Oh Lord, please let not Maria Susairaj adopt us

With Maria Susairaj, the Mysore-born virgin “starlet”, getting “closer to god” after a gruesome murder during which she passed out but was “suspect number one“—and walking into the deranged lap of Ram Gopal Varma—these pups can only hope that the former St. Thomas school girl does not lay her affectionate eyes on them.

Of course, Maria’s rich builder-father would build a deluxe 2BHK kennel for them like the one Neeraj Grover spent his last night in. And our very devout, church-going Moni would take loving care of all three of them at the same time, and chop their food into nice pieces and destroy any trace of evidence left behind by them on the morning walk.

Then again, if Rs 50,000 is all she pays for a human life….

Or, if other pups came up for adoption….

Representative photograph:  Pups for adoption at a camp organised by Let’s Live Together, at Sankey Tank in Bangalore on Sunday (Karnataka Photo News)

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19 Responses to “Oh Lord, please let not Maria Susairaj adopt us”

  1. voyeur Says:

    Yes guru, you were there when the murder happened. You know her guilt in the murder which the court couldn’t determine. It is thanks to layperson judges like you that we know what the truth is. We are right to demonize her after she has been let off by the court, alva? What if the court didn’t give her the punishment she deserved according to the media? The mob will see to it that she will be punished adequately. BTW the link you have provided to the “finely chopped” story shows that the “chopped into 300 pieces” story by the police was all hogwash. Trial by media is one thing. If you are going after the accused even after the court found her not guilty on the charge of murder, and you are saying she is paying a small amount for human life, then it is not trial by media here. This is appellate jurisdiction by media. laudable indeed.

  2. the colonel Says:

    one more for all our coffins donated by maria

  3. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    What is the harm if Maria got released from prison? After all, the murder that she was involved in was a “crime of passion.”

    A “crime of passion” is like a road accident. It can happen with anyone. So the media is doing a great disservice to the country by behaving like a lynching squad. A little bit of sobriety is expected from the TV media and the print media.

    From what I hear on TV, it was typical case of a man arriving at the house of his girlfriend and finding her with another man; he loses his temper. There is a fight and unfortunately someone dies.

    They two survivors loose their cool and they try to hide the evidence. This is clearly a crime of passion. For this you can’t hang someone or force them to spend their life in jail. They have to be released after a short sentence.

    I don’t think there has been any travesty of justice in this case. I plead with the senior guys in TV and print to stop behaving like a lynching squad. They are harming their own reputations by making all kinds of intemperate statements.

    The story must be taken in a perspective.

  4. Ashoka Says:

    Surprised…Churumuri is ignoring Sai Baba’s treasure heap. Instead of looking at Switzerland the Government should raid all the Mutt’s to gather the black money.

    Susairaj is another example of judicial pilferage. But the session court is not the end, and we can hope for justice to prevail in the High court.

  5. Gaby Says:

    Is this exclusive focus by Churumuri on Maria, a consequence of her being a Mysooru girl or is it for rating points like the rest of the media?

    I find this black and white approach to what possibly was a complicated affair, a trifle nauseating.

  6. Gaby Says:

    Objectivist mantra- you are a Libertarian in the truest Nozickian sense of the concept!

  7. harkol Says:

    If we contemplate on the judgement, we can arrive at the possibility that Judge got it right in Maria’s case.

    She perhaps can be accused of moral turpitude, infidelity towards her fiance. But, there indeed isn’t much evidence to say she murder Grover, or cut him into pieces.

    So, the judge could only punish her for her crime, which was – hiding the murder, lying to police and assisting destruction of evidence. She has been punished to the extent law permits for that.

    What is not so easily understandable is Judge’s lax treatment of Jerome. Judgement says Jerome lost control like any ‘prudent man’ on seeing his fiancee with someone else. hmm.. Does this mean, a murderer who ‘looses control’ isn’t a murderer?

    Mind you this isn’t exactly temporary insanity. There was perfectly sane behavior by the guy as he chose to cut the body and dispose it afterwards. So, this is a new kind of ‘loosing control’!!

    If our Supreme court accepts this, this will become a new defense for all murderers! I got angry and lost control. The Road rage perpetrators also will say the same thing – after all, why should only seeing a fiancee in bed with someone else be the only norm for ‘loosing control’??

  8. Vinay Says:

    I agree with objectivist mantra. Looking at the hyper-lynch squad reaction of the people all over makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Ashoka’s comment is a prime example of the kind of nonsense sensationalism that is all too common these days. “Judicial pilferage” indeed! Bullshit.

    The lady did not commit the murder, and everyone agrees with that. She did conspire to hide the evidence and mislead law enforcement, and she has been convicted of the same.

    The man committed the murder, but Indian justice system and the constitution, takes the ‘premeditation’ aspect into account when deciding on the conviction. It is clear that the man did not have a premeditated intent of murder, and everyone agrees with that. So he has been sentenced to 10 years RI, which is the norm for such a crime of passion.

    Moron journalists are a freakin’ shame to the nation. They know diddly-squat about things, and act like the experts on everything under the sun. Utter morons!

