Sadly, their grandfather didn’t tweet their arrival

We could, of course, have used the opportunity to take a silly potshot at Amitabh Bachchan for T-410, or at astrologers predicting twins for Aishwarya Rai, but we won’t.

We simply bring glad tidings from the Mysore zoo, where a cheetah secured from South Africa has had triplets. Unveiled for public view a few weeks after their birth, the photogenic cubs gave lensmen their money’s worth on Wednesday.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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13 Responses to “Sadly, their grandfather didn’t tweet their arrival”

  1. rani Says:

    What is Astrologer’s prediction…………Aiswariya will give birth to twins…….so what…….Milions of ladies in the world given birth…………she is a news paper today…waste paper tomorrow………

    I predict among Aiswary’s twins………….one will become smoggler and another one a terrorist………..

    Any comments

    Bzz…………………background aisa hai


  2. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    At least the tigers have the manners and the sense to value their privacy, they dont tweet about each and everything in their life.

    Celebrities using the personal happenings in their life for their own publicity has become too common these days.

    In order to make it to the newspapers, magazines and newspapers, they will reveal anything, anything at all…

    Publicity is the one and only one mantra for celebrities….

  3. RowdyRanga Says:

    “Sadly, their grandfather didn’t tweet their arrival” but at churmuri we do belive in equal oppurtunity … The Cheetahs did get their due share. i am off to mysore zoo to check them out…..

  4. kodladykiran Says:

    completely disconnected headline..churumuri gone nuts ??
    whats cheetah’s cubs coming to do with Amitabh’ s tweet? It sounds like cheetah was tweeting all these days and suddenly stopped due to some uncanny development, which didn’t impact celebrities?
    Just because , want to post something on today’s most published news, somehow connecting it with any available pic and tried giving a gibberish justification.!!
    If you want to bring on ur opinion related to celebrties tweeting personal happenings and media going gaga on that.. do that. Its completely acceptable.

    but instead of that, dont try to ridicule them by attaching something illogical.

  5. Curry Hurry Says:

    KPN is predicting triplets!

  6. liju philip Says:

    sooper pics.

  7. twistleton Says:

    Cute attack! I think I’m gonna cry….. Tiny little furballs…

  8. K.balasubrahmanyan Says:

    He is great B that makes a difference to him not to us except India is going to add one more to her billions ! bala

  9. esshridhar Says:

    Why mention tweets. All the so called national channels were vying with each other to declare about the expected new arrival in the Bachan clan. This was even mentioned under “BREAKING NEWS”, and took priority over everything else. Why blame celebrities for publicity mongering? Media will do anything to fill the columns. Voyeurism is one of the factors which increases viewership of TV channels. Media thinks the life of an ‘aam’ Indian depended on celebrities, IPL, reality shows etc. There are no exclusive channels for these.This is our lot. Cheers!

  10. Guest Says:

    Anyday much better than the 2 legged variety..

  11. Ananth Says:

    shame on you guys who follow (silly) tweets and then comment about it!

  12. Nastika Says:

    “Sadly, their grandfather didn’t tweet their arrival”
    Pity that their grandfather isn’t on Twitter :)

    BTW, great news !

  13. N S Sharada Prasad Says:

    avugaLa paalige avannu badukalu biDi….

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