And what happens to the indicted IAS officers?

B.S. Yediyurappa is on his way out after the clamour following the Lok Ayukta report, and so will the politicians who have been named alongside him: G. Karunakara Reddy, G. Janardhana Reddy, B. Sriramulu and V. Somanna. On the Congress side, too, Anil Lad will be expected to show some repentence.

Say what you will of our politicians—they may be crooked, corrupt, criminal, whatever—but eventually in the temple of democracy, they pay a price for their transgressions.

Kicking and screaming, they step down, but at least they step down, before they are thrown out at the hustings. But what about the fatted cows of the bureaucracy—the “officers” lording over everything they survey—who aid, abet and do their master’s bidding while partaking of the loot, and still go on as if nothing happened?

Justice Santosh Hegde and his men have found 787 government officials, from clerks to Indian administrative service and Indian forest service officers, who had their hand in the Rs 16,000 crore mining scam that has spelt disgrace for Karnataka’s politics and environment for years now.

What about them?

And what about the industries and industrialists, like the Jindals, who were party to the daylight loot?

Cartoons: courtesy R. Prasad/ Mail Today, Surendra/ The Hindu

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6 Responses to “And what happens to the indicted IAS officers?”

  1. Anil Says:

    IAS officers have got special protections(and provisions) in the constitution itself. So, it will be very hard to bring them to justice.

  2. Sunil K. Aggarwal Says:

    This country suffers from a conspiracy of collusion between (certain black horses) in the political parties that is BJP and the congress I for their hidden agenda . No leader will be allowed to groom to his fullest , he will be poked and kept on toes and will be distracted from his good agenda. India will have crippled legislation such as this Lokpal bill due to this collusion( it seems the die is cast).India has been in shackes for the ages and continues to be in the shackles of these sharks who are hands in glove.
    In india people are made scape goat just under a cloud of illusion as has been A. Raja and now Yedurappa .

  3. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    If some NGO or a group of concerned citizens do not monitor the prosecution of the indicted politicians and bureaucrats, the whole sordid is likely to be forgotten. Some one has to file a PIL to ensure that all these indicted will be prosecuted.

  4. Destiny Says:

    Right from days of the political history of Karnatake the Mining industry has been flourishing in Bellary to further the Politicians interest, and this was taken over by the ‘R’ brothers with tacit blessing of the top brass of every party involved. It was only when the ‘R’ brothers became too big for thier boots and started ‘dictating’ terms (again with the tacit blessing of the top brass) that the ‘political game’ of blackmailing the CM ansd the others toom root. Let us not forget te fact that the ‘rebellion’ by the Reddys within the Karnataka BJP had the support of the very people who ‘supported’ the rebellion and who now have thrown their hats into the ring for the post of the new CM. I am surprised that Mr. Hegde has not bothered the fact of the sudden growth of DG’s Family wealth after they came into political power – does this not “tell” of taking advantage of thier political powers to further their own wealth. Why does not the common man think of the fact that no one can become so rich in a gap of just a few years without making use of their powers to “sell & buy” almost anything. The same principle applies to almost every politician in India. Is it not apparent from all these years that the people who are getting richer and richer are the Politians and the Industry wallas who take advantage of the “weakness of our Political class and policies” – one can almost “buy & sell” anything in India if one is ready to ‘shell out’ the rigth price – thus benefitting the pockets of the political class and the bureaucrats. What “GUARANTEE” can any “Party” give the people of Karnataka and for the matter the people of India that the next CM or PM would be “Mr./Ms./Mrs. CLEAN”?

  5. Destiny Says:

    Corruption was polished to a fine culture by the Congress and made as a shameless day to day affair by the JD (S). BSY’s hands were tied right from the beginning by the BJP top brass not to take action against the Reddy’s or the rebellion that they sponsored with a clever support from HDK. If one were to look at the property holding of the Reddys in Karnakata and especially in Bangalore most of them are major stake holders of large tracts of property which was sanctioned to them both by the Congress and the JD (S). The Reddys are known to bribe thier way in fields of Civil Contracts, Real Estate and various other activities. If one can ever get to do an audit on property holdings in bangalore almost a major part of land holdings belongs to the Reddy Clan (look at Begur and Hongasandra for example – all Properties and private property layout formations bearing the name Royal belong to the Reddys). BSY maybe was only ensuring to retain the BJP base, and the mistake he made was not putting his foot down and throw the Reddys out of the ministry and the party. If he had done that and shown them who was the boss in Karnataka he would not have been facing the situation he is facing today. If he had taken the decision to throw them out when the first rebellion happened even at the cost of dissolving the assembly, the BJP in karnataka would have emerged stonger and wiser today.

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Would somebody kindly list here the bureaucrats named in the Hegde report ?

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