Everybody a loves a few (weekend) contortions

As Baba Ramdev commences his fast to retrieve black money, the imagination of cartoonists takes flight.

Cartoons: courtesy Neelabh Banerjee/ The Times of India, Shreyas Navare/ Hindustan Times


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12 Responses to “Everybody a loves a few (weekend) contortions”

  1. the colonel Says:

    do join in.



    do E-mail every month.


    my palms are FOLDED as a supplicant.

  2. the colonel Says:


    From Quaid Post to Bana Top

    By Ajai Shukla: Business Standard, 30th May 11

    On a moonless night in Siachen, in May 1987, Second Lieutenant Rajiv Pande’s thirteen-man patrol silently climbed towards Quaid Post, a 21,153-feet high pinnacle near the crucial Bilafond La pass that was held by 17 Pakistani soldiers. Quaid had to be captured and Pande was fixing ropes on the near-vertical, 1500-feet ice wall just below the post, to assist a larger follow-on force in making a physical assault. As the jawans fixed the ropes, gasping for breath in that oxygen-depleted altitude, the Pakistani sentries just a few hundred feet above heard them. Gunfire rang out killing nine Indian soldiers, including Pande. But the four survivors could tell their unit, 8 Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry (8 JAK LI), that the ropes were fixed.

    Capturing Quaid post was vital being the only Pakistani post that dominated key Indian positions at Bilafond La. Realising its importance, Pakistan named it after Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The post, commanded by Subedar Ataullah Mohammed, was held by commandoes from the elite Special Services Group.

    With the ropes in place, 8 JAK LI helicoptered an assault team to Bilafond La. Since the Cheetah helicopter can only ferry a single passenger in those extreme heights, and because of frequent blizzards, it took 25 days for the team to gather. On 23rd June, sixty-four soldiers, commanded by Major Virendar Singh, began the attack, all night they searched in waist-deep snow for the rope fixed by Pande’s patrol. Unable to find it, they fell back to base.

    The next night a silent cheer went up as the rope was found. In single file, with their rifles slung across their backs, the first section (10 men) started the ascent to Quaid, crossing en route the bodies of Pande and his patrol, still roped together in death. Halfway up, the Pakistani defenders spotted them and opened a murderous fire. Pinned to the ice wall and unable to fire back — their weapons had suffered “cold arrest”, jammed solid from the minus 25 degree cold — the assault team sheltered in craters formed by artillery shells. There they spent the entire day exposed, frozen, hungry and under Pakistani fire.

    At nightfall on the 25th, the attack began anew. Now the neighbouring Indian posts —Sonam and Amar — also fired at Quaid, supplementing an artillery barrage. But each meter gained was paid for in blood; every Indian casualty needed four comrades to ferry him down. A brief rest, a cup of tea, and the four helpers were thrown back into battle.

    “By any measure, we should have dropped from exhaustion”, said Major Virendar Singh, describing the events to Business Standard. “But Pande had to be avenged, and the relentless firing from Quaid reminded us of what we had to do.”

    By daybreak on the 26th, it became evident that capturing Quaid post would need a daylight frontal assault. With the entire army brass’ attention riveted on this unfolding drama, the brigade commander, Brigadier Chandan Nugyal, radioed Virendar, promising him fire support from every artillery gun in range if he could finish the job.

    “I knew we would not last another night on a bar of 5-Star chocolate. We fixed the attack for noon”, says Virendar.

    After a massive barrage of artillery fire, Virendar closed onto the post with his 8-man assault party. Simultaneously, another small team outflanked Quaid from below and cut the ropes that the Pakistanis used. Subedar Mohammad knew the game was up. Four defenders jumped off the post, preferring instant death in the abyss below to being shot or bayoneted in combat. The two who remaining were quickly killed. By 3 p.m. the Indian assault party staggered onto Quaid.

    “We had no strength to celebrate. At 21,000 feet, nobody does the bhangra, yells war cries, or hoists the tricolour. Ultimately, sheer doggedness wins. If we had once hesitated, Quaid would still be with Pakistan,” recounts Virendar. An admiring army awarded a Param Vir Chakra to Naib Subedar Bana Singh of the assault party and renamed Quaid post Bana Top; and a Maha Vir Chakra and 7 Vir Chakras to other brave hearts of 12 JAK LI. Virendar, who was severely wounded by an artillery shell after Quaid post was captured, won a Vir Chakra, as did Lieutenant Pande.

    Indian posts across Siachen, like Bana Top, many of them won at similar cost, will be on the negotiating table today and tomorrow, as the defence secretaries of India and Pakistan meet for the 12th round of dialogue to resolve the Siachen dispute. The Pakistan Army — for whom Siachen represents a stinging defeat at the hands of the Indian Army — wants to erase that memory by “demilitarising” Siachen. It wants both sides to vacate their positions and pull back to an agreed line, well short of the glacier. But the Indian Army has little trust for its Pakistani counterpart after the Kargil intrusion and years of fighting terrorism. It asks: how do we know that Pakistan will not reoccupy Siachen after we withdraw? How can you assure us that we will not have to capture Bana Top again?

