Swamy, Diggy & the stereotyping of the innocent

We live in an era of unabashed competitive communalism.

Behind every terror attack, Hindutva hit squads and “Internet Hindus” find the ghosts and stick figures of the Indian Mujahideen or other hyphenated Islamist groups, shortly after which Congress loose mouths like Digvijay Singh stand up to blame Hindu terror groups and clump the RSS with it.

The finger-wagging and tu-tu-main-main fills up a few hours on the 9 o’clock shouting matches before the nation settles down to await its next blast.

And so it is with the July 13 serial blasts in Bombay.

Neither the City’s police nor the anti-terror squad of the Maharashtra police, not certainly the national investigation agency have pronounced fully or firmly as to which direction the needle of suspicion points, but the usual suspects are already in full force pointing their fingers at, well, the usual suspects.

The Janata Party maverick Dr Subramanian Swamy, whose education at Harvard clearly seems to be an academic aberration on the way to the Jan Sangh and RSS, wrote an article in the Bombay newspaper DNA on Sunday. Titled “How to wipe out Islamic terror“, the piece was a typical rant, straight out of a dummy’s guide to Hindutva as may be delivered at an early-morning shakha.

Twitter was quickly ablaze, and the paper’s readers reacted in droves calling the article “irresponsible and Islamophobic”. Swamy—whose Twitter profile reads “I give as good as I get”— on the other hand thanked readers for the “tsunami of support” to his “reasoned article” while discounting the “stupid, moronic abuse hurled by those who stand to lose“.

Shivam Vij of the website Kafila has exhorted readers to send a note of protest to the editor of the paper, Aditya Sinha, for publishing such “bigoted views“. Now, Hindustan Times cheerfully reports that efforts are on to bring DNA to book, in much the same manner as the Shiv Sena daily Saamna was after the 1993 bomb blasts.

And pretty soon, you can be sure, someone is going to return the favour to Digvijay Singh for saying that “while it is true that not all Hindus are terrorists, those whose Hindus who are terror suspects are all linked to the RSS.” Or something to that effect.

Both sides claim refuge under the cavernous shade of “freedom of expression”; the freedom to express whatever unhinged thought buzzes between their ears on a given day. But in stereotyping vast, innocent millions, not one of whom had a role to play, both sides achieve massive success for their political puppeteers.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators stir up the ammonium nitrate for the next episode with a smile.

Image: courtesy Hindustan Times

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32 Responses to “Swamy, Diggy & the stereotyping of the innocent”

  1. Suneel Sardana Says:

    Why media is taking note what Diggy of INC… Soniaji must expell him from INC else take full responsibility of his comments,statements & poisnous speeches.

  2. Kumar Says:

    Instead of blaming Swamy for such an article, suggest an alternative plan to counter the menace of terrorism.
    21 blasts have happened in last 7 years.
    Mumbai itself has seen many serial blasts and attack.
    But, what is our govt doing to stop all this?
    It is not even able to take a decision regarding the parliament attack culprit.

    So, what is wrong in people thinking about solutions themselves?
    May be the solution given by Swamy looks extreme.
    But, it will be good, if you also suggest a workable solution.

  3. Arrow Says:

    Yaaaawwn….Okay, just because Dr.Swamy wrote on this subject, as though a matter of right, an entry on this is published in this blog? its just as expected.
    Whereas, the insane rhetoric by a dumb ass insane Diggy or the divine thoughts of Rahul on the Mumbai blasts are not worthy of mention, Super saar!!

  4. Kitapati Says:

    Arundathi Roy even said about 26/11 that the people deserved the terrorist attack because of indian colonialism (whatever that means). Why none in the dhimmi mainstream media never objected to this.

  5. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    The man is too smart to shoot in his foot like this, either this is a diversionary tactic or he is seeking a Rajya Sabha nomination from a BJP ruled state.

  6. Gujarati Says:

    Where were the opinions of all these secularists till now; when Diggy Raja was vehemently spewing poison from last many months & even after the Mumbai blasts? So if someone raises similar rhetoric against the so-called peaceful community it is communal & divisive, but vice-versa (as Diggy did) then the world is absolutely hunky-dory. Why such a hypocrisy?

  7. vivek Says:

    Swamy is right. What wrong he has written?

  8. Amit Says:

    1. This reeks of elitism: The Janata Party maverick Dr Subramanian Swamy, whose education at Harvard clearly seems to be an academic aberration on the way to the Jan Sangh and RSS.

