A worm’s eye-view of the high-flying neighbours

With the roofs over their heads suddenly and cruelly removed by excavators, residents of an unauthorised construction hang out against the backdrop of a multi-storeyed building, on Sampige Road in Malleshwaram in Bangalore, on Tuesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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12 Responses to “A worm’s eye-view of the high-flying neighbours”

  1. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    This tragedy you can see all over India.It arises only over population. Most village people are migrating in cities .They are all poor so they are residing unauthorized colonies.Every were scarcity of land so builder with help of government destroying these unauthorized colonies.Over population is main cause of this kind tragedy. Can we reduce population?

  2. Chappar Says:

    Developing good infrastructure in country side will put a check on village migration to cities. Make cities expensive to live and TAX people to death. Us the TAX to build better cities. The above problem will automatically go away.

  3. satte pe satta Says:

    The colony was unauthorized. It happens to have a multi-storeyed background should not be the reason to stop demolition.

    Why is it necessary to spit at the moon and then only talk about poor. Can’t we discuss the problems of the poor in a more logical way.

    Is it necessary to preface all issues of poor with the fact that Mukesh ambani has multi million dollar house.

  4. mounaprasad Says:


    Regarding reducing/checking population growth, the then NDA government under Vajapayee had setup a high power committee to go into this, and the committee felt that the Government need not worry about population increase for the next 20 or so years. The government accepted the recommendation. Added to this we have the influx of illegal Bangladeshi and Nepalese into the country which is adding to the problem.

  5. nilesh Says:

    is this a preamble, will the high rise be next. That seems to be the corporators plan

  6. AJAY Says:


  7. Nik Says:

    I did not know the poor were exempt from respecting/obeying the law. Thanks Churumuri for clearing this up. If they come and squat in your house, Can I expect to see the same comment ‘the squatters were cruelly removed from our house by the authorities”. I think Churumuri’s bleeding heart folks are also hypocrites..

  8. Abhi Says:

    Any idea what was the compensation offered while evicting?

    If you think they were evicted because it was illegal, you are stupid. I have been seeing this slum since my childhood (about 15-20 years) and the need for cleaning it came up once the high rise housing complex came up next to it.

  9. Vishnu Says:

    Please note that the poor also has to obey the law of the land. They should avoid staying in unauthorized slums. It is very interesting to know that the people living in such slums are not that poor. Most of them have multiple mobiles, high value flat screen and LCD TVs, two-wheelers, cars, and so on. Some of them even are rich landowners: the upwardly mobile people stay in their flats. So, where is the poverty here? All these slums will have certain secrets to it.

    The slums have a major role in making the surroundings unclean. In the name of proper waste removal, most of them throw the garbage out on to the roads. They do it with a vengeance.

  10. Ananth Says:

    In Mysore , even Rich were evicted and ‘illegal’ houses and establishments razed down until the commissioner was evicted by ‘you know who’

  11. AJAY Says:

    @Vishnu, correct. Most of them are not poor. They have lot of unaccounted money. They donot pay tax or anything, just becoz they live in slums and their house appears to be poor.

  12. Patrick R Braggs Says:

    Ideal scenario for growth of Naxalism…or Mafia Dons…..picture says it all.

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