Why Congress wooed and shooed Baba Ramadev

Why did the government terminate Baba Ramdev‘s fast-unto-death in the dead of night after noisily receiving him at Delhi airport and talking to him at a five-star hotel owned by a shady arms dealer?

Was it because Ramdev’s camp was a cover for an RSS campaign and it could have all gone out of hand a la 6 December 1992?

Au contraire, writes R. Jagannathan in First Post:

“The Congress wined and dined him precisely because he was close to the Sangh Parivar. It was not something they discovered later, when Sadhvi Ritambara turned up at the Baba’s fast-fest.

“In the Congress book of dirty tricks, this is old hat. Whenever the Congress sees a looming political threat, it backs a rival in the same camp to break away and undercut the original threat….

“The Congress won the last elections in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu precisely because a third player (Praja Rajyam in Andhra, and Vijayakanth’s DMDK in Tamil Nadu) ate  into opposition votes and brought the Congress (or the Congress alliance) victory. But for these spoilers, Chandrababu Naidu and AIADMK would have won in 2009.

“So who do you need to fix before 2014 in the same way? While there are obviously a whole range of regional and sectarian parties who are local threats to the Congress in various states, the only national threat is the BJP, which, despite being rudderless over the last seven years, is the only party capable of upsetting the Congress’ apple-cart.

“Within the BJP, the biggest threat is Narendra Modi, who has shown that he can get the measure of the Congress, and has the potential to galvanise the party and the majority community to action — given the right political circumstances, which, admittedly, don’t exist for now. But who knows what will be the scenario in 2014?

“It explains why the Congress is using activists like Teesta Setalvad and the National Advisory Council (NAC) and other one-dimensional secularists to fix him – whether in court or through a blatantly communal Bill to tackle communal violence. The Bill is specifically targetted at Hindu organisations, and no one else. It will never see the light of day, but that does not stop undemocratic NAC members from trying to force it down our throats.

“But, at another level, the Congress has a problem in the north, where the BJP is a potent threat everywhere, except Uttar Pradesh. This is where the Baba comes in handy.

“How? In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and also in the rest of the Hindi belt, the Baba could cut into BJP votes if he floats a political party. He doesn’t have to win any seats. If he merely takes away 4-5% of the BJP vote, it is enough for the Congress to win.”

Read the full article: Why the Congress wooed and shooed Baba Ramdev

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15 Responses to “Why Congress wooed and shooed Baba Ramadev”

  1. twistleton Says:

    Congress’s covert power vs. Ramdev’s vision of overt power – which is worse?

  2. the colonel Says:

    aah the baba:

    1. what a guy: goes missing for two and a half hours and accidentally found in womens garb. HE IS THE REAL BABA

    2. there was a plot to kill me: that is RIGHT. he got the culprits wrong.

    3. Disbeleive two: look at the neighbour.

    4. since the neighbour is involved: the saviours of hinduism are in.

    5. is hinduism in danger.

    6 . NO.

    7 The Supreme Court is in.

    8. Once more the truth is lost in the duststorm artificially created by all.

    9. Good riddance to him.

    10. was it an yoga camp.

    11 4 ministers.

    12. we the people of india shall conquer.

    13 we dont need these babas



    1. 39 wounded .

    2 . Do you prefer 30,000 dead on the pandal being set on fire?

    3 At 3 a.m. YES AT 3.A.M.

    4. Look at thy neighbour.

    5. Thy neighbours will NOT DONE.



    1. in comes the SADHVI and then leaves.

    2. India has declared any further strike is an ACT of WAR.

    3 Read in between the lines.

    4. No clarications will be given

    and the bjp:-

    1. Single digit precence for every 800 assembly seats.

    2. And it is a national party.


    I strongly OBJECT to the use of the following:

    1.JALIANWALA BAGH: which bonker-land do these guys come from. The comment is downright offensive and an insult to the innocents who were gunned down by imperial British forces in 1919.

    2. EMERGENCY: ditto. So how are they giving statements FROM JAIL.

    3 the explanation: “If I had revealed it and if the people left this place [Ramlila Ground] and if the government went back on its word, then what would have happened?” That’s a hell of a lot of ‘ifs’ to base an ‘explanation’ on.

    4. Nationalize property: D company in Karachi??????????

    5. Seize and bring back “Immediatly”. Lets elect him as the prime minister; and if he fails lets all roast him.

    5. All episodes are a tragic-comic farce.

  3. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    I am not a supporter of Baba Ramdev. He talks too much. And he makes all sorts of claims in name of yoga.

    But at the same time the government had no right to use brute force at the middle of night. it is a question of free speech.

    The thing is that the government is playing politics at its worst. They want to take advantage of the Baba to cut into the vote bank of BJP.

    But history shows that whenever Congress has tried to mess around with religious figures, it has lost grounds badly.

    Perhaps the Chanakyas of Congress need to read the history of their party’s downfall during the last 3 decades.

    They will NEVER be able to use the likes of Baba Ramdev to their advantage.

    Baba Ramdev or his party can never win an election from any part of the country, but they can ensure that the Congress fails.

    The minority votes will go to regional parties and the left, BJP will be left with a few crumbs here and there. While the Congress will be nowhere.

    So instead of trying to be over smart in the political sense, the Congress should concentrate on improving the economy. Only a vibrant economy can save the party and ensure better results in the next elections.

    Indians are not going to vote out of their wallets…

  4. Srivathsa Says:

    this colonel seems to be the colonel of the congress party – what a joker!!

    boss if you are so outraged, go and join the congress and take on the bjp in the next elections, don’t spam here with your comments. you seem to be an expert in spamming – posting your long-winded opinionated nonsense in all the posts!!!

