The real hero of Yedi’s downfall: Kumaraswamy?

One day he says he will “resign”; the next day his eyeballs glower in defiance. One day he is a “disciplined soldier of the party”; the next day he is a potential rebel. One day he says he built the party over 40 years; the next day he assembles scores of them in an open show of numbers.

And so goes on the disgraceful tragic-comedy of the party with a difference, even as a totally compromised “high command” that willingly turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption, casteism and destruction of the State’s fair name tries to assert its authority (before Parliament opens).

While B.S. Yediyurappa hangs on to his chair like dear life, a piece of furniture outside Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore shows where those who lose it could end up, on the cobbled tiles by the wayside.


While everyone is singing hosannas in praise of the Lok Ayukta, Justice N. Santosh Hegde, for finally bringing Yediyurappa to book, Saritha Rai doffs her hat to an unlikely figure, H.D. Kumaraswamy, in the Indian Express:

“In the noise surrounding the Lok Ayukta mining probe and Yediyurappa’s fall, what is forgotten is that the chief minister was not felled by one report. Rather, his defence was slowly but surely chipped away by a series of scathing attacks — led almost single-handedly by none other than his predecessor and one-time political ally H.D. Kumaraswamy.

“The mining report has singed Kumaraswamy too, but the Janata Dal (Secular) will still be celebrating the end of a successful ouster campaign…. During the course of his political career, Kumaraswamy has become adept at pulling the carpet from under his rivals’ feet; first the Congress and its chief minister Dharam Singh’s, and later the BJP and B.S. Yediyurappa’s….

“A confrontational Kumaraswamy, who only seems to get bolder and more aggressive with time, has relegated the Congress in Karnataka to the background. His father H.D. Deve Gowda may have branded himself “mannina maga” (son of the soil). His rivals may be wily and shrewd. But with his bulldog-like persistence, it is the opportunist Kumaraswamy who has ensured that he will be the reckoning factor in Karnataka politics.”

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Read the full article: Karnataka’s real showman

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20 Responses to “The real hero of Yedi’s downfall: Kumaraswamy?”

  1. Alok Prasanna Kumar Says:

    uh… what?

    It’s like the guy who convinces himself he brought a building down by repeatedly throwing stones at it ignoring the bulldozer that just went smashing through.

    If I were HDK, I would keep very quiet.

  2. Law of Omerta Says:

    Why is it necessary that there should be any hero in this gigantic faux pas?

    To me it seems like a typical case of villain versus villain. There are no heros in any fight between two corrupt socialists.

  3. Politics is politics Says:

    Politics is politics. As Sri-Krishna lied to win the Mahabharatha war, used Shikandi etc.. all is OK in politics.

    A small and regional party like JDS cannot survive in this political scenario of India without being shrewd. Even BJD did the same in Orissa.!

    HDD and HDK are going to be a considerable force of Karnataka and the voice of Kaveri delta.

  4. Yella Ok Says:

    one more nadir for media – making a hero out of a condemnable person!!

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The worst is yet to come. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  6. harkol Says:

    If anyone takes Indian express seriously anymore, they need to be referred to some good doctors in Nimhans. While TOI is a advertisement leaflet, IE is an establishment newsletter.

  7. harkol Says:

    Oh, forgot to add in previous post. It wasn’t too long back that Kumaraswamy proudly said he doesn’t mind being “Vachana Brishta”. His antics were no less than that of Yeddy now.

    Both these folks are the worst specimen of Political leaders. Makes one long for RK Hegde and his ilk.

  8. ogaad Says:

    No wonder Churumuri, HDK deserves to be your Hero. It onlyushows your benchmark

    I hope that HDK hasn’t become Hero to all persons in Karnataka. there is still some hope left.

  9. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Question for you Churumuri . Are you a closet supporter of kumara?

