Bharat as seen from the city of baked beans?

In March 1976, New Yorker magazine ran Saul Steinberg‘s tongue-in-cheek map of the world as seen by New Yorkers, more precisely as seen by New Yorkers on 9th avenue. That idea has since been copied ad nauseam by artistes across the world to show how, in the new globalised, connected world, our vision is very local, sometimes even racial.

Saulberg’s idea seems to have inspired a self-proclaimed “really cool Bangalorean” to come up with a map that drives home all the stereotypes of all the people who walk this land, or intend to, and comes with a health warning for those who can’t stomach it.

What has the really cool Bangalorean left out, ignored, forgotten, missed? Join in.

Source: unknown, will be acknowledged if notified

BANGALORE: ‘A city whose soul has been clinically removed

C.N.R. RAO: If IT takes away Bangalore’s values, burn IT

PAUL THEROUX: Bangalore’s idiots who speak an idiolect at home

CHURUMURI POLL: Who killed Bangalore?

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17 Responses to “Bharat as seen from the city of baked beans?”

  1. Sapna Says:

    Had seen a similar one from a Delhiites perspective a few days ago. Glad to see a Bangalorean’s perspective. If I drew a map I think it would be similar of course the awesome land and the farmer land would look slightly different…

  2. the colonel Says:

    The Thief who Pays Taxes
    Haima Deshpande

    Pune’s Madhu Prabhakar loves his job. And why not? Just look at his lifestyle

    Madhukar Manohar Prabhakar is in police custody for attempting to rob a flat in Girgaum, Mumbai. But he has a team of lawyers whom he pays a retainer to get him out of trouble. So, he expects to get bail soon and return to his enviable lifestyle.

    ‘Madhu Seth’, in his mid-50s, is not an ordinary thief. He wears expensive Safari suits, drives luxury cars, eats in fancy restaurants and drinks Scotch. He boasts to the police about owning three bungalows and nine flats in Pune. He owns a restaurant and has built a Ganesh temple that has become a revenue earner and is considered by many as a place where wishes are granted. His monthly income, he claims, is Rs 10 lakh. He has even contested the Pune Municipal Corporation elections as an independent candidate. He even pays taxes.

    PRABHAKAR IS FROM KARNATAKA and lives in Pune. But he operates in Mumbai. He began his 39-year-old career solo, robbing houses in Pune. After contesting the Pune civic polls nearly 15 years ago, though, he took his business outside the city. He has over 250 cases registered against him in Pune and Mumbai.

    Prabhakar suffered a setback on 14 May, when the Mumbai Police arrested him. But he did not lose his swagger. The police were amazed to hear about his wealth and modus operandi. He comes to Mumbai and roams the city at night, looking for housing societies that do not have security guards and houses whose residents seem to be away. According to sources in the Pune Crime Branch, Prabhakar only robs houses with at least Rs 1 lakh worth of cash or valuables. He strikes at midnight and drives off to Pune in the morning.

    Before every break-in, he calls up his wife and lawyers. They prepare the documents needed for bail. “He commits crimes out of habit,” says Milind Kate, sub-inspector, VP Road Police Station.

    Prabhakar told the police that he firmly believes in the maxim, ‘Once a thief, always a thief’.

  3. Shrey Goyal Says:

    While the New Yorker version was the original, I see this one borrowing mostly from Alphadesigner’s Mapping Stereotypes project, which had gone viral for a while:

  4. twistleton Says:

    more like a half-baked view of a full baku :D

  5. Navin Says:

    It shows , that the person who made this , is not aware about India or he is having half baked knowledge of India.

    Useless , mindless racist fellow.

    Shockingly , Churmuri advertising this.

    Its shame

  6. Sanjeev Says:

    very nice one must have a sense of humor. totally agree even though i feel deeply offended.

    What ever happened to that little island south of the land where the most awesomest people live. You know that island where Lanka use to be? Then added the sri in front just to make it cool.

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I for one think the map is funny as hell. Incidentally, Churumuri has always been consistent in its representation of what we think of the chunks of land beyond our own borders. Don’t you remember the dire pontifications about our lovely Kannadanadu turning into the Bihar of the south? When our news outlets spew forth stuff about non-Kannada states what do they produce? Maoists in the Northeast, religioius unrest in Kashmir, Modi’s troubles in Gujarath, Sushma disclaiming kindred with her Reddy babies, Binayak Sen’s incarceration in MP, Hazare’s fast in Delhi. It will take an eternity to list the rest of the disgorged multitude.

    Navin sahebre–

    Yaake nimage idara bagge ashtondu kopa? Would you like to see the so-called unknown source charged with treason and sent to rot in the citadel located in Parappana Agrahaara before his/her trial before an incompetent judge?

  8. Bengalurian Says:

    Now Hyderabad is no bangalorean wannabe… coz it own ppl are deserting it.. most of them are already in Bengaluru now..
    We can say its wannabe bihar :P

  9. Nitin Says:

    must have been created by a vegetarian. He/She has missed out on all the awesome food like Hyderabadi Biryani, SothWestCoast sea food, coorg awesome food, north indian mughlai cuisine, and Bengali sea food, and god knows what specialities the eastern part of India has in its cuisine (wish I travelled to that part of India to mention some of them)!

  10. Kiran Jonnalagadda Says:

    Chennai is entirely missing. Is that significant?

  11. Sidu Says:

    Looks like this one is from a guy’s perspective. For a girl, Himachal would have cute guys and Delhi would be the place where they can’t step out after 4pm just to name a few.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Nicely portrayed!

  13. kairhaida Says:

    yup Hyderabad is not just wannnabe bihar it is well on its way to become one, although quite a bit richer version.

  14. dinesh Pandian Says:

    Hyderabad is a lovely city with cheap rentals and food costs…. I love Hyderabad

  15. AJ Says:

    i guess ur farming knowledge is only confined to karnataka only….u forgot to mention the major farm lands in punjab , haryana and uttar pradesh each of the states have way more farmers than ur karnataka…..and i love hayderabad atleast it has been able to preserve its culture……warm and good at heart people live there…….and idnt knw whuy but u apppear to be a big time narcissist who was gang raped by pan spitter biharis…….no offence to anyone but one……

  16. Amandeep Singh Says:

    Seems like person didn’t have complete knowledge. and is obsessed with chicks. bad to see bangalore doesn’t have good looking girls…..

  17. DravasNadu Says:

    Yes, the hot girls are mainly to the North. I love Punjabi and Himachal girls they are so hot. Can’t wait for them to make me some good wonderful Tamil babies :/) HAHA!

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