    This is the farce, not the incident!!

  5. Deepak Says:

    Wow! Unbelievable, for the first time in history churumuri posts an article with the truth about the Congress and Narendra Modi. This is a historical moment in churumuri history!!!!!!

  6. Narayana Says:

    Whoever, being armed with any deadly weapon, or with anything which, used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, is a member of an unlawful assembly, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

    That is the text of section 144.

    I do not believe kids and women in that fast had any weapon on them. Indian police too needs to be disbanded. It is a rouge force that is self serving.

  7. shankar Says:

    colonel, you have ZERO credibility here.

    Remember you were caught with your pants down plagiarising ?

    care to explain why you had to steal & lie on a public forum , before you pontificate ?

  8. the colonel Says:

    Srivathsa: little do you know

    Srivathsa: Yes i’m a zero

    Good_Bye All. this and no more

  9. Simple Says:

    Do editors become so uplifted by their own sense of power that they begin to write articles which make them look stupid?

    R Jagannathan fits the bill. His article reminds me of that megalomaniac Sanjay leela bhansali who made an ass of himself with a disaster called “Sawariya”

    1. In a democracy anybody can contest. He seems to think that only BJP has the divine right to rule and anybody who splits the BJP vote is a spoiler.

    The fact is always somebody is spoiling it for somebody else. The JDS spoilt Congress chances in Karnataka. Had JDS and Congress got together, they would have had 55% vote in their kitty. Enough to send BJP’s seats nosediving from 19 to 4 in the Lok Sabha.

    In 2009 Loksabha Bihar elections, Laloo Prasad spoilt it for Congress. Had Cong plus Laloo plus Paswan got together, NDA in Bihar would have got one fourth the seats it has now in the parliament.

    So really, had it not been for these small parties, Cong would have got 272 on its own. So the REAL SPOILERS are JDS, RJD and others.

  10. harkol Says:


    Do you use an age old editor called edlin? Reminds me of that as it provides an editing interface with a line number for each line!! ;-)

    I think Ramdev is an ass. But, that doesn’t mean he can’t have rights. People who support him don’t have rights. The protesters didn’t break any law or incite people to break any law either.

    I am not sure how old you are, so perhaps you don’t know how emergency creeped up on us. It started with nation wide protests against the govt. for various wrong doings of Congress Govt. It was initiated by a Gandhian (JP) and the govt. started responding by imposing section 144 to curb protests. In 1975, Allahabad High court ruled that Indira Gandhi’s election was fraudulent. JP Narayan asked Indira Gandhi to resign. Indira Gandhi responded by imposing emergency.

    The situation now is uncannily similar. Govt. is under attack for wrong doings, responds with heavy police actions and section 144. Court cases are bound to censure govt. Wonder if govt. will resign on adverse findings or take harsh actions.

    Jalianwala Bagh comparison is a bit of Hyperbole, but there are similarities:

    1. The modus operandi: The British govt’s Hunter Commission of inquiry reported about JB massacre that “There was no rebellian that needed to be crushed”, “there was lack of notice to disperse”, “Wounded were not attended to”, “excessive force was used” – all of these elements are same with Ramlila excesses, except body count.

    2. Motive: Dyer’s own justification before the commission for the act were “There was no alternative”. He told the committee he would’ve ended up looking like a fool if he didn’t use excessive force and shoot down people.

    Dyer released a statement on following day of JB massacre, which said ” Do you want war or peace? If you wish for a war, the Government is prepared for it”

    Check what congress and our Prime Minister are saying. It’s uncannily similar.

  11. the colonel Says:

    dear harkol,

    yes i have used edlin and been in since the days of Dirty Operating System which had contributions by post by people like me and then came billy boy a collected them and gave you DOS (or Disc Operating System.)

    i was fighting in mizoram then when ig declared the emergency. My opposition to its declaration was a lone voice.

    Yes all my life i have stood for freedom at all costs. Yes exercise your freedom. But in this exercise no one has the right to restrict the freedom of others. This cuts both ways.

    Its not uncanilly similar: First their is no towering person as JP; whose right hand men were Laaloo Yaday and Arun Jaitly incidentally.

    We only have a anna hazare and his team now. this is not to riducle them but their struggle is very very hard and steep and we all wish and pray for him.

    There are rats and vultures everywhere. the innocents entrapped in delhi, do not any way add to the esteem of the rat who calls himself Shivaji.

    There were three emails sent to me. Two had names and one did not.

    Boy was i roasted by immature people.

    ag is not included in the list as he had found the same thing in a newspaper and reported the matter.

    the rats then took over. You can see it everywhere. This afternoon i saw the comments and checked my email and a portion of it was sent as a rebuttal from my linux computer, but churumuri is yet to release it.

  12. the colonel Says:

    Srivathsa and shankar: gods with feet of clay. Can the truth enter your skull:
    read this and say sorry for you have accussed me wrongly



    And How about this:-

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:


    At least be graceful enough to admit your mistake instead of giving reasons. Even if it was an email you could have mentioned that instead of pasting it directly with no indication that it is not your own analysis.

    You are sounding no different from the ones you accuse of corruption etc. etc. Self praise makes it sound worse.

    Nobody cares what operating system you use. It is no big deal and does not matter jack to anyone else. Really.

  14. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    the article misses the why of shoeing part.or was this pruned/ bala

  15. shankar Says:


    Your original post on corruption does not mention anywhere that you were quoting an email or credit the original author .

    If by oversight you forgot to credit the original author, you could have immediately made another post giving credit where due.

    You chose to bask in glory , when that post was much appreciated, instead of crediting original author. Unfortunately for you , your fraud was unveiled quite soon.

    Funny to see the lame excuses you are continuing with.

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