  10. Mathihalli Madan Mohan Says:

    Real hero is none other than Yeddyurappa himself. It is his penchant for shooting his mouth needlessly which has landed him in the mess. Besides, he needlessly provoked Kumaraswamy in the slanging match and of washing the dirty linen in public.

  11. Nastika Says:

    Some ‘abc’ of ‘x’ can have a opinion.
    I am waiting for some ‘def’ of ‘y’ to say that Yeddy resigned because of Congress’s padayatra from Bangalore to Bellary last year.

  12. Shemej Says:

    Well, though Devaraj Urs implemented land reform to some degree, Karnataka is still a feudal empire, where feudal landlord families shaping the opinion of “crowds”. I have closely watched the politics of three states and one thing striking about Karnataka is that, opinion is not formed from bottom, but it is pumped into the brains of “crowds” from above. With due respect to the members here, please scan through hundreds of pages of comments in Churumuri. Most opinions are almost “copied” and “pasted” versions. Some one would have wished, at least the urban “elites” would have tried to contribute their opinion. The only contrast is people from South Canara and to a limited extend people from Mysore. I dont intend any offence here. People of Bangalore in particular and Karnataka in general may be well informed and far superiour to most other regional state people in India. Unfortunately relatively more books sold and read are career oriented books. Most rural libraries dont function (I asked people in charge in some villages in different districts– They say, they are paid Rs.3000/- and they have to do other works for meeting their expenses. Result- libraries are almost always closed). None of the controversial books may be available in libraries. Except in big cities you cant even find a bookstall. In most part of the state, newspaperwallas dont distribute papers other than Deccan Herald group and VijayTimes(TOI) groups. Even in districts like Chamaraja Nagara, which was once part of state capital, people belong to one caste is careful to avoid other caste members. Recently I was in Kongally Betta, (close to Dr. Rajkumar place), where if a particular caste people book a room (T.N.State rooms), they dont allow other caste members to stay with them). Basically, I am not pointing out a series of negative things. The result of all these is, most people belonging to one group dont share the other caste members’ view. In short, you have Lingayat memebers having one view, Vokkaligas having another view, and all these views are cultivated from top. I had an oppotunity to visit a function in a Lingayat Gowda family, the youngest member of the family had earlier campaigned for Congress candidate who belonged to Lingayat Shettru, and because of this the entire Lingayat Gowdas of that village boycotted the function. Embarassed seniors of the family visited each and every important members of L-Gowda family and apologised for the action of the young guy. The excuse they told is, that guy is “low intelligence”, but I thought he was perfectly okay. The reason I cited this story is to show that people tend to form opinion on Community line. (Though many refuse to acknowledge it in an “urban” public forum.)

    The problem is that, how many of the castes in Karnataka has large number of people having internet access (perhaps reading news papers)? I dont see much Kuruba, Naikar or Uppara families of rural areas reading a newspaper. (again No Offence intended) Sections of SC members are far better, may be because they are politically active and influenced by (good or bad) ideologies.

    Compare this with the reading of Tamil Nadu or Kerala. One can ignore Kerala example, but why Karnataka is lagging behind Tamil Nadu, in reading habit (please see Readership surveys of newspapers) is indeed shocking. I have a feeling that section of Karnataka rural people are relatively well to do compare to Tamil Nadu people. (except Hyderabad Karnataka may be) still, why we dont have news-paper culture is really shocking.

    To add to the above problem, we have our own “consent manufacturing by Corporate media”. Most people tend to buy cheap news papers. Except in case of Deccan Herald, Prajavani, almost all newspapers are controlled by editors with religious chauvinistic worldview. Again, that is not surprising. Landlord families can afford to give better education to their children and when it comes to journalistic skills these families produce more editors. (others run around in the field).

    In the above background, it is easy to see that Kumara Swamy can never become a hero. (This is clear from some of the above comments and the other comments which are yet to be poured in)

    In short, people either repeat what they are fed by corporate media or talk on caste-or religious line.

