A small step for Baby Prakruthi, a big lesson for…

While their politicians show what their hearts are made of every day, rarely a day goes when Kannadigas do not show what they are capable of. Here, Baby Prakruthi Prasad peers through a still of the Kannada film Hejjagalu. Written and directed by P.R. Ramadas Naidu and produced by Basanth Kumar Patil, the film has bagged pride of place for the best children’s film at the 58th national awards announced in New Delhi today.

Photograph: courtesy Karnataka Photo News

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5 Responses to “A small step for Baby Prakruthi, a big lesson for…”

  1. P. Bilimale Says:

    In addition, Bettada Jiva-a Film based on one of the greatest novels in Indian literature by Dr. Shivarama Karant also bagged prize.

  2. Yaaralli Says:

    Over the years Kannada films have bagged awards in environmental and children category
    Does that mean we dont have capaibility to address other issues?
    I agree with mangannas like our actors its not possible in actor category but no directors or story writers . what’s happening? are we losing it all just like in administration or bogging down to english medium and happy being submissive to voyeurism when it comes to creativity.
    This is what we will be giving our next generation for sure. No background.
    Really a big lesson.

  3. Vijay Says:

    Swalpa dodda article bariri saar. namma Kannada chitraranagada bagge bari negative articles nodi nodi bejaar aag bittide..ee tarah award bandiro movies na innu chennagi prachaara maadi. Namma kannada chitragala bagge olle opinion barli ellarigoo

  4. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    There are two imp things in this accompanying picture
    1) Excellent expression by Baby Prakruthi
    2) Artist who painted the heart ” Manavana Hrudaya” and labelled the parts in KANNADA. ( Aorta should have been Maha Apadhamani, I don’t know the kannada equivalent of Pulmonary apadhamani & abhidhamani). Kudos to him and whichever the school the movie was shot.

  5. Yaaralli Says:

    Ok this movie is getting immensely creative about Gowdas and Brigade Road and their treatment by Marathi police.



    well . well . spiced with some marathi slogans in mumbai hindi. has it got released in bengaluru yet!

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