Even God needs proof of what the buffoons said

As two arrogant, power-drunk, mammon-worshippers shamelessly cross the line between “State” and “Church” and put the good lord in an embarrassing position, OB (outside broadcasting) vans of the TV newschannels position themselves outside the Manjunatha temple in Dharmasthala, on Sunday, to capture the moment.

The moment, on Monday, 27 June 2011, when man, correction, when two arrogant, power-drunk, mammon-worshippers shamelessly put ‘god’ to the test.

Neither chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa, who invited his predecessor to this dharmic duel through a newspaper advertisement while he was getting massaged in Kotakkal, nor H.D. Kumaraswamy have had the contrition to abandon the disgraceful duel despite sage counsel from the only humans they bow before: the mutt heads.

And despite the damage it could do to the State in the eyes of the world.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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14 Responses to “Even God needs proof of what the buffoons said”

  1. mussanje_maatu Says:

    After deceiving the people of karnataka Yeddy is finally deceiving god also…I am getting a doubt here..is BJP turning out to be Bharatiya Jaariniyara party…..Why did he give advertisements in newspapers if he is not having the gumption to swear in front of God!!! he has taken the people of karnataka for granted….

  2. Brijesh Kalappa Says:

    The death of high political discourse, political bankruptcy at its heights. No wonder the most progressive State of India is derisively stated to be KarNatak!

  3. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    After this sad and shameful incident of totally irrational and superstitious nature do we need any proof that we have a leadership crisis in Karnataka? Of course at the national level another drama of drafting an important lokpal bill has showed how democracy has a long way to go to be well established in India.

  4. twistleton Says:


    mutt heads… Good one :D

  5. Nastika Says:

    Well, the TV personnel got a chance seeking blessings & got paid too.

    BTW, 2 takeaways from this episode:

    Takeaway 1: When BSY said he will swear before God that he is *not* corrupt, people believed him & raised concerns. People know BSY is corrupt & he has confessed too. In the back of their mind, people know that even if BSY swears before God that he is not corrupt, *nothing* will happen to him. So they didn’t want to bring God into this.

    Takeaway 2: Eventually, BSY chickened out. This shows he is still concerned about taking on ‘the unknown’. I guess he carries ‘Ganga Jal’ water bottle, which will assure him safe passage to heaven.

  6. manku thimma Says:

    I disagree. In this bout, HDK is certainly the winner. If BSY cries off after calling for the bout, who is to blame. What was he thinking, when he issued the ad. He perhaps did not expect HDK to accept. Now he develops cold feet. Does he have the guts to stand before the gods and swear? No, all he can do is loot, loot more and then act contrite, shed crocodile tears. The people are watching both’s antics. Just reminds me of vinasha kaale viparitha budhi. Shame on both of you for this sordid episode. We are the fools who elected these jokers. God save us.

  7. Kirikiri Says:


    Saar you are insulting Jaariniyaru.

  8. Deepak Says:

    Yeddy is a coward. If he had the guts, he should have defied Fatso and gone ahead with the truth test. Now in the eyes of public, HDK is the winner. And the confidence with which HDK speaks, makes it clear that he is speaking the truth and it is Yeddy who is the liar.

    For the sake of the 2014 elections, BJP is scared to remove Yeddy. This man has become a disgrace, The BJP top brass have to decide, whether ruling Karnataka is important at the cost of losing face or better to give up Karnataka time being and emerge clean.

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Yeddi should be removed from CM’s post! He is an idiot and a religious humbug.

  10. Manava Says:

    I am sure Yeddy never expected Kumar to accept his challenge, but when it turned out otherwise, he wriggled out giving excuses. Yeddy has taken shamelessness to new heights. This man has hardly anything that we can say is right.

    This man actually represents us, corrupt, shameless, actually a mirror image of all the people (with a few exceptions). Although all of us talk on this forum, we actually have become “like Yeddy” ourselves.

  11. Nastika Says:

    Those who are saying HDK is winner, how can he be? He keeps 2 wives and this is against the law of land.

    i really the pity the people, whose alternative to BSY is HDK.

  12. dr ramesh Says:

    hdk is the only hope for karnataka politics. he has time and again proved that he has all the virtues to become a statesman par excellence. the way he handled yeddi-gadkari (bonda)-renu in this episode is remarkable. he surely appears a man in control, man on a mission, a mission to save karnataka from yeddi-bonda thuggery.

  13. beltparty Says:

    @Dr.Ramesh – I will agree with you. if anyone has observed him closely he has improved a lot from last 3 yrs..the major factor which will benefit him his age and there is no other competitor for him in other parties he has very good image among youth and normal people.he is slowly coming out from his fathers clout this will help him. He might be the future for Karnataka. Looking at BJP’s current performance I might not vote BJP any day in future…

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Wait a minute. Both Yed and the Gowda clan are among the most fervent worshippers of God. Why hasn’t He sent a thunderbolt their way in response to their insincere public proclamations of their faith in Him from day one?

    He shouldn’t be enjoying this farce at the expense of the other creatures in the creation, the Karnatakans.

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