Have you paid a bribe? Well, then, tell the world.

The Bangalore-based citizens’ group Janaagraha has set up an interactive website called “I paid a bribe” to uncover the market price of corruption. The anonymous citywise chronicle of those who paid a bribe, didn’t pay a bribe, or didn’t have to pay a bribe is curated by retired IAS officer, T.R. Raghunandan. And so far, over 10,000 internet-savvy people in 405 cities have confessed to having paid bribes totalling Rs 49.88 crore.

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4 Responses to “Have you paid a bribe? Well, then, tell the world.”

  1. voice of india Says:

    I am fighting against corruption & injustice for over 25 years. I have never bribed nor tried to bribe any body but have suffered & is being punished very very badly.Even one senior JUDGE demanded bribe from me in one of the case & when I thrashed him,he issued frivlous judgement against me whereas my case was & is 100% genuine.

    Thus any one & every one who dares not to bribe should remain ready for sufferings & losses as our 99% system,officials & politicians concerned in power are CORRUPT.
    Suneel Sardana

  2. Narayana Says:

    i tried logging into ipaidabribe.com analytics page, After many tries site keeps displaying logging in..fetching… construction and so on consecutively but never loads the analytics..

    Perhaps I have to pay a bribe to get this site to load the analytics page :-(

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Go to adobe flash page: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    Download the flash player to a location. Close all your browser windows, and install the player. Then open the page you will get the analytics.

    Flashy graphics, didnt find the data interesting.

  4. C Says:

    This was a good find of mine too. Amazing how the internet is changing a place like India… Hats off Tim Berners..

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