    During 11 previous rounds of dialogue New Delhi had demanded a signed map from Pakistan, showing its forward troop locations, as a prerequisite for a Siachen settlement. Pakistan demurs, ostensibly because that would “legitimise” India’s “intrusion” into Siachen. Rawalpindi’s refusal to authenticate its positions has scuttled all previous dialogue. The reason for that reluctance, the Indian Army believes, is that a signed map would clearly show how badly Pakistan was beaten in Siachen. Although Pakistan terms it “the Siachen dispute”, its forward-most positions cannot even see the glacier. From 13th April 1984, when an all-volunteer Indian force was helicoptered to the Bilafond La pass, India’s complete control of the Saltoro Ridge has shut Pakistan out of Siachen.

    Over the years, at enormous cost in dead and injured, the Indian Army has developed enormous skill at surviving at “super altitudes”. In the 1980s, casualties from frostbite and altitude sickness ran in the hundreds. By the end of the last decade, they were down to 20-22 per year. During the last eight years, nobody has died. Today, barely 10-12 soldiers are evacuated annually.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has termed Siachen “a mountain of peace”, and has tended to view it as a bargaining chip in the larger dialogue process with Pakistan. For the Indian Army, though, Siachen symbolises a superhuman feat of arms, sustained over decades.


    we today recall that the blood-soaked capture of the strategic Haji Pir Pass in 1965 was undone at the negotiating table in Tashkent.

    And many wonder whether history is about to repeat itself.


  3. alakh.niran Says:

    Any takes on another Guru… the one-and-only madhupanditadasa?

  4. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:

    These cartoons Shows nothing but the Sarcasm, frustration and mockery of boot licking media towards this cause….

    Who cares, anyways…..:-)

  5. ERR Says:

    Day in and day out, The country is used to The contortions done by all and sundry doormats in front of ‘jee madam’! This is a welcome change……

  6. Rahul Says:

    Stupid Baba & equally stupid is the media giving 24/7 coverage. There are so many other issues which needs immediate attention. 90% of the news covers only politics. Raja..maran…baba…jaya…hasan ali…dmk…bjp…rss…! Feel like smashing my tv with the remote……Ahhhhhhh!! This baba shud go back to the jungle.

  7. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:

    Pls thro light on other isssues which need immediate attention and why “fighting against corruption” isn’t….

  8. Gaby Says:

    P Anataharaman,
    possibly the tens of millions of children who go hungry every single day, rampant malnourishment in India’s children ( when FCI storage is bursting st the seams).

    Sadly it isnt sexy enough as wanting to ban 500 and 100 rupee notes. Clearly Mr Ramdev Baba is after political publicity and perhaps popitical power ( if not office) like every satyagrahi after 1948. Hence his focus on anebulous corrution – would he dare denounce very single middle class attendee at his gig as being complicit in the corruption he claims to fight!!!

  9. Yaaralli Says:

    I agree with Prashanth Anantharaman
    Churumuri is frustrated and sarcastic.
    Because it’s pro-English and TATA,
    Manmohana , Chida and Sonia are all European descendants .
    The crony capitalist funds which was swelling in swiss banks has now started swelting !!

    I think Kannadiga swaabimana asmita which another crappy sensational article digs will always remain higher than Tamil-ian ones by Santosh Heggade’s involvement.

    Agreed Ramdev is kind of non-leader , looks like a womanizer , speaks like a woman, and so on he has an approach whatever minority he belongs to and enjoys some fundamental rights.

    Churumuri looks like Kapil Sibbal here who got nicely thrashed in IIT IIM hike case and looks like a chimpanzee when he tackles with that cunning shrewd lawyeristic approach.
    Yes, press and mass communication also need to have proper leaders.
    else with pati-patni jodi of rajdeep and sagarika like can hinder whole of south india in distress in such matters of including Kannadiga with Tamilian and showing Rajini movies relentlessly.

    We need to have a strong Karnataka now and get the black money back now even if it is hang the greatest of IT and BT heads and save our taxes along with resources. Too much goes on as granted.
    Yaarado duddu yellammana jaatre in switzerland.

  10. twistleton Says:

    Never a dull moment when you’ve got the Baba around :D

    @ Colonel

    Forwarding the peace process does not take away anything from the
    bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers.

    What would you suggest we do?

    Also what makes you sure that NOTA will work? It is no doubt a very tempting idea. It is not in the EC’s hands to implement it. If NOTA does come into play, what will be the next step, when all candidates are rejected? How much general support will NOTA actually get apart from a niche urban section of people? Can NOTA work in the absence of a democratic culture in general?

    For an average Indian voter who recognizes and respects the authority of the powerful patron(s) of his caste, religion, region and language, the State and NOTA would matter very little.

  11. Jagadish Says:

    And now the Congress government has shown their true face by using unnecessary violence against the fast. Italian Mafiosi Antonia Maino a.k.a. Sonia has taken a cue from her late mother-in-law’s fascist actions in 1973. I won’t be surprised if Sonia through her useless puppet Singh imposes emergency rule and starts throwing her opponents in jail.

    I don’t follow Ramdev’s teachings but I sure as hell support his actions against corruption.

  12. hindustan Says:

    Day in and day out, The country is used to The contortions done by all and sundry doormats in front of ‘jee madam’! This is a welcome change……These coruption shows nothing…..

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