    India gives the death sentence in extremely rare cases, only when the crime is the ‘rarest of the rare’. India does not hand out death sentences easily.

    Understand the basics of the legal system before screaming like idiots.

  9. the colonel Says:

    Objectivist Mantra: this is not in agreement or disagreement with you.

    as per me what commander nanavati did with ahuja and then surrendering fits “a crime of passion . I Think.

    but this is not a crime of passion.

    and why is a bishop interefering in all this. is he suggesting that heathens and pagans which we are deserve this.

  10. balasubrahmanyan Says:

    who are we to judge after his Lordship has decided.At least he decided in 3 years, not like upahaar case.Still candle light holders will prolong the unsavoury episode and waste more newsprint. bala

  11. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    All of us should have great respect for our “private media.” The Private Media has contributed a lot in the development of this country. But now seem to be getting carried away. The journalists have become too powerful and they have started frightening people. Our media has started behaving in an increasingly “bloodthirsty manner.” It is shocking.

    Whenever there is any murder, rape or even a corruption scandal, our esteemed journalists on TV want the harshest punishment. Hang them! Stone them to death. Beat them up. Etc. Unless there is a death penalty or life imprisonment, they will not be satisfied.

    If you see TV during the 9 PM news (that is when I switch on my noose TV), you will get the feeling that nothing ever happens in this country except rapes, murders, and corruption. And if our top TV journalists & celebrity speakers were to become judges there would be at least one dozen hangings everyday.

    In any civilised country around the world (Japan, UK, USA, Canda, Sweden, etc.) Maria would have been released after a punishment of less than six months. There is no the system can hold her for more than that. She didn’t kill this guy, who was murdered in her apartment. That fact has already been established. She or her boy friend do not have any PREVIOUS conviction for disorderly behaviour.

    As far as we know, Maria and her boyfriend have been exemplary members of society for all their life.

    This was a crime of passion (temporary insanity) and so it is not a case of real murder. The death of the individual is attributable to both – human intervention and an accident. In fact, it was more of an accident from what one hears on TV.

    Are we going to hang people for causing accidental deaths? No way. We will become a Taliban country if we have that kind of draconian punishment system.

    In fact, even in corruption cases, we are having a very harsh punishment regime. Why are Kanimozi and A Raja and Kalmadi being denied bail? Why are millions of people in the country languishing behind the bars while their cases are being heard?

    We need to have a rational and fair system of punishments and bails. Our media is doing a great disservice to the country by constantly clamouring for harsh punishments. Such constant propaganda will brainwash the common citizens and then India will become a Taliban country.

  12. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Like the old Training Day dialogue goes, in court it is not what you know but what you can prove. The prosecutor, Mr. Kini, failed to prove the higher charge. His performance is definitely in question.

    And about Ram Gopal Varma, well, that insensitive man seems to have got more obnoxious, more disgusting, every day since 26/11.

  13. Nastika Says:

    Does media want Taliban kind of justice, which is justice of the *mob* ?

  14. santoshj kumar Says:

    lawyers for the defense in the hunsur double tragedy case -will also claim that only the butcher killed the boys the rest were passengers in the car. In any case 15 people did not stab the boys Only 1 guy did. Will they also be let off is my ???

  15. Vinni Says:

    I don’t think we should relate every incident to maria.. There are bigger things happening which needs the attention and because TV media wants to sensationalize it, we should not be hyped about it..

    Its time we move on. Its Sad Churmuri succumbing to TV media hype

  16. Manoj Says:

    … Shame on u Maria.

  17. Vinay Says:

    Santosh Kumar:

    No one is being “let off” here, so your question, namely “will they also be let off”, is an asinine question.

    Objectivist mantra is right. Idiots in the media who spread such hysterical nonsense have no idea of what they talk. Those fools fawn over “faarin” countries like the US and UK, but the fact is that even in any of those advanced democracies, Maria would not have got more than around 3 years punishment – basically on charges of conspiracy to cover/destroy evidence or some such stuff. Somehow when those White “faarin” countries do the same thing our very same mediamen would applaud their “advanced and just legal system”.

    I’m getting more and more pissed off with the media’s hysterical lynch mentality and their sensationalism. The problem is that our middle class believes and follows whatever the media says. That is why we see so many commentors all over the blogosphere toeing that line and parroting whatever they hear in the media. This is an incredibly dangerous trend.

  18. Happy Kitten Says:

    nd now all it needs for a lawyer is to establish that a murder is a crime of “passion” and every killer can get away with it.
    nd what is a crime of passion? Even for a premediated murder, the criminal needs to have a passion for the task if he/she is to plan and establish the murder.

    As for excuse that the body was not cut into 300 pieces but only four shows the mental depravity of our society! the body being cut itself proves that there was absolutely no remorse for both of them. Rotten justice indeed and I hope the media continues to highlight the same.

  19. twistleton Says:

    Agree with OM.

    Also, in criminal law, the right of the accused is “innocent until proven guilty”. or the presumption of innocence, except for statutory rape in which case “guilty until proven innocent” applies.

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