A bonechiling experience of the power of tuskers

It is nice and exciting to flip through National Geographic channel and Animal Planet to see what happens when animals attack. But can it really be so exciting when wild elephants land in your City and menacingly roam through your roads, climb over compounds, overturn scooters, as it happened in Mysore today?

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8 Responses to “A bonechiling experience of the power of tuskers”

  1. Raj Says:

    Really astonished to know these tuskers penetrated into mysore city. Is it from HD Kote side these elephants came?

  2. Rama Says:

    Yediyuraapa should resign!

  3. Sapna Says:


  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I am very sad for Karnataka’s wild elephants.

    I hope our honorable forests minister, C.H. Vijayashankar, who happens to be from Mysore, will lead a serious effort to find a compassionate, long-term solution:

    1. Restore elephant habitat by evicting all human squatters, including extended-stay tourists/”resort” visitors
    2. Re-route highways that pass through national parks, even at a high cost of increase in travel time.
    4. Maintain water bodies in sanctuaries, especially during summer months
    5. Use incentives to dissuade farmers from growing sugarcane in areas that abut elephant habitat
    6. Educate people, starting in elementary school, about biodiversity, compassion and environmental protection
    7. Investigate why the tranquilizer darts did not work several times — were they of poor quality? Was there corruption in their manufacture or procurement? Shocking.

  5. Sridhar Says:

    Mysore Peshva has it right. Elephants are a treasure. We humans need to take an enlightened approach if we are deserving of the self-claimed superiority in intelligence.

    A more disciplined, less jatra kind of response from the citizens would have saved panic and destruction.

  6. Gouri Satya Says:

    A leopard sometime back near Chamundi Hills, now wild jumbos in mall. This is what happens when animal corridors are blocked by humans. No wonder, if more wild animals stray into the city and take revenge.

  7. Murthy Says:

    It looks so human. when it provides “instant death” at 0:29 it stands there and looks if there is any movement and then turns and moves towards others.
    It was a instant death -which most of people wish for , may his soul rest in peace.
    Did he use the stick to frighten it before it attacked? I think he did.
    I have a feeling this elephant is very tough and brainy.

    I hope humans don’t take drastic steps to vent out the fear which would have built up by now. Dwindling tigers and elephants . Awareness about these animals , fishes ,dive centers along the coast and snakes amongst our people is necessary ;also important is to include environmental sience in curriculum. Kere katte – reservoirs of water at places during summer need to be restored.
    Indeed we are the saviours of our Gandhada Gudi after Veerappan has killed many tuskers.

  8. U.B. Vasudev Says:

    I share the same sentiments with M/S Mysore Peshva, Sridhar and Gouri Sathya. The excited/maddening crowd was brutal in their scare tactics and behaved worse than the pachyderms that were in an uncharted territory and were so confused and frightened. It only proves that the humankind are the worst; animals attack only when they sense danger.

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