CHURUMURI POLL: What next in Karnataka?

While the opposition parties are unanimous that chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa should resign after the Lok Ayukta’s stinging indictment in the Rs 16,000 crore illegal mining scam, the BJP is caught between several stools, even as the incumbent strikes yet another note of brazen defiance.

Yediyurappa for his part has indicated that he will not resign, and asserted that everybody—his MLAs, his party’s “all India” leaders, everybody—is with him. But his party high command, alive to the continuing embarrassment of his stay ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, is meeting in Delhi to decide the next course of action.

Many options are before the BJP. The first is to let Yediyurappa continue in power, but that move risks exposing the party on the national stage every single day while it sits on the high horse on 2G, CWG and other scams. The second is to choose a less-divisive, cleaner successor; it will help if it is a Yediyurappa acolyte, it might hurt if it is not.

The third option is to recommend dissolution of the assembly and seek to come back with a bigger majority, but that move carries two risks: one, Yediyurappa’s stranglehold on the party could continue with attendant national risks, and two, the voters may not back the BJP as it thinks they do.

What do you think should the BJP do now?

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13 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: What next in Karnataka?”

  1. sahana Says:

    He should continue. He is one person who thoroughly ‘exposed’ Sangha Parivar & BJP…

  2. Pagan Says:

    I think this is what will happen –

    1. Yeddy will be forced to resign. A new chief minister will be chosen and illegal mining by Reddys will continue.

    2. Churumuri will then start publishing one question I am dying to ask MMS, Sonia, Digvijay Singh etc etc, start posting their pictures on alternate days and comes up with articles “Has Congress no shame in looting INR 1.76 lakh crores of public money?”, “When unelected activists in NAC with no accountability to Indian public decide national policies?” etc etc.

    LOL. just joking in the 2nd point.

  3. Objectivist mantra Says:

    After Yediyurappa, the deluge. :-)

    But perhaps it is more right to say – After Yediyurappa, the déjà vu

    Just removing the guy at the top is not going to change the rotten system of socialism

  4. 'mudi' malnad Says:


  5. kulkarni Says:

    well wait.
    Again we are getting into stranglehold of centre.
    Yeddyurappa made repeated requests to bring in national law on mining but never was passed in parliament – why ?
    BSY did not give any license from 2008 which should be applauded.
    TATA’s and Ambani’s may face problems then for their steel!!

    What is wrong in donation of money?
    Just 10-20 crores of money we need not lose the whole hold else remember the instability before this.
    Where does 10-20 crores stay when 1000’s of crores are looted?
    He could have taken the donation in black and never made it public.

    How much does congress gets as donations kept in swiss banks?
    Sheela dixit stays as CM after CWG scam. Shunglu report is thrashed.
    Congress does not believe in Lokpal.
    Congress does not want to bring in lakhs of crores of black money.
    Adarsh housing scam, 2G spectrum, and black money and muslim votebank and making Rahul PM. Who answers these?

    How much of corruption is there at centre.
    and if Karnataka loses now in front of Delhi I am sure never there will be any hold of locals here , where all the panchayat elections are won by locals.

    The Reddys should be punished and a strict resolution should be passed against mining which is what BSY tried but he was trapped by a bigger and parallel corruption bigwigs.

    If power goes of from here forget about Kannada , forget Karnataka and become fully enslaved to America and then to Delhi and Bombay .

    Just pointing fingers at legal bank accounts by Santosh Hegde and his belief in Supreme court with CJI like KG Balakrishnan caught already shows his belief in Indian Union than independent and strong Karnataka.

    While he wants a clean India he is forgetting if he becomes popular and just overthrows local corruption its not going to end everything rather he is making us slaves to Hindi speaking belt.
    The BJP asking his resignation is also for the same reason. While they can tolerate gujarati Modi even after massacre because its a sister concern language, here Kannada becomes separate to control. The people should come out of party divisions and think about all the happenings and then comment.


  6. sanjeeva Says:

    If the BJP has to survive in South, an honest, transparent and progressive-minded person should be put at the helm.

  7. Simple Says:

    The 2g loss was notional.

    This 16,000 crore loss is real.


    That is the difference between the two corruptions.


  8. kulkarni Says:

    2g loss was not notional it was national.

    This 16000 crore was anyway going to happen at some point of time as our Karunadu is the bovine cow to extract minerals from. 4 districts are already extracted . one just escaped from posco. if there was some sm krishna or so with chidambaram that would have gone just like vedanta.

    unless there is a mining policy, the iron can never be used for ourselves . it will be for india not karnataka, building roads and railway lines and aeroplanes and metros everywhere . while our citizens will be workers sitting in earthquaque prone zones and eating mud.
    we will neither get power , railway, nor water , nothing but our resources are national for everyone to use from gold to iron ore , to exploit and extract.
    Just this time money exchanged between locals. How does that improve or degrade the state.
    Have they seen how Kerala is so well protecting the funds of temple.
    They speak in Malayalam and news channels have to translate it.
    Does Santosh Hegde has any answers for this. Does he ever see the poverty of Kannadigas before he thinks about much better Indians?

