Why bother since it’s about soda and water?

The start of a big series is three days away; the 100th ever encounter between the Coloniser and the Colonised. But guess what India’s skipper and his premier spin bowler are squabbling about as they prepare to face what seems like the more well-rounded Test team in the world today? McDowell’s No. 1 Platinum and Royal Stag.

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4 Responses to “Why bother since it’s about soda and water?”

  1. twistleton Says:

    Audacious! Good fun for us.

  2. ella okay gaanchali yaake Says:

    While Harbhajan’s mother claim is that the McDowell’s ad was to mock Harbhajan, can’t it also be claimed that by promoting Royal Stag’s cricket gear he was promoting Royal Stag’s whisky? Doesn’t her son promoting a whisky brand bring disrepute to the Sikh community?

  3. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    true. but still I await the morning news paper for news, as tv channels are too verbose and all channels log on to the same topic same families,same victims and comments from Lalu and Digvijay singh which are nor worth listening to.same Rahul bhajan is repeated sounding the end of Manmohan ,daily.

  4. Ashoka Says:

    Vijay Mallya is creating unrest in Indian Cricket team by making provocative ad’s.

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