Has the BJP lost all sense of shame in Karnataka?

If a photograph is worth a thousand metaphors, this is it.

On the face of it, the cranes, the excavators and the barricades show the backbending work on the Bangalore Metro project that is going on quietly, relentlessly even while Bangaloreans blissfully whiz past it, unaware of the extent of the sweat and toil.

If you look at this picture differently, the mounds of soil, the deep trenches and the slush show how the mining scam is now at the doorstep of the temple of our democracy, the Vidhana Soudha, even while Kannadigas blissfully ignore its lasting damage.

The rape of the environment in Bellary, the role of the Reddys and other politicians in the loot, a complicit chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa (and a former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy), the shameless bid by BJP leaders such as Dhananjay Kumar to influence the Lok Ayukta to spare the CM, Justice Santosh Hegde‘s phone being tapped, an impotent BJP high command….

Nothing, it seems, shakes or shocks the Kannadiga any more as he sits down to watch his favourite murder-rape-kidnap megaserial after hogging a single idli-vade-sambar at the local darshini.

That is, after visiting his nearest mutt.

Which is why, perhaps, the tower named after a Kannadiga of unquestionable rectitude—Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya—seems to be hiding itself behind a christmas tree in shame and embarrassment, unable to watch what seems to be going on in the name of god’s work.

At the hands of god’s own party.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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26 Responses to “Has the BJP lost all sense of shame in Karnataka?”

  1. harkol Says:

    That Yeddy is sitting in a tax haven (Mauritious), while Lokayukta reports how his family made huge money in itself a disgrace. Apparently the resort he is staying charges Rs.35,000/ a night per room and with his entire family being there, it is bound to cost him a bomb.

    Why is it that in this country we never question Politicians their riches?

    Not even the best companies in the world gain 1000%-5000% gains in short periods of 3-5 years. But, almost all our politicians/family do so.

    Can Gadkari say this too is not illegal but immoral acquisition of money? There is no legal way of acquiring such wealth.

  2. twistleton Says:

    Denunciation. :)

  3. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Losing all sense of values and ethics is one of the prime requirements for success in Indian politics.

    Look at CONgress party. Do you see even a figment of values or ethics in this party’s way of ruling this country?

    Every elected politician has so many discretionary powers. In Bihar land is alleged to have been alloted to all the top ministers and officials.

    It is Congress party that is responsible for mess in Bihar and Karnataka. Why don’t they pass the law removing the discritionary powers of elected ministers and chief ministers to allocate land.

    Why can’t we have such a law NOW. For the last 70 years the same party has been ruling this country, but they have failed to pass a single sensible law. This is unforgivable.

    We have corruption in different states because the laws give discretionary powers to the chief ministers and their cronies. It is the centre’s job to remove these powers.

  4. Suneel Sardana Says:

    It is not only Yadurappa but all our so called political leaders are fully corrupt & exposed but they are all shameless.Yadurappa of BJP & Shiela Dixit of congress should resign today itself else BJP & Congress should expell them from their parties.

  5. BD Narayankar Says:

    If the BJP is serious about taking a shot at the Centre in 2014, it should bite the bullet this time. It was opposed to show the door to Reddy brothers and Yeddyurappa when Justice Santosh N Hegde released his first report in 2008.

    BJP should have strengthened its grip over the electorate, given the host of issues dogging the Congress – from CWG scam to 2G scam; from policy paralysis to black money trail.

    The party is refusing to be on the right side of the fence in the event in forthcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. BJP simply cannot take on Congress until it clears up its deck in Karnataka. Yes, Yeddyurappa has been instrumental in giving BJP a platform for consolidation in southern parts of India, but surely protecting him will not fetch votes in forthcoming Punjab and Uttar Pradesh elections.

  6. Anil Says:

    If Yeddyurrappa is bad, then Dharam Singh is the worst. How come his name is missing in the illegal mining report? There can not be two justices, one for Yeddyurrappa and one for Dharam Singh. If Yeddyurrappa is finished, then so should also Dharam Singh.