    Hegde again becomes a prey of nationalism here.
    While he can be supported for his works but he cannot be supported for not being able to see the bigger and broader picture of corruption.

    I think if there is anything plausible to be done at this point then Hegde should be made CM for a month and seen how he gets frustrated. If he wins then its win – win for Karnataka if he doesn’t he should publicly hand over the power back from where it came for all the hardship done till now to accumulate power from the most unstable state.

    Just under the media glare he is forgetting how haarangi was built, how Devaraj Urs had to administer, how Veerandra Patil was dismantled and where the concept of karnataka is still flourishing.

  9. Curry Hurry Says:

    Kapi Sibal’s fan’s are raving. Or are they plain raving mad?
    If the loss is notional why was the profit of the shell companies real?
    It’s a miracle! Like the “sacrifice”.

  10. Destiny Says:

    I second what Kulkarni says, corruption was polished to a fine culture by the Congress and made as a shameless day to day affair by the JD (S). BSY’s hands were tied right from the beginning by the BJP top brass not to take action against the Reddy’s or the rebellion that they sponsored with a clever support from HDK. If one were to look at the property holding of the Reddys in Karnakata and especially in Bangalore most of them are major stake holders of large tracts of property which was sanctioned to them both by the Congress and the JD (S). The Reddys are known to bribe thier way in fields of Civil Contracts, Real Estate and various other activities. If one can ever get to do an audit on property holdings in bangalore almost a major part of land holdings belongs to the Reddy Clan (look at Begur and Hongasandra for example – all Properties and private property layout formations bearing the name Royal belong to the Reddys). BSY maybe was only ensuring to retain the BJP base, and the mistake he made was not putting his foot down and throw the Reddys out of the ministry and the party. If he had done that and shown them who was the boss in Karnataka he would not have been facing the situation he is facing today. If he had taken the decision to throw them out when the first rebellion happened even at the cost of dissolving the assembly, the BJP in karnataka would have emerged stonger and wiser today.

    Right from days of the political history of Karnatake the Mining industry has been flourishing in Bellary to further the Politicians interest, and this was taken over by the ‘R’ brothers with tacit blessing of the top brass of every party involved. It was only when the ‘R’ brothers became too big for thier boots and started ‘dictating’ terms (again with the tacit blessing of the top brass) that the ‘political game’ of blackmailing the CM ansd the others toom root. Let us not forget te fact that the ‘rebellion’ by the Reddys within the Karnataka BJP had the support of the very people who ‘supported’ the rebellion and who now have thrown their hats into the ring for the post of the new CM. I am surprised that Mr. Hegde has not bothered the fact of the sudden growth of DG’s Family wealth after they came into political power – does this not “tell” of taking advantage of thier political powers to further their own wealth. Why does not the common man think of the fact that no one can become so rich in a gap of just a few years without making use of their powers to “sell & buy” almost anything. The same principle applies to almost every politician in India. Is it not apparent from all these years that the people who are getting richer and richer are the Politians and the Industry wallas who take advantage of the “weakness of our Political class and policies” – one can almost “buy & sell” anything in India if one is ready to ‘shell out’ the rigth price – thus benefitting the pockets of the political class and the bureaucrats. What “GUARANTEE” can any “Party” give the people of Karnataka and for the matter the people of India that the next CM or PM would be “Mr./Ms./Mrs. CLEAN”?

  11. kulkarni Says:

    We can see how
    1. Indian railways loses profit
    2. How Karnataka is largest exporter of the raw iron ore after Australia and Brazil in the world for all the steel produced in the world -this means while developed nations have no iron ore extraction in their well planned countries we are third grade states of third world countries to export these things to them to build big industries.
    Why nothing of these things happen in Punjab, Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu?
    3.How people are busy calculating losses, while nobody thinks of those who die everyday due to pollution related activities and malnutrition of our land. Who will think about them . Will globalised NRN who donates money to international organisations think of his own backyard!!
    4. How only the political tussle can force SUPREME (how supreme is it!!!) court to order for a ban. How all our voices of a smaller state won’t be heard if its environment sector and how a learned person like Jairam Ramesh becomes useless even when churumuri repeatedly tries to elevate him to upper levels. Can Santhosh Hegde answer as to why all these years supreme court could not see severe 90% of the environment degradation in Ballari.

    Yes we are reduced to a stable of writers and social film makers.

    Agreed we were the greatest administrators of previous era.
    Atleast now we have to think about holding power.

  12. kulkarni Says:

    The esteemed people of INDIA in courts want to keep up environment with economic development.
    Not even a week and mining again granted.
    It directs state government to take royalty at market rates thereby reducing any opposition from cheap states.

    How much Kapadia would be paid to deliver such a statement or is it a verdict?
    It seems there is a Central Empowered Committee which now reported about 90% illegal mining!!
    Would it be more than ten crores which was needed to topple the government?

    In another case this TATA guy dressed like TATA and sitting like a Lord is completely unaware that he is eating anna to live. he talks about huge investments in Karnataka. He believes that karnataka has potential it seems!!!

