Why 1983 is still vivid, and 2011 is already a blur

Santosh Desai in The Times of India:

“When it comes to the 1983 cricket World Cup, many Indians would believe that they have a ball-by-ball memory. It seems as if every wicket, every boundary, every gesture and every turn of phrase used by the commentators is etched in our memory. That was 28 years ago, and then when we try and cast our minds back a couple of months to the 2011 World Cup victory, curiously instead of memories what we have is some noisy static and a distant and somewhat wearied sense of pride that we need to dredge up.

“Of course, this has partly to do with the crowded cricket calendar and the fact that the seemingly interminable IPL occurred even before the champagne corks landed on the ground, but that can hardly be a full explanation…. The abundance of memory that surrounds the 1983 win points to the fact that events have a rich afterlife and that the idea of any event is constructed not only at the time it occurs, but is continuously added to and re-interpreted through the lens of moving time.

“In that sense the ‘1983 world cup victory’ did not occur only in that year for we have added layers to that edifice and have consumed it in different ways over the years. It lives on as a visual memory etched into our minds. It is enjoyed not only for the gloriousness of the final outcome, but is bathed in incandescent retrospective light,with every event leading to the eventual victory suffused with an almost sacred energy….

“The greatest pleasure of winning the World Cup in 1983 lay in chewing the memory cud for decades thereafter; now the pleasure lies on the Next Big Thing on television.”

Read the full column: Why 1983  is still vivid, 2011 is a blur

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12 Responses to “Why 1983 is still vivid, and 2011 is already a blur”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Oh!! It is really irritating to read this “‘1983 is the greatest and 2011 is not special” argument.
    Only a fool will try to compare the two. Both are unique in their own ways. In ’83 we were up against one of the strongest sides in the history of the game, but at the same time we were definite to lose – so there was zero pressure and Kapil’s boys were just out there to enjoy themselves.
    In 2011, the opposition was not as strong as Lloyd’s team, but the pressure on the Indian team was tremendous. To beat all the top teams one after the other, being the favourite is a tremendous achievement. So, nothing can blur this achievement.
    Both wins are great and the old generation will remember ’83 more and new generation ‘2011 – thats it!!!!

  2. chriskb Says:

    Because you are too old to remember anything new. Always living in the past makes you grow old real fast. Be alive to the present. 2011 is vivid, 1983 is a blur (as it should be).

  3. err_go! Says:

    Perfectly right! we still remember 1983 because cricket was just about right, few matches in a year, time to watch, recollect and enjoy..

    Compare this with 2011. Game is exciting alright; but nobody knows when we DIDN’T have cricket for a whole week in the year! Cricketers themselves aren’t sure whether they are coming out of a stadium or going into, whether it is T20, ODI or Test Match or whatever!

    Just because you like it you can’t have overdose of coffee, laadus or cricket for that matter…

  4. Goldstar Says:


    The article is not about the cricket, per se, but how long the event/achievements stay in our mind.

    In a years time, let us see if any of the “new generation” recall who were the 11 players who played the WC final or any such details.

  5. twistleton Says:

    Overkill mate…

  6. vindy Says:

    er, was there a world cup in 2011??

  7. sanjeeva Says:

    Very simple. In 80’s, cricket was played to enjoy the game as a sport both by the players and the audience. 90’s onwards, it became a main source of income. Now, it is simply a tamasha. Naked dances and vulgar dramas are enjoyed only at that moment. Classics are remembered for a long long time.

  8. adu haagene Says:

    Actually, The world cup this year was fixed to be won by India and everybody know/knew this (atleast in their subconscious). Thats why the excitement factor was (and is) nil.

  9. Nastika Says:

    @adu haagene, after the event, even fool is a wise man.

    BTW, since India won, it was fixed in favor of India. If SL had won, then it would have been fixed in favor of SL.

    I would say it was Dhoni who fixed it for India by playing a crucial knock.

  10. adu haagene Says:

    @Natika: I (and many like me) did bet (ofcourse not illegal betting) for India before the world cup began.
    The confidence with which the media (and the media campaign) were writing about India should get the world cup (just because India being a cricket crazy nation and not won a world cup for so long years) is just one clue to come to the conclusion.

  11. Jayashree Says:

    Players of 1983 still cherish the win and the popularity they got for their hard work under Kapil! They are still respected. But the present 2011 players are just counting money and land they have got as gift and for ACTING, and thinking of ideas to evade Tax! So it is 1983 all they way!

  12. Nanu Nane Says:

    India in 1983 was a nation of underachievers. So it held on to the one victory it had against the best in the world. India now is a confident entity believing in itself. So the cricket world cup victory is no longer such a big deal as it was then.

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