  7. Simple Says:

    The Congress appears as pure white now in the face of a shamelessly defiant, brazenly corrupt CM

    We may for the first time witness BJP’s low command actually saying that even if CM goes to jail, there is nothing wrong with it. He will rule from the jail because Lingayts and Brahmins are solidly behind BSY.

    Suneel Sardana

    Get your facts right. Shiela Dixit has not been indicted in a corruption case by Lok Ayukta. she has been accused of not fulfiling promise of buidling flats. By that yardstick all CMs should resgin on account of not fulfilling a thousand promises made to the public.

  8. Satish Rao Says:

    Despite all documentary evidence, (for facts known to all in Karnataka since the last decade) the BJP as expected in Indian politics, will play all sorts of double games, despite being a so-called opposition party in the center. It will not be surprising considering that is now regretfully led by a ‘rustic trader’ capitalizing on monthly kick-backs from his RSS Swayamsevaks and ministerial crooks in Karnataka.

    Our democracy has been finally grounded to such a tragic low that after all sorts of crooked corruption and day light loot involving a shocking amount of thousands of crores, all that a overnight billionaire politician has to do is: retire from a post or from public life! (sometimes after a month’s stay in a lodge called Tihar Jail) in order to forever enjoy all his ill-gotten riches.

    Meanwhile, one key question that demands a swift action is:


    Latest reports say that he will tender resignation on arrival in New Delhi, instead of Blr, based on a pre-programmed strategy that’s programmed to sustain his corrupt-flunkies in power. All this while the common-man knows that President’s rule is the only option despite the PR exercise to hoist his crooked clones like Shoba or Anantkumar or Suresh Kumar…et al.

    As a citizens of India, can we all hope and pray that the Supreme Court will wake-up and set a swift example?

  9. Shemej Says:

    Karnataka’s tomorrow is Tamil Nadu’s yesterday.

    Till, a few months back, Karunanidhi family was so powerful, they, with the help of powerful media network, misguided public that Jayalalita is the most corrupt in the world. Of course Jayalalita is corrupt, but cunning Karunanidhi exploited her political naivety. Deve Gowda’s family is corrupt, for no doubt, but among the trio, (1) Yeddyurappa +Reddy & families 2) SM Krishna +DK Shivkumar & families 3) Deve Gowda family) HDD family is less corrupt. Jusd like Karunanidhi misguided people with media influence, BJP’s media influence ensured Deve Gowda family is demonized. At some point, every one thought Karunanidhi family is is simply indisputable. Now, as of today, it appears, more pages of the star-daughter’s autobiography may be about Tihar memoirs, than political memoirs. Other star children, namely Raghavendra and Vijayendra may soon plan to write similar memoirs, but, are they literate?

    If Yeddyurappa allows Shettar –No, no chance for Kuruba-appas as some castes are less equal when RSS Hindutva is slightly stretched by realpolitik compulsions– If Yeddi allows Shettar to be the next CM, it is unlikely that Yeddi will be able to get the control back. Why should Yeddi give away control? Will Arun Jaitely be ready to give away control? Will Narendra Modi do? If something is not applicable to others, how can they force Yeddi to do the same? Yeddi knows he is corrupt, but he knows better that most other BJP leaders are corrupt. Rest of the world may believe the version that Sushmamma was frequenting Bellari to play “Thayi-Makkalu-Atta”, but, you cant fool Yeddi. He knows that most BJP leaders from other states are not in the jail, because, the Lokayuktas in those states are not as active as in Karnataka. An organizational decision is taken not according to the guidelines of a hostile external body. How can an ideologically crystalized party take a decision according to what Hegday says? Can BJP change Gujarat leadership, if Hegde demands? In this context, Yeddi will never allow the transfer of power to other leaders, but he will persuade central leaders to go back to public for fresh mandate.

