The bold, the beautiful, the boring, and the blase

It takes all types to give the shaft to graft. At the Bangalore international airport on Friday, a small reception party of Indians and non-resident Indians, assembles to welcome Anna Hazare into town.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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6 Responses to “The bold, the beautiful, the boring, and the blase”

  1. Yaaralli Says:

    Corruption starts with the photographer .
    Next with heading the bold , the beautiful and boring – categorization.

  2. Dev D Says:

    I am going to the anna hazare circus today. At least I get to see attractive girls.

  3. Malathi Says:

    Is it a crime to be beautiful and bold? If somebody is beautiful, should they not hit streets for a public cause?
    If handsome guys had gone to the airport, you would not have dismissed it as a frivilous thing, right?

  4. Nastika Says:

    @Dev D, I wish all girls are attractive, so that you go to the circus only because you believe in it.

  5. vinayak Says:

    Posters & beauty cannot fight corruption

  6. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Ugliness can?

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