Nation, State & the 2G ‘scam’ no one talks about

In all the name-calling and tu-tu-main-main that Karnataka’s politics has been reduced to, there is little talk of the other “2G”—Good Governance—that god’s own party boastfully promises from every pulpit, podium and platform.

The Economic Times reports that with three chief ministers in the last seven years, the political tug-of-war is beginning to affect the State: the growth rate is down, job creation is down, infrastructure projects are slowing down, and the morale of the bureaucrats is down.

# K.R. Girish, partner KPMG: “This political instability has virtually brought about a breakdown in the bureaucracy and there is no bureaucrat whom the industry can approach.

# A senior bureaucrat, asking not to be named: The “lack of moral stature of the state government” has affected the morale of the civil service.

# T.V. Mohandas Pai, former director, HR, Infosys: “There is a big disconnect between potential and actual action… this gap has only widened.”

Infographic: courtesy The Economic Times on Sunday

Read the full article: Bangalore’s business risk: Karnataka politics

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7 Responses to “Nation, State & the 2G ‘scam’ no one talks about”

  1. the colonel Says:

    AH Yes:

    From an energy surplus under the maharaja to……………….

    Jai Karnataka

  2. kingfisher Says:

    agreed, all gauging parameters of development of state are heading south. Wonder if the same holds true in terms of growth for india as a whole or is it just Karnataka, that is an underperformer ?

    mud slinging at the govt at all levels and corners may have had its influence. wouldn;t the government have fared better, had the opposition let it function normally and not try to pull the carpet from it more frequently, than change of seasons.

  3. Gouri Satya Says:

    No wonder Karnataka is fast sliding down. There is total lack of accountability and transparency too in administration and implementation of schemes and projects that cost crores and the crores are no way going into those projects rightly.

  4. Linus Says:

    The politicians motive is straightforward: the reflect the will of their electorate and try and game to the system to also build up their net worth hook or crook. If they get too corrupt, we kick them out!

    The bureaucracy is another story: They are a law unto themselves and really don’t care what their elected officials want them to do! And we can’t fire them… it’s time India moves to a system where the President is elected as the executive and she brings her own team of bureaucrats to govern.

  5. Yaaralli Says:

    The weak CM has spoken atlast. But still he wants to meet MMS and Chida – knowing they are also from congress.

    The only way to bring stability is to separate out from centre which is essentially Delhi and Bombay. Can we as citizens do something about this to retain the taxes.

    Well the table shows a rhetoric. Yeddy moves GSDP from 3.6 to 8.2!! – not that he is conscious about it atleast churumuri must be conscious of these things.


    why tu tu main main? – yaake? is there no such phrase in Kannada. never got any to read in churumuri except for swalpa.

    Can you also publish the article of Krittika Biswas against NYC govt on racial bias. Let our great migrant elusive celebrated intelligentsia be enlightened of royal white mischiefs and those asses swinging to tunes of IPL.

  6. Deepak Says:

    It is the people who are to blame for this. SM Krishna the CMs before him had comfortable majorities and hence could concentrate on governance.

    But the people of this great state, in their wisdom have decided to convert our state politics into a 3 party affair and it is the split verdict of the voters that is responsible for minority governments, defections and mis-governance.

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    No use blaming the CM or Governor or any politician. It is the situation created by the people of Karnataka and not by politicians. Three major parties contested. With the past experience, people should have been wise enough to elect any one party (after all all are same) with 4/5th or at least 3/4th majority. People gave a fractured verdict. A fractured person cannot work as ably as he can. His functions will be hindered. The same goes for the system. Now all the three parties have enough reasons to blame each other for non-governance, lack of progress, corruption or whatever is ailing the progress of the state. Whom do we question or accuse now?

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