    Why can not one be a Sanghi and have a degree from Harvard? So, is education only for the loony libtards?

    2. …the piece was a typical rant, straight out of a dummy’s guide to Hindutva as may be delivered at an early-morning shakha.

    You have neither gone to a shakha nor you know what it is. So, just stop writing biased excreta for God’s sake (Oh..oops, you don’t believe in him/her).

    3. If you allow every Tom, Dick and Harry belonging to the libtard community (that includes the author of this blogpost too!) to shout his mouth off – Diggyraja and Manish Tewari being a case in point, and not criticize them for verbal diarrhoea, why isn’t the same yardstick applied to Swamy?

    Last but not the least, it worries me that such scary rants are published in mainstream media. Just goes on to show the extent the media’s bias is. It is simple elasticity my friend. If you tolerate one extreme, be prepared to tolerate the other.

  9. manujsk Says:

    What wrong has Swamy committed? If you just reverse the situation, one is expected to be accomodative in a secular country. The Imams, the Digvijays of the country get away with much worse in the garb of protecting minorities. Why question if someone merely writes his personal thought, howsoever provocative? You expect the majority to ignore the loony elements in the Congress, but are up to the throats of Subramanium when he takes the opposite side. What has being an RSS supporter got to do with Harvard. The editor of this blog is a moron whose education seems to be very elementary. Internet Hindus- oh, so much do I love i.. muah muah..:)

  10. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:

    21 blasts have happened in last 7 years.

    Per Rahul Baba, this 21 Blasts is 1% which they couldn’t control….and we all should be happy for the rest of the 99% which Rahul Baba’s govt/party has prevented (2079 – assuming 1% as 21)….

    And, per Rahul baba…even US could not prevent terror against it’s citizens in places like Afganistan….

    So, we are better-off with 21 in 7 Years (Only 3 per year) Jai ho….

  11. Chombuka Says:

    At least Swamy has the guts to write the truth..He is not a turd to be mollycoddled by the so called “secular” sweet thinking,all encompassing,benevolent sweet hearts.

    Islamic terrorism does exist and it is engulfing even those miniscule moderate Muslims.This country will bleed until we stop massaging elitist ego’s and work on the truth.
    The truth is ugly,it is bitter but by now acknowledging it or acting on it we are becoming impotent….

  12. Matt Says:

    India is a State Sponsor of Terrorism and uses Terrorism as State Policy.

    Lt. Col Prasad Srikant Purohit, a serving Hindu officer in the Indian Army, admitted to using Indian military RDX explosives in multiple terrorist bombings in India, including but not limited to Malegoan, Ajmeer, Sumjuhota Express. These terrorist bombings were then used by the Indian government to round up and arrest and torture and kill thousands of Muslims in India.

    Nathuram Godse, was a member of the RSS Hindu Terrorist group, who shot and killed Gandhi in 1948. Lt. Col Purohit is a member of the RSS Hindu Terrorist group that has been operating openly in India since 1925 (86 years of Hindu Terrorism).

    Narendra Modi, Governor of Gujarat and a Hindu, advocated and led riots against Muslims in Gujarat. An elected Hindu official killing Muslims in his own province… and he is still Governor.

    The RSS and Siva Sena are Hindu Terrorist Groups that have penetrated all levels of the Indian Government and Indian military. Hindu Terrorists now create official Indian state policy.

    RAW, India’s Hindu intelligence agency, created the world’s first suicide bomb vest, not Muslims in the Middle East. India then provided these suicide bomb vests to the Hindu Tamil Tigers terrorist group to kill Buddhist and Christian civilians in Sri Lanka.

    These Hindu terrorists have assassinated two world leaders; Rajiv Gandhi, PM of India (suicide attack in 1991) and Ranasinghe Premadasa, President of Sri Lanka (also suicide attack in 1991). Most of the world’s suicide bombers are Hindus! The Tamil Tigers (LTTE) conducted weekly suicide bombings in Sri Lanka for over 30 years.

    Hindu Swami Aseemanand, member of RSS Hindu Terrorist group, admitted to organizing a Hindu Terrorist cell that committed the Sumjuhota Express train bombing of Pakistani Muslims, and again the blame was placed on innocent Muslims – who were tortured and killed by the Indian Hindu police.

    This is ALL FACT.

