From entry to exit, superstitious at every step

This is the typewritten press release that was sent by the media advisor to the Karnataka chief minister, R.P. Jagadeesh, around midnight last night, announcing B.S. Yediyurappa‘s stand after the BJP parliamentary board directed him to “resign immediately” following the strictures of the Lok Ayukta, Justice Santosh Hegde, in the Rs 16,000 crore illegal mining scam.

For an overly devout CM belonging to God’s Own Party—who had a near-permanent vermilion mark soldered into his forehead; who spent a substantial part of his tenure in visits to temples and mutts near and far; who was scarily afraid of the dangers posed by maata-mantra to his (and his government’s) longevity; and who even invited his arch-rival to swear before “God” at a temple to prove his innocence—Yediyurappa’s letter can be “Exhibit A”.

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20 Responses to “From entry to exit, superstitious at every step”

  1. Hakuchi Samurai Says:

    Appreciate the fact that he is frank about it. Other politicos do publicity stunts like an upavaasa satyagraha on an Ekadashi in which the person would not have eaten in any case. Another incident I recollect is submitting nomination during “rahukaala” with much hype but knowing that the actual rahukaala according to the time of sunrise is different.

    Clearly Yeddy has to go because he’s not smart enough for such gimmicks.

  2. Hakuchi Samurai Says:

    Come to think of it, it is probably an excuse to finish some unfinished business

  3. Nastika Says:

    Yeddy again bargains for 3 more days ! More the delay, more the harrowing time for spineless high command. I guess the BJP high command deserves this ordeal for being gutless. Its as if Yeddy owns BJP.

    Can’t fathom that a loyal RSS-bred, democratic party worker can stoop to this level. He betrayed his state, now betraying his party.


  4. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day.

    Remember they used to say that ‘The sun never sets in the British empire’. What is the case now? The great British Empire has been reduced to one and half islands and its famous Prime Minister was once ridiculed by the British newspapers as the poodle of George Bush. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day.

    They used to say that Brittania rules the waves. Now it has to waive the rules. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day.

    In our land we witnessed the Rs 420 Crore driven campaign with the catchy slogan “India Shining”. They ended up crying remoarse. Even L K Advani – the Iron man and the second sardar was reduced to rubble when he made those comments in the grave yard of Jinnah! He remains the sole politician and perpetual prime minister in waiting! Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day.

    They used to loudly proclaim that India is Indhra and Indhra is India. And now that mighty Congress I is content with playing second in many prominent states. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day.

    Now it is the turn of Yeddy to taste this divine reality. Let us hope that his Gujarati counterpart too realises this lesson one day. Insha Allah! God willing.

  5. ThyampannaShettru Says:

    T Azeez Luthfullah, when are migrating to your homeland Pakistan. All the best to you in advance

  6. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    This is a case of koti mosaranna tindu, kuri mootige orsiddu, pedd kuri, here, has licked its lips and savoured the mosaru.

    Was there no mining when Sonia Gandhi contested from Bellary? What led her to contest from there?

  7. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Huh?? I do not see how this letter shows the chief minister’s superstitiousness. The letter merely says he will resign after the month ends. Is Churumuri so alienated from Indian culture that even mention of an Indian calendar month becomes “superstition”?

  8. Simple Says:

    He has succeeded in creating a myth that he is a mass leader with a powerful vote bank. Let him start a party on his own, he will realise the bitter truth. He won’t get more than 5% votes.

    Remember uma bharati? she too was allegedly extremely popular in Madhya Pradesh. She was routed in the elections.

    Remember Kalyan Singh. he too was allegedly extremely popular in Kalyan. The day he quit BJP, his political life was over.

  9. Santhosh Mudigere Says:


    At every single opportunity people like you take potshots at Muslims like Luftullah and remind them of their ‘homeland’, as you put it. Thus make them feel like aliens in their own country. Still you want them to be well integrated and loyal to the nation. Make them feel like scum and then complain they are not nationalistic. I doubt your nationalism.

