criminal but Yeddy is no saint. Even if he is saved this time there is no guarantee that BJP will set their house in order and give good governance on which they came into power….there will be someone in the pariwar who will up the ante and do another round of resort politics….sick of seeing all this from the time BJP came in to power

  9. Anti Corrupt Says:

    And YEDDY is the boss of all corrupt cirminals…………

  10. sriranga Says:

    its a quarrel between congress rogue (bhardwaj) versus bjp rogue (yeddy). churumuri as expected takes the side of congress

    People of karnataka are stuck between these devils. if yeddy goes and there are elections, it will be jds rogues who will come to power.

  11. Yaaralli Says:

    All congress games.
    Calling Jayalalitha and winning WB and Kerala they want to create stir here also.
    Sly Wicked Manmohan and Sonia.

    When Hazare launched campaign Manmohan backed him while allowing amar and digvijay to croak.
    That means corruption is not at agenda of congress because they still want people to stop corruption but not themselves bring legislation.

    Now he plays this backdoor politics.
    Well it shows even if a state has a majority it cannot be stable under a different centre. Using rubber stamp governor for these purposes shows how weak a democratic constitution
    Supreme court – recently called him to resign if he cannot RULE / acquire land for B’lore Mysore “infra” structure highway!! That means the learned scholars at SC use word RULE in democracy – and forget being servants of people!!

    Poor Yeddy . He runs like a wild dog to parade his strength . He cries at times and gets bullied by everyone-from lokayukta to sc to his own cabinet.
    He is really weak and showing namma state also to be weak against INdian union.

  12. mounaprasad Says:

    Whatever happened to the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission on Center-State relations. Why the heck does a state need a governor? Is it a subtle way the northies want to control the rest of us?

  13. Vinay Says:


    Cut the conspiracy crap about “Northies controlling the rest of us”. What about the “Southie” governors ruling “Northie” states?

    I agree though, that a governor is redundant.

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