Just one question ‘God’ should ask Yedi & HDK

Now that two power-drunk, sons of the soil lording over the real estate that is Karnataka have decided to subject the presiding deity at Dharmasthala to His biggest test yet—to adjudicate which of the two is being economical with the truth—now is the time for ordinary mortals to step up to the pulpit and help Lord Manjunatha in this dharmic duel slated for 27 June 2011.

What is the one question that the guardian of the temple, D. Veerendra Heggade, should keep in mind while chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa and JDS president H.D. Kumaraswamy bow reverentially before Him, to find out which of the two is the bigger liar, which of the two is more corrupt, which of the two has more to hide and, indeed, which of the two is the bigger disgrace to the State.

Keep your queries short, civil and suitably deferential.

Photograph: Youth Congress workers play Goli Aata (marbles) on the street to register their protest at the temple-theatrics of chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa and former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy, in Bangalore on Tuesday (Karnataka Photo News)

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10 Responses to “Just one question ‘God’ should ask Yedi & HDK”

  1. Sanghamitra Says:

    When will you quit politics and make sure none of your family/extended family members never get into politics??

  2. rani Says:

    Manya Veerendre Hegde will surely pray Lord Manjunatha to destroy both of them……..We don’t want two dirty rogues …..manjunatha ivaribbarnnu nasha madli…sarva nasha madli………

  3. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    Why are you pretending to be what you are not, that you are honest, serving the interests of the people?

  4. rani Says:

    Nan makla………sakro kolle hodediddu,,,,10 tale maru tinnoashtu madiddira…innu sakagalilva……karnataka nim appana asthi andukondra….nachke agalva…nammannenu muttalru andukondra…nam ugithanu saku nim janmanu saku…….nasty fellows.

    Manjunathana hatra hogthira…eno kedugala nan makla nimge….manya veerendra heggadeyavarige makha toriso yogyathe idya nimage……

    Devegowda innu saylilva……….devre manjunatha ivarellara papada koda innu tumbalilveno…………..ninu sari illappa………..nin sari idre ivarella ishtondu hechkontha iralilla……….

  5. PV Says:

    “which of the two is the bigger disgrace to the State.” Yet another strong and bold statement on the infamous power-houses of the state. I think D.Heggade should tell HDK not to take advices from D.Gowda! and should ask BSY if he has any plans of opening real estate co. after his political career.

  6. harkol Says:

    Dear Mr. Hegde,

    Can’t you just refuse these two idiots on the ground that they have previously broken the oaths? HDK went break on his pledge to support BJP, and also broke oath of office by favoring his cronies. Yeddy broke his oath by fearing Reddy’s (confessed to compromise) and favoring his son in violation of law. What good is another oath (‘aane’)??

  7. Jagadish Says:

    “So how would you both like to be exposed? Nithyananda style spy cameras or Karuna-Kani style direct legal action?”
    Actually this is a lie, my words to these fellows would be unpublishable.

  8. rani Says:

    Actually our Indian law is very liberal……..we should cut tongue for bastards who lie……………..illandre nam deshana maribidthare baddimaklu

  9. sanjeeva Says:

    O Manjunatha, kotigattale jana ninnannu nambiddare. Thappu maadidavarige takka shiksheyannu kodi. “Vinaashaayacha duskritam” annuva gita vaakyavannu nijavaagisi. Illadiddare, manushyarige devara melina nambike horatu hoguttade.

  10. B.V. Kishore Kumar Says:

    …following the recent scams, though it seems swearing in front of gods might turn the politicos it is untrue. these buggers can never change. only consistent protests like that of Shri Anna Hazare can bring a little change i believe. so let us all support his fight against corruption. ultimately we are again left out with the question ‘why should we vote for such stupid people?;

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