    Again yesterday’s Tamil Nadu may repeat as a tragic-comedy. BJP in Karnataka has essentially Four vote-banks. First the communally motivated pro-Hindutva vote bank. 2nd – The Upper caste vote bank which emerged in the post-Mandal churning. 3rd- The Lingayat vote supported by JSS and others. 4th – Votes that are purchased either directly by paying voters, of by Operation Kamala BJP leaders’ followers. One thing is clear, BJP in Karnataka wont be able to campaign for the Yeddi as their chief minister candidate, once he is charge-sheeted. And election will be conducted under the super-vision of India’s most honest election commissioner. BJP wont be able to purchase votes en masse,just like last time. Except in South Canara region, ideological votes wont come to BJP in a big way next time. Except in Mumbai Karnataka region, upper-caste votes wont go only to BJP this time. Math leaders may get confused, if Yeddi is removed from leadership.

    Nevertheless, Yeddi will try to face election. BJP will still become major opposition or if lucky, can come back to power. Interestingly, DMK is not even official opposition this time. If BJP central leadership prolong taking a decision (are they capable of taking any decision?), Tamil Nadu may repeat on that aspect too. Who knows !! (But, as of now, BJP has more chances to come back to power, in the mid-term poll by the New Year. )

  10. Lobo Says:

    It is obviously the end of the road for K’taka CM and his ‘billionaire real-estate sons’, but away from the Lokaukta’s dammen’ing report, one key guy who has made up his mind to end Mr Yeddyurappa’s most corrupt innings is hopefully our Governor Bhardwaj.

    If this north indian guy (ex Cong-I) really want to help our state and imposes his decision, I think Kannadiagas will be saved for at least 6 months. Thats the tragic state of affiars…obscene looting in ongoing!

    The key reco and most obvious decision for Prez rule with immediate effect (a Prez rule benefits no one currently while the BJP will NEVER EVER have a majority in Karnataka) may be a big breather in the most corrupt state of India ;-)

  11. Curry Hurry Says:

    It’s possible that he chose Mauritius as the destination more for his financial transactions rather than a vacation. But this has been done by all of the Netas, until they can get trusted agents like Hassan Ali. Even RK Hegde chose Switzerland and he quoted his supposedly long standing promise to his wife to take her to the Alps.

    But why is that Tyag Maata’s frequent trips on private Jets ( sponsored by Godavari basin reserves) are maintained under so much secrecy and the starry eyed Padma awardees barely even mention these trips?

    Yeddy should go, possibly the worst CM in the State’s history who couldn’t even maintain decorum, bawling publicly, swearing on God’s and what not. That he only did what his predecessors chose to do is the worst excuse for his lapses.

  12. Sister Stella Says:

    The answer in one word is YES.

    @Objectivist Mantra,

    Though mostly balanced you seem to lose your objectivity when it comes to Congress. The George Fernandesian visceral hatred for that party shines through and thus blurs the objectivity IMHO.

    As a republic we are just about 60 years old and not 70 years. In that period too formations other than Congress have ruled us for quite significant periods of time. What did they do? Why wait for dictats from Central Govt. when one can let go of discretionary powers at the state level, say in Bihar or Chhattisgarh or Karnataka? Will they be shot or put in jail for doing that?

    It’s fashionable to blame everything on Congress. But tat doesn’t count for objectivity.

  13. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    @satish rao
    suresh kumar, a crooked clone????
    Doubt it brother

  14. adu haagene Says:

    Why don’t you (all bjb bashers) have the patience to wait for the official report to be submitted by the lokayukta!.
    Going by the leaked report, even Kumarswamy and few congees are also named, what should they do (if resignation is the solution)?

  15. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    @ Stella , I am surprised to see your post.

    I am only saying that since Congress has ruled our country for majority of the years, bulk of the blame must fall on the party.

    For the last 70 years we have not been able to seperate the executive powers from the political leadership. We have not been able to cut down on the discretionary powers of the elected leaders and the senior officials.

    There is more poverty in this country than Sub-Saharan Africa. We have more illitracy in the country than anywhere else. This despite the fact that Indians are the most hardworking and enterprising people in the world.

    Who is responsible for creating the faulty system of leaks and corruption under which we are suffering?