    So, what we should all learn is that India is a Fascist State run by Hindu Terrorists.

    Boycott India.

    July 18, 2005 – The American Conservative

    “The world leader in suicide terrorism is a group that you may not be familiar with: the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.”


  13. Goldstar Says:


    LTTE is/was a Christian organisation. All their top leaders including Prabhakaran are/were Christians. Many of the top LTTE supporters in TN are rabidly anti-Hindu and are Christians.

    So much for your rant without basic research.

  14. twistleton Says:

    well-written at any rate :)

    all just friendly skullduggery :D

  15. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Swamy is spot on.

    On the other hand, Digvijaya is wrong. Digvijaya’s smooth talking fails to hide his cynicism. His eye is on the U.P. elections, and he is acting as a mouthpiece for Rajmata. He will be rejected by voters yet again, as will others who speak for terrorists, whom clearly the government of Maharashtra has completely failed to arrest and prosecute.

  16. @ Goldstar Says:

    @ Goldstar – you are the ignorant one.

    Tamil Tigers Hindu Terrorists Suicide Bombers

    Hindu Tamil Tigers

    What about Purohit? What about Godse? What about Modi? What about Assemanand? I suppose they are Christians, as well.

    Hindus are Terrorists!

  17. Vinay Says:


    It is clear that Matt is a Pakroach. He is one of the 200 million Jihadi sewer rats from our Western neighbour.

    He does not believe in “basic research”. He has been taught from childhood, that “Bhartis” are evil Hindoo Baniyas. Now that he has grown up, he sees that the entire world has seen his country as nothing better that a terror factory and their countrymen as nothing better than pigs, he tries to do an “equal-equal” with India to rationalize what he was inculcated with from childhood.

  18. mounaprasad Says:


    You are a pakistani poster trying to rant and confuse people on this forum about non-existant hindu terror outfits and terrorist activity. No body is a fool to believe this. Take it elsewhere preferably to chowk.com where other na-pakistani’s will praise you for your ranting.

  19. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:


    >> RSS Hindu Terrorist group

    It’s very under rated/immatured statement….shows your frustration to “peudo” build the equivalent of other terrorist organizations…

    good luck though….

  20. kaangeya Says:

    this is very interesting! Swamy is a strident and unapologetic public intellectual. A student of the great Samuelson, he made his name in economics at Harvard before entering politics in India. He continues to teach economics at Harvard in the department of economics and is a real economics professor. He is not a professor of public health passing himself off as an “economist” and “Sanskritist” as one shallow “Indian” intellectual calls himself. Swamy has humbled several puffed up gasbags including the notorious fairy tale narrator Romila Thapar. Swamy welcomes law suits with the relish of a hungry tiger eyeing a plump kid goat. He has never engaged a barrister instead has preferred to representing himself in the Indian courts. His intellect is prodigious, his rhetoric is rapier sharp and his scorn shrivels the incompetent. Despite the best efforts of the Bengali economics lobby (headed chiefly by a pretentious “argumentative” poseur) to marginalise him, Swamy continues unruffled. I wish Shivam Vij all the best, because he is going to join a long list of vanquished debaters.

  21. Curry Hurry Says:

    I wonder how many in the India Media were bankrolled by Jehadists like Ghulam Nabi Fai. No wonder many advocated bending over backwards at Wagah to welcome them.

    For a Padma some of them throw all their ethics.

    Swamy has to be pilloried because his deadline to MMS for approval to get Tyaag Maata into the witness stand is fast approaching. With NAC’s proposed new law he could well be hanged.

  22. babuds Says:

    @ Matt

    Do you know anybody by name Fai, who is now a federal guest of the US Government. If so, probably they missed you to confer the honor. You appear to be a Paki origin US citizen, suffering basic lack of knowledge about world and India. Guvs are for US and Modi is not a Guv. What more should I say? There are two guns in your pants. One is for playing and the other one is for shooting. Do not get confused and keep playing with the correct one.

  23. Kirikiri Says:


    If S Swamy is an intellectual then who is not? Please leave me out. I wouldn’t want to be one in that case.

  24. Kirikiri Says:

    @ Babuds,

    Babu moshai, I like your pretty retort to Matt:). But I wouldn’t make much difference between Swamy, Diggy and Fai. All of them are driven by agenda. It is just that some one’s terrorist is some one else’s freedom fighter. The most defining factor about all of them is that they are all partially blind – to the other views.