    I hold similar views as Luftullah but I happen to be a Hindu. Which homeland I should go to?

  10. sanjeeva Says:

    Azeez Bhai, what you say is true no doubt. But please share your thoughts with the great leaders of other great parties as well. Dont target only few. Every human being knows that everyone has to die one day but acts as if he is going to live for thousand years. This is eternal truth right from Mahabharat days. Whether BJP or Congress or JD or Communists, Right or Left or Centre or Right of the Centre, Left of the Centre etc. etc. They are all politicians whom you and we elect. They act in the similar manner in the similar situation. Being philosophical is only for us the common men whether Hindu or Muslim or Christian or any other community. Not for those who vie for power and money.

  11. kulkarni Says:

    Azeez Luftullah,
    while i agree to all that you said, i can’t for the way you divert it towards proclamation of your self owned clan to be most correct and pure.

    from 1st century they started moses, christ, cross and
    from 7th century they started allah and mullah

    As you said
    “Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the most invincible bite the dust one day”

    Sthaavarakkalivuntu Jangamakkalivilla” – how jangama is your Allah when Ayesha clads under burqa? what about modern Katrina Kaif – insha allah.

    Hope you don’t lose your identity, Masha Allah.

    Please prepare a lot when in classical land and be of worth to land where you live.
    Be like Kannadiga Shishunala Shareef, not like Urdu Tippu and learn to improve your blog. it fails to open. looks like even it is closed minded like you.

    Happy Ramzan. I recommend full month upavaasa , else you will be vulnerable to spurious comments. Go for it. Insha Allah.

  12. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Yadurappana kaajaga enu yoltheethe antha vasi kannadadaage thiLisi dhanigoLe.

  13. Vinay Says:

    What a superstitious bumpkin he is. It is no secret that such suckers to irrational beliefs are devoid of critical thinking.

  14. Bala Says:

    Mysore Peshva,
    Why drag in that humongous gobbledygook about a calendar if he wasn’t superstitious in that letter? Any duffer who reads a calendar could tell when he was going to resign.

  15. Nastika Says:

    The muhurat for resignation is hog wash. Its like fixing time for death – nobody does that. He wanted time for bargaining to,
    1) to keep his chair by hook or crook
    2) If 1 is not successful, install his puppet as CM
    3) Along with 2, get a powerful post in party to influence his case.

    BSY’s rational quotient might be low but he is politically smart. Along with use of emotion to keep his flock together, he uses Gods & Astrology in his political game to keep his opponents & high command at bay.

    The question is why is BJP high command so weak? What secret does BSY hold that they are afraid off?


  16. Sapna Says:

    I am wondering if I should start believing in these things too. Rs 16,000 crore is not small amount. May be the numerous visits to temples and mutts has its own benefits.

    P.S:Please do not approve the comment during Rahu kala else I will try some maata mantra stuff and your blog will go to dogs :D

  17. Nastika Says:

    @Sapna, FYI, politicians visit mutts not because they have faith. But because most mutts are local Swiss banks. Difference is Swiss banks are governed by Swiss laws. Need I say more :)

  18. Arrow Says:

    Just by going thru the press statement above, how is it superstitious?

    Amavasya is the Indian name for Full Moon. Aashaadha is one of the months in Indian calender, the fourth month of the year. and where is Rahu Kala invoked here?

    So does it mean that following the Solar/Lunar calender itself is superstitious? does it mean that following the solar/lunar calender is wrong? does it also mean that following any other Calender is not wrong or superstitious?

  19. Nastika Says:

    @Arrow: BJP high command asked BSY to resign on 27th. Yeddy said he will resign on 31st, since the auspicious month – Ashada -gets over on 30th.

    If he is not superstitious, why didn’t he resign on 27th or at-least 28th?

  20. Arrow Says:

    I agree that Yeddy should have immediately quit and his antics of clinging to power is shameless and disgusting.
    But as I said earlier, how is that press statement superstitious? Is it wrong or superstitious to mention a month of the Indian calendar, as some of the commentators have done so?

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