    The bottomline is that BJP or Janta Party are also ruling the country under the same system that Congress has created. So even if a BJP or Janta Partry minister commits a sin, part of the blame must go to the party that has originally created the faulty system.

    The need of the hour is reform. We need to ditch this system and come up with a more people friendly system of governance. That is the one and only way.

  16. nilesh Says:

    @ mudi malnad,

    suresh kumar is not a crook?? If he was clean he would have resigned look back, atleast as a minister.

  17. Lobo Says:

    @mudi malnad

    What do you think of the so called-dedicated ‘clean’ RSS workers and politicians who have became overflowing black money pots and real estate moguls in probably the shortest time ever?…Dharmendra Pradhan, Dhananjaya Kumar, Nitin Gadkari, Venkaiah Naidu, Eshwarappa, Jagdish Shettar, V S Acharya, Ananth Kumar, Shobha Karandlaje, Ashok, Renukacharya, AG Kodgi, Katta Subramanya Naidu…. …the list is mind boggling and almost a endless pit!

    Agreed, Suresh is probably an honest party worker (whatever that indicates in current Indian political scenario) but one should note that a ‘clean image’ is all about image built by a few journo in the media and party PR, its rarely based on decisions or actions, the fruits of which get spilled many years later by a opposition party or rival politician.

    The latest scam report issue seems to be now opening the doors for many ‘clean’ politicians to reach the higher echelons of politics in the state with a shrewd, shameless and determined focus on ruthless-self enrichment by all means!

  18. Jaidev Says:

    While we are complaining here and proposing quick action against these looter CMs and ministers, reality progresses tangentially with least regard to our vociferous opinions. No one in power has an incentive to act against these fellows, since they may be next.

    The entry criteria for politics is very simple – you have to be absolutely shameless, have a criminal mind, have no ethics or scruples, and be willing to sell your own mother for a good property deal or spectrum license. Like attracts like, the likes of these would absolutely repel any self-respecting Indian as it does me, ergo, no “aam-aadmi” honest hard working Indian wants to enter politics, or even the public service as they did in my father’s and grandfather’s days.

    Most Indians today live in a state of desperate denial and in an alternate reality, and I don’t blame us since the alternative is too stressful and would drive you to suicide or otherwise. The Kannadiga’s murder-rape-kidnap megaserial after his idli-vada at Upahaar Darshini helps us, gives us a modicum of normalcy and routine, makes us feel secure. After all, how often have we been able to vote on local community related issues and see them implemented as they do in Switzerland, or email our local land transport authority about a safety issue and have them build a pedestrian crossing as in Singapore?

    And why do we point fingers only at the BJP, almost every previous government behaved the same way with no sense of shame. It is a vicious cycle. It will take a herculean effort and huge amounts of disruption to turn this into a virtuous cycle.

  19. harkol Says:

    Guys, it is futile to discuss who could an ‘honest’ alternative to yeddy, for all the political players now a days are compromised.

    The best we can hope for is a player, who is willing to fold his bat and walk back to pavilion when the umpire says “out”, instead of bawling at everyone (including umpire) and making a scene.

    Yeddy has proved himself to be shameless, graceless and a unscrupulous crook. What a fall in quality of Leaders! From Ramakrishna Hegde (who resigned on mere accusations) to this!!

  20. Sister Stella Says:

    @ Objectivist,

    That’s a cop out statement isn’t it? While no one can deny Congress mothered this system of corruption in the post-independence India, no one ever stopped say a Morarji led government to do the sweeping changes. Ok if not him how about Atalji when he was at the helm?

    How long will we keep blaming Congress for all the ills including severe toothache? Say who stopped Nitish Kumar from voluntarily renouncing his and his cabinet’s discretionary powers? Would the Central government or Supreme Court charged him of sedition?

    I agree with you that whole system is venal and the party that mothered it has to share the blame. But the alternatives that have emerged from time to time have been no better in fact much worse in some cases as the current ongoing tamasha in Karnataka shows.