  25. twistleton Says:

    Meanwhile, the tragedy in Norway shows that there is a thin line separating rightist movements and fascist terror.

  26. BD Narayankar Says:

    Let us consider this – what would have been the reaction of Digvijay Singh if journalists are beaten up by an organisation run by a Hindu trust? Without any doubt, he would have led the secular pack against “fascist Hindus” and linked the attack on media with his favourite target, the RSS.

    Worse still, the secularists would have raised a bogey and the national TV channels would have debated 24X7 the danger posed by the ‘Hindu Right’ to the democracy and widespread corruption in the institutions run by the Hindus.

    Did anyone hear Digvijay’s voice against one of the most deplorable incidents that took place recently in Kerala?

    On July 14, goons belonging to the Church of South India (CSI), and the police assaulted mediapersons at the diocesan headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram for exposing the illegal admission of students in the church’s medical college in return for million of rupees as capitation fee.

    After beating the mediapersons, the church employees destroyed their camera and stole the tapes that had the visuals of the attack. Students with abysmal academic records and deep pockets have been granted admission under the management quota.

    Did you see any protest from Digvijay Singh? Why this deafening silence on the part of the Congress leader? Leaders of his ilk are busy protecting the rights of Palestinians and have no time for the next door hapless Hindus and Sikhs. Why such double standards?

  27. kaangeya Says:


    If S Swamy is an intellectual then who is not? Please leave me out. I wouldn’t want to be one in that case.

    Kirikiri, no worries, you will never be mistaken for your intellectual

  28. Kirikiri Says:


    Thanks for your kind gesture I must say. I am saved.

    I wouldn’t like to be bracketed with the guy who compared RSS with German fascists a few years ago and then schmoozes with them of late.


    Later when you have time we can also talk about similar ‘change of heart’ vis a vis Kumari Jayalalitha over the years. Then for some more intellectual fun we could see how he scuttled the political career of Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde at the behest of Chandraswamy and Chandrashekhar.

    Probably it’s called evolution over the time. You have bought that line apparently. But I find it difficult and it’s entirely my fault in not judging a gem, clearly.

  29. Dilip D'Souza Says:

    Someone pointed me here today. Since there’s a reference here to a case which my late father filed, perhaps I should clarify something.

    The case was filed in response to Shiv Sena editorials (by its editor Bal Thackeray) in Saamna during the Dec 1992-Jan 1993 killings in Bombay, not the Mar 1993 bomb blasts.

    Also, while the case was an attempt to bring Saamna and its editor to book, as is obvious from the judgement that you link to, nothing happened to them. The Supreme Court did not even allow an appeal against this judgement.

    For everything else in this post, thank you. It needed saying. The comments you have received are themselves proof of why it needed saying.

  30. MozY Says:

    Dr.Swamy’s ideologies appear to bear certain unfortunate parallels to those found in the Mein Kampf :

    1) Hindu Rashtra =Third Reich.

    2) Islamic Terrorism = The Jewish Problem.

    3) Annex Land from Bangladesh = Annex Poland, Austria, Luxembourg etc.

    4) The BJP== ?

  31. Kumar Says:

    Any kind of parallels can be found.
    Everything depends on the person who is drawing this parallel.
    A person cannot draw a parallel, which is not in his mind and which is not in his character!


    > 1) Hindu Rashtra =Third Reich.
    Before coming to this, you should have understood what is Hindu and should have seen its history.
    Hindu has never been an aggressor and India has never waged a war to expand its territory.

    Now, we know that, Hindus have been attacked, looked down and are on the brink of becoming a second grade citizen in their own country.
    So, don’t you see the need for Hindu standing up to claim his rights?

  32. MozY Says:

    Firstly I was not accusing Hindus, just pointing out obvious resemblances between Dr.Swamy’s IDEA of a “Hindu Rashtra” and the Third Reich.


    “Hindus have been attacked, looked down and are on the brink of being a second grade citizen in their own country”

    You are simply giving into paranoia generated by propaganda. If you’ve taken a closer look you would know that almost everyone who runs the country is Hindu.

    Do you feel threatened by the minority who are themselves fighting social and economic inequalities? The mindless acts of a few is now posing danger to the Hindu fabric of ‘your’ nation??, What a way to whip up misguided nationalistic fervor.

    And,how exactly should the Hindu ‘stand up and claim his rights’ ?

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