CHURUMURI POLL: Who is next in 2G arrest list?

Make no mistake, 20 May 2011, is a red-letter day in contemporary Indian politics.

A serving politician, the daughter of a mighty regional satrap who is a partner in the ruling alliance, has been arrested and sent to jail for her involvement in the country’s largest scam. While we may quibble over whether the CBI would have been given the freedom to do this by the government of the day if it weren’t for the fact that the Supreme Court is directing it, there is no denying that this is not a everyday occurrence.

Kanimozhi‘s arrest is not the end of the 2G investigation and hers is certainly not the last arrest. She represents only one side of a hydra-headed scam that involves bigger corporate and political fish. Already Sharad Pawar‘s name has been mentioned in the Swan-DB Realty linkup; even bigger political names are being hissed about. Tata Teleservices and Reliance Telecommunications, the construction company Unitech, the corporate titans Ratan Tata, Anil Ambani, Venugopal Dhoot, Prashant and Shashi Ruia have all been mentioned in some form or the other. Etc.

Questions: Did you think you would see this day? Will Kanimozhi sing in concert with A. Raja? Will more politicians go behind bars? Will Niira Radia be next? Will the arrest of corporate chiefs shake the “confidence” of investors in the “India Story”? Was telecom really the “success story” it was made out to be? Will such arrests put the fear of god in politicians and businessmen? Or will it be business as usual after a few days?

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11 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Who is next in 2G arrest list?”

  1. Rakesh Says:

    Arresting is just a first step. Successful prosecution in a court of law is what matters. I hope they don’t prosecute her like they prosecuted Quattrochi.

  2. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Now the 2G scam investigations have started opening a Pandora’s Box. Will this Pandora’s box ever be closed! Or are we going to keep arresting and punishing people forever.

    What i mean is that it is a good thing that the guilty are being punished, but at the same time we also have to make progress in the field of telephony and broadband. All developments in this sector has come to standstill.

    The job of the administration is not confined to only punishing the guilty, they also have to make progress on the governance front. Otherwise the economy will suffer. If the economy suffers then the non-guilty aam admis also suffer a lot.

    The accused in the 2G scam should be given minor sentences of less than 6 months, because a higher penalty could vitiate the political climate and that is not in the nation’s best interests.

  3. mounaprasad Says:

    But when are going after the numero uno family who as per Subramaniam Swamy got 60% of the loot of 2G scam. Raja/Kanni are the small fries. go after the big fish

  4. vinay Says:

    a very small step …as SS states, there are bigger and fatter fish in this cess pool.

  5. mounaprasad Says:


    Are you suggesting that progress and corruption cannot be separated from one another? In other words if you want to progress you have to put up with corruption.

  6. Gouri Says:

    What about Yeddi? When is his turn? or will it be Raghavendra? There could be series in Karnataka – Reddies, Shetties…et al.

  7. Kashyap Says:

    Churumuri left out one (rather 2) more option

    5. Doomsday is getting near for real
    6. This is India (Anything can happen)

  8. Sanjeeva Says:

    Nothing will happen. After few weeks, if not days, she will come out and happily live ever after. Politician, jailed, convicted, punished in India!…… what a drama. The people will have the satisfaction for few days after seeing the puppet show on TV and reading in papers and magazines and will soon forget. Life moves on….. New scams, new ways of looting…. After some time, elections will be held, people will go and faithfully vote for the very same people.

  9. parijataka Says:

    Voted `NO`. Kani and Raja have been sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. Bigwigs in the ruling party at center obviously have had to be involved and had their cut, but with the entire govt machinery including CBI, CVC, CEC, etc at their beck and call they will emerge smelling of roses! Indians will continue to vote for the `secular` parties and bloggers like our own churumuri will continue their fashionable, liberal-left tirade.

  10. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    @mounaprasad , I am worried about my investment. I have purchased 125 shares in Reliance Communication and 250 in Reliance power. So if anything happens to the Small Ambani, If he is hauled up in court, then the prices will crash further. :-(

    Small investors like me will be completely ruined. So I want this 2G mess to be over and done with quickly. Please don’t touch our industrialists, especially those whose companies are listed on the Stock Exchange. I have already lost 60% of my portfolio and now I am on verge of bankruptcy.

    The courts need to have mercy for the sake of small investors….. Arrest the politicians but spare the industrialists with companies listed on BSE and NSE.

  11. Yaaraali Says:

    Is this the same daughter of her father who our CM appikondu muddaadi Thiruvalluvar shile sthaapisiddu?

    And is she the same whose house was protected by Bengaluru goondas under special prevention act.

    And we talk about namma jana not getting simple plots in bengaluru!!

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