One question I’m dying to ask B.S. Yediyurappa

After a minor leak and much drama baazi, the Lok Ayukta report on illegal mining in Karnataka is officially out, and the facts provide the full and final proof of the manner in which China’s vociferous appetite for steel changed the political paradigm in the State, earning it the sobriquet of “India’s Most Corrupt State“.

The loss to the exchequer between 2006 and 2010 is estimated at over Rs 16,000 crore; the loss between March 2009 and April 2010 itself at Rs 1,827 crore. The chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa has been named, as indeed as his predecessor H.D. Kumaraswamy despite their “tearful” performance every now and then.

More to the point, the report indicates that the CM of god’s own party who spouts “development” like a stuck record, was a direct beneficiary, his family having been paid by cheque by the mining companies. Yet, while the BJP attacks the Congress in Delhi on corruption, its “gateway to the south” seems to be rotting to the point of decay.

What is the one question you are dying to ask Yediyurappa and the BJP?

Like, could Yediyurappa’s defiance cost the BJP on the national stage, just like Narendra Damodardas Modi‘s? Like, could Shobha Karandlaje as a potential successor to Yediyurappa mean it’s “all in the family”? Like, is it true that the silence of key members of the BJP and RSS, in Delhi and Bangalore, was purchased for a price?

Or, were all those visits to temples and mutts eventually of no use? Or was it a licence?

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21 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask B.S. Yediyurappa”

  1. neel kanth Says:

    Ek hi thaili ke chatte batte hain .sharam inko magar ati nahin.kyonki sharam ko bhi bech kar politics mein ate hain.

  2. chanakya Says:

    Mr Yeddi, Naachike, Maana, Maryadi enu ilva nimage?

  3. Nastika Says:

    Last time, what BSY did was immoral. Could somebody clarify if this time it is illegal too?

  4. Mysooruboyz Says:

    Yeddi…you have Karnataka by its Cheddi…
    Anything left for the next guy (or gal)?

  5. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    BJP have no daring to told Mr.Yediyurappa enough is enough please quite the post.I think all political parties are corrupt and soft by nature.They loss their moral stand they have no confident..

  6. Shemej Says:

    (modified versions of Vachanas)

    Santosha, you have no mercy.
    Hegde, you have no heart.

    Why did you bring me to birth,
    wretch in this (Karnataka Politics)
    exile from the Delhi Power ?

    Tell me, lord Kudalasangamadeva,
    don’t you have one more “Chance”
    for CM’s Post
    made just for me ?


    “It is void in the beginning, void at the end,

    It gets spoilt in the middle; by a stupid Report!

    It is its own testimony in the world, that it becomes so.”

    (Maaji) CM avare, Do you read Vachana Sahitya?

  7. ERR Says:

    Now what will they swear and tell Lord Manjunatha in Dharmastala…. the present one and ex? Truth nothing but the truth…??!!

  8. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    If corruption has graduated from chai-pani baksheesh to croroes of rupees, what would be its next level? Are you ready to form a political party with A Raja, D Maran, S Kalmadi to make it a part of your manifesto, thus making your business of making money on the side transparent?

  9. Kirikiri Says:

    This is literally hitting below the belt I say though I must admit he has exposed himself this time.

    This ‘development’ man must go and I hope this time God/s wouldn’t take his side.

    My question to him is…Saar time Aagilva?

    BTW my question to it really necessary to drag NaMo’s name on every such occasion?

  10. Vasanth Says:

    Count down started for our Noble laureate Chief minister. Mr.Yeddi take, your toothless BJP high command finally awarding you a noble prize. Receive it.

  11. Gouri Satya Says:

    You have sat too long Yeddi!

  12. anweshaka Says:

    As the title says,

    “One question I’m dying to ask……………….”

    You will eventually die but never get your answer.

    Believing that our country is a democracy is the biggest lie we are telling ourselves and the whole world, it’s, nothing but a rotting corrupt feudal mobcracy.

  13. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Perhaps the so-called North-South devide is for real. I mean north Indians like me are not at all energised by this Yediyurappa hype that is going on. I change the TV channel whenever this guy is being discussed. I hardly read the news stories on him.

    This guy does not seem that colourful as many North Indian politicians seem to be. Even Deve Gowda was more colourful during his stint in New Delhi. I fondly remember the time when Mr. Gowda used to be the Parliament’s “sleeping beauty.”

    A number of times he was caught by camera taking a nap while debates would be raging. I am sure Yediyurappa is not capable of that kind of immaculate performance.

    Yediyurappa prays a lot. Perhaps he can do a better job as a religious preacher or priest, etc. In that kind of role he might seem interesting. As a politician, he is completely bland and boring.

    But that is the point of view of a cow milk drinking North Indian. My friends from the South have every right to have a different opinion on thier beloved and a little bit corrupt chief minister.

  14. nilesh Says:

    bon voyage to parampara agrahara. will you check rahu kalla before entering.

  15. Nastika Says:

    BSY is like a spoit kid who is trying to *convince* his parents that he has not failed the exam, even if the mark-sheet says so.

    Surprise, surprise, the parent in this case seem to be *convinced* :)


  16. Ashoka Says:


    Your thirst is unquenchable:)

  17. Rastrakoota Says:

    Just the other day, Yeddy was telling he is in a Gud Mood (Now whatever that means!), He had a nice darshan at Tirumala and he held the belief that the Lord at Tirumala and all the other Lords(Gods) are by his side!!!!! Heheheh….other Gods!

    Yeddy do you still belive that now? Why cant you now go to Lord Manjunatha at Dharmasthala and swear (Expenses on your own) .Will you???

  18. Simple Says:

    Nobel lauerete Yeddi Sir,

    S M Krishna did not visit as many temples and mutts that you did. Yet he completed his 5 year term.

    You went to thousands of temples in your tenure. Yet you could not complete your term.


  19. harkol Says:

    Mr. yeddy,

    What would you say to folks that your luck ran out because you misused the good name of Lord Manjunatha swamy, promised to swear before him of the truth, only to back out??

    And why didn’t Lord of Thirumala couldn’t help you?

  20. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    Now that your hand is out of the till, how are you going to spend what you already have?

  21. vetrimagal Says:

    When are you going to establish your own mutt with temples and all..?

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