    These top people from Delhi and Bombay are given free hands in the districts of Karnataka to exploit and shit out jobs to locals and our administration be it any party, will agree to these terms.

    And then we crib about corruption. We are mortgaged. The whole state is mortgaged. There is no rights left anymore in this shamelesss state.

    Sitting in Delhi he tells 90% of environment is degraded and in a week’s time it changes and he talks about rehabilitation report in three months – which anyway is not going to happen and orders resumption of mining.
    He is more worried of profits!!! How caring about the industries?

    Why wouldn’t anyone talk when only 26% of sown area in the state is irrigated?
    Why doesn’t one talk about ill treated predominantly agriculture lands not being irrigated?
    Because he already has flourishing agriculture in his part of country.
    Does Santosh Hegde know about these things?

    The only thing which matters is money. Give royalty and exploit resources.

    I wonder if there are any still left to think about protection of nature. Where are self proclaimed environmentalists . Looks like they are locked inside restricted belts of national parks.

    Ashamed about the helplessness of the state. But yes the frustration will destroy the so called development one day – I am hopeful of it as our Tamil magan Chidambaram who is loyal to Madame widow uses this statement “all over the world right wing fascist forces were on the rise and India was no exception to it”

    thus escaping out of his responsibilities. Yes he is right when seen from left. ‘right’ escapist – there will surely be self-correcting-destructive measures taken.


    And how this NMDC which is now given hasty permissions opened?

    Greasing palms of our scoundrel politicians who moved from KIOCL to centrally owned and private illegal licenses. Even here a state enterprise becomes national!!
    A state of dead industries?

    And none of local Kannada newspapers are even bothered about these rulings including specially praised Vishveshwar Bhat who poses with a Hat!


    if we see the ban of permitting licenses from 2008 actually was the reason of downfall of Yeddy.
    Because from the time KIOCL was closed mining was given to outsiders and private players illegally and SC court also says it will start giving licenses once the environmental situation is restored!!

    How much of mining makes BJP and Congress at centre richer is to be seen at govt level to play these cheap politics with people of any given state.

    The powerful lobby from the centre is creating havoc in this state.
    They have to reach their ends.

  13. kulkarni Says:

    The Vedanta -child of chidambaram and jairam which extracted and exploited orissa also has a hand here with name sesa goa.

    while children of parsis and capitalist mumbai and delhi people have a higher standard of living, travel in cars of TATA extracting steel from our forests ;
    our children in rural areas are devoid of medical facilities, food,water, forget about irrigation and safe ecosystems; while land is needed to exploit big tankers, cars , nanos , cars for all, air conditioners for healthy lifestyles.
    i saw a hoarding in Delhi NCR that higher lifestyle means getting everything you want close to you.
    The wants of the urban people!! Greed personified. Cities speaking Churchill’s language!!

    How geologists are given a free hand to point out mineral rich states to extract minerals even when there is sizeable and agriculturally strong population residing?

    Stocks of TATA STEEL and TATA MOTORS plunge by 5% everyday after mining ban and still the bachelor parsi shamelessly talks about extraction and advertises as TATA steel building characters!!

    Reliance is known to kill its rival people on railway tracks mercilessly is a known fact.

    See on whose pile of bodies this capitalism is blooming in India and it is termed as blood bath in dalal street!!

    Can Santosh Hegde confirm that our state can ever speak its language happily and not under covers and behind doors , grow its food , allow all its children to play peacefully in their backyard if at all there exist one shaking and quivering ,as they are outrightly considered souths or blacks outside the state! and there can never be a recognition for them outside or is he very much happy about his community being more educated and compatible with all being happy with the rest of india speaking their godly language and sharing better coloured versions!

    he proudly says his job is over as if someone else is going to read his magnum opus and continue on it. i have not even seen a news channel reporting documentary on it till now!!
    Nobody is going todo anything about it , but our people will become each other’s enemy. I was just watching NDTV interview of Santosh Hegde.

    There he calls Manish Tiwari’s statement ‘unelected tyranny’ as “young man’s arrogance” but he spits venom on his own state people who cannot even donate money for institution in neighbouring district!! (by law its absolutely permissbile) but he forgets his judge position and gets personal
    He presses and tells if they donate they have to for the same district in the same locality where iron ore was extracted. He presumes a Judge position when being soft on Manish Tiwari while he becomes violent and personal for BSY. Not that Yeddy was honest here but for the steps he took with KaRaVe ,for the steps he took stopping mining licenses , for giving Lokayukta the powers they have now without which he wouldn’t have conducted such a huge operation Yeddy even now stands praiseworthy considering a country where a PM is shameless in naming his successor under sympathies and protecting chief ministers.

    he could have worked lawfully instead of spitting personal vendetta.

    While these national heroes are very much fans of supreme court , hindi , urdu, bombay and delhi and richness they forget their own backyard’s agonizing smell and cries exploited to the core.
    The state heroes who want to live simple lives are arrogant, narrow minded, cheap and all the naxal related terms to describe them

    this is what is called real globalization where you have state which doesn’t not have your language and in the name of diversity and nationalism and thinking about all the minorities give your own self and get destroyed.

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