  21. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    Totally agree with you, you missed the first RSS guy who started all this in Karnataka, PGR Scindia!. Ten years ago I never ever imagined that these guys will be so blatantly corrupt one day. As I said before ananthu never touched one paisa now….. I guess ‘power corrupts and absolte power corrupts absolutely’ As long realestate and mining is lucrative, even god cannot save karnataka!
    I wish suresh kumar has resigned long back too. With current scenario, I don’t know how long even suresh kumar can stay clean if he becomes CM?

  22. Sidarth Says:

    BJP today is not the same party as it was during Atal Bihari’s Vajpayee’s golden leadership. Had Vajpayee still been the head of National BJP, Yedurappa would have been kicked out of BJP long ago in 2008. In National level I still believe BJP is many times better than the most corrupt political party Congress. In Karnataka Kumaraswamy and Congress are no good either, the mining mafia is not new it been going on for the last 15 years. Sushma Swaraj and Advani are clowns of Reddy brothers, they don’t have guts to take on Yeddie caste power and Reddy brothers money power.

  23. Raja Says:

    Watch his cronies and ministers jostling to stick-up to him…notice Nurse Famous Renukachara to Mining Sommana, all equally renowned for being among the most crooked!

    He slaps his cronies too!

    Watch overnight real estate mogul son talk in Kannada, since he knows no other language while the MP has not uttered a single work in Lok Sabha!

    Finally whose says a cat has much more than 9 lives…?

  24. Jaidev Says:

    @Sister Stella:
    You’re either truly naive or maybe an idealistic youth. When you’ve lived for as long as I have, you become more pragmatic.

    You talk about “someone changing the system”. Show me one government in the past several decades that has not been a fragile coalition of warring parties. How the heck do you propose to make an iota of change when the first person to shake the boat sinks the vessel?

    Nothing will happen at a state level unless pushed from the national level. Modi and Nitish Kumar are exceptions because they put in herculean efforts to streamline the system and eliminate red tape. The Yeddys and Karunanidhis are the rule, because they need to do very little to gain lots, hide everything in red tape, loot everything around and stay happy.

  25. Pavithra Says:


    You are absolutely right, indeed.
    No one is changing the system while the Anna Hazare’s and Baba Ramdev’s will continue to talk, protest. And either ruthlessly lathi-charged or be taken for a ride by the canny politicians.

    Yeddi, Karuna or Mayawati or any Cong-I politician will never ever be punished, the most one could hope for in the country today, is perhaps a fortnight’s stay in a VIP jail followed by bail (case closed), thanks to the herculean efforts of a few enlightened judges of the Supreme Court (despite shocking deeds of K. G. Balakrishnan, PD Dinakaran and others) apart from a rare Lokayukta, against all odds!

    Yeddyurappa will obviously get replaced by another equally corrupt clone on the payroll of a petty trader Gadkari and the top brass at the center but sadly the system is the same.

    Well, How can it get changed when both the BJP and Cong-I are now confirmed to be exactly the same! In fact the Cong-I appears to be keen that it is at least trying to mend its way, by sacking a few like Ashok Chavan, Natwar Singh, Shashi Tharoor and Suresh Kalmadi, although one should note that it was primarily done due to severe strictures by the Supreme Court.

    @ Lobo

    Thanks to the first BJP Govt in the south, we are now fully aware of the dedicated RSS chameleons who are truly ‘dedicated’ to nothing but unprecedented, selfish corruption and nepotism.

    Take a look at the laundry list of the central cabinet ministers of the Cong-I from Karnataka or state ministers or past CMs or the potential CM’s in the race now.
    It is a tragedy of Kannadiga’s that none of the ‘selfless’ God fearing politicians will never ever go to the gallows but most probably attain the throne!

  26. BD Narayankar Says:

    Yeddyurappa can take cue from party leader LK Advani. The later resigned from Parliament when he was accused in the Hawala scam. He vowed to abstain from any public office till cleared of the allegations. Ultimately, he returmed after clearing his name. Such a step will put Congress on the backfoot and help BJP fight corruption charges against the leading lights of the UPA government.

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