    However, personally, I would give only 10% of the credit to HD Kumaraswamy. But it is true that Santosh Hedge was forced to repeat most of the allegations made by KumaraSwamy. The reason is- He acted more professionally. He always tried to support his allegations with some evidence. Other polititians (including BJP leaders who publish book agaisnt HDD family can learn a lesson from him)

    However, there are other heroes. Let us not forget how SM Krishna, DK Shivkumar et al who were buy dismantling Dharam Singh Govt were silent against Yeddyurappa and Reddy scams. (BJP approached Kumaraswamy with offers is no longer a secret now. What was offered to SM Krishna and others will come out some day- hopefully). From that group one person stands out. Siddaramaiah !!

    Amost one year back, that man was walking from Bangalore to Bellari. And if I am not mistaken Yeddy offered Lakayukta inquiry as a response to it. Am I wrong?

    Siddaramaiah as usual made an impulsive response. He would not have been successful, if he didnt get the backing from others. Congress leaders were reluctant to join Siddaramaiah initially. Again the persistent Janata Dal attack against Yeddyurappa Govt was the real reason why people all over the Karnataka started discussing about this scam. It was Janata Dal who spearheaded the campaign consistently, and an occasional press concerence or statement by Siddaramaiah. But when he announced “padyatra” he stole the limelight. Siddaramaiah was undoubtedly another hero, apart from Santosh Hegde and KD Kumaraswamy.

    Let us not forget Nanaiah and other JD brigade. But what made possible, that joint attack by JD and Siddaramaiah against Yeddyurappa? It was one humble decision by an otherwise adamant looking HD Devegowda. Sidddaramaiah was still abusing HDD and HDK. But this person didnt refuse to say: “I dont mind Siddaramaiah becoming Chief Minister with JD backing”.

    Think of it— That one statement had a major impact in Karnataka politics than any other event or actions during the last 6 years. You can accuse HD Devegowda as an autocrat. And I would say that statement is 200% true. But you can not fail to see the humility in the above statement, especially because, Siddu was still abusing him.

    Now, we understand how siginficant that shaking hand was– Between Siddaramaiah and DeveGowda on that night when “Satyagraha” and “chicken Biriyani feast went on inside Vidhana Soudha.

    If, that Shake hand was a Golden Shakehand, then the person behind that shakehand also has a reason to smile now– PGR Scindhia who took initiate to bring DeveGowda and Siddaramaiah together. Undoutedly, he is the master strategist, Karnataka has to watch in the coming days— especially because Kumaraswamy and Revanna are not known for what their father is a master– the intelligence and ability to design strategies.

    There is an other hero(ine) we often refuse to see– She walked a few kilometers alng with Siddaramaiah to mark solidarity. She relentlessly campaigned against these scams. For that she had to fight with her own famous brother- Ultimately she has proved who is the true heir of her legendary father– Gowri Lankesh-

    And how can we forget one of the tallest leaders of Indian politics. No other person has sacrificed the top most post in India (Jyoti Basu did, but that was for ideological reasons). He is responsible for the surge of BJP in the early 1990s. But he recognized the importance of vacating the PM post to Atal for the largest inteest of BJP– If Advani was not ther, Santosh Hedge would not have submitted this report. (Let there b no mistake. I never support the hate ideology he represents. But the principles he stood for can not be ignored, in an era, when no one- polititians, judges, business men– no one follow any ethics in public life. I salute him-

    And let us not forget to see that RSS did oppose certain unprincipled stands of Yeddyurappa and gang. However, such opposition was very meek.

    And which single act opened all these investigation? There was a meeting by Deve Gowda, CPM state secretariate member G,N Nagaraj Anantamurthi and a few other intellectuals. They submitted a memorandum to Governor Rameshwar thakur. That was the beginning of all investigations. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu promptly jumped into the controversy in Andhra. In the changed political scenario, the opportunist Congress found it is for their interest to conduct the inquiry against OMC. Let us not mistake it– the worst player in this whole drama is Central Govt which allowed this scam to go on for years. And when YSR was alive, it was serving Congress.

    There is another person– Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV, who for the first time highlighted the nexus between Mining illegal mney and political parties in National media.

    And the last candidate I would nominate to this list of “heroes” (from the view of people from opposing castes — “Villains”)
    It is none other than — our beloved friend – mentor of Miss. Karndlaje– Manya CM – Yeddyurappanavaru-

    It was he who ordered the Lokayukta investigation– I dont say he was guided by any principle. But let us not fail to see his shrewd political calculations- I am a big fan of his intelligent political moves. Though I respect gardenlizards for their principles in life.

    No one has asked who are the villains here. Hence, I dont want to comment on that. However, undoubtedly the greatest hero Karnataka ever produced is Basavanna. Is there any doubt about it? And what are some of the “Srees” doing in the name of Basavanna? This news is going all over India. I am afraid, if other state (perhaps people from other countries), may mistake Basavanna as a Bellari Mining baron. Silly I am !!

  13. NaanuBrasthamatadaara Says:

    Actually It was

    1) Kumaraswamy who ordered the Investigation against illegal mining to lokayuktha

    2) It was Kumaraswamy’s evidences blacklash in TV last year by kumaraswamy who showed the Bank transactions of money movement to Yeddy which forced Yeddy to immediatly sell a piece of land for 20 times the market value by the mining company and this is the main evidence which was shown by Santosh Hegde.

    I think whether we Like Kumaraswamy or not I think we need to give due credit to him,He was the One person who kept on hitting Yeddy thereby weakining his image which resulted in his downfall when the final blow came by santosh Hegde

  14. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Fed up with the corrupt Karnataka regional politics. It is high time for dakshina kannada people to start thinking about separation from karnataka. Culturally we have a separate identity, i.e TULUNADU. Tulunadu should be granted separate statehood by the Indian government

  15. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    We have missed the real hero. He is Anna Hazare. It was his relentless fight against corruption first in Maharstra and then at the national level, which energized (not the way Mahatma Gandhi was able to do during freedom struggle and we have yet to wait for another Mahatma) protest against corruption. It was such environment and that too in the background of Arab Spring which has brought down several dictatorial regimes, brought down first Congress’s Kalmadi and then Karunanidhi’s empire and then changed the political scenario in Maharstra (Adarsh). Now we have the regime change in Karnataka. We have yet to see what will happen to all powerful emperors of Bellary Republic. Will they be just brought down or sent to jail like Raja, Kannimozhi, and Kalmadi? HDK is definitely not the hero. In fact if India is really fighting corruption then Deve Gowda, HDK and Revnna should be behind bars. But will they?

  16. sanjeeva Says:

    Who is this… Sarita Rai? In which planet she lives?

  17. one eyed jack Says:

    The real unlikely hero is some one who is identified as AK. He is the most likely villain in BSY’s books. This AK was responsible for feeding HDK regularly with info on BSY transactions. HDK got the documents necessary from his sources. AK like HDK is not a Lingayat. Go figure.

  18. Suneel Sardana Says:

    H.D.Kumarswamy himself is one of the biggest corrupt & he has no say in any thing.He & his father are unreliable & non trustable bad elements in politics.

  19. Simple Says:

    Can anybody enlighten me :

    Kumaraswamy filed an official complaint / case with the Lok Ayukta against Yeddi’

    Why is Yeddi not filing a counter case against HDK?

    the answer is clear. There is nothing to file against Kumar anna.

    If there was, BJP would have gone and complained officially.

  20. Blitzkrieg Says:

    It’s simple kumaranna is too wise a corrupt. It is through the inherited legacy that he got the nak of looting people’s money. So he knows trade secrets. BSY and BJP are too naive to